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Discussion in 'Lightning Scientific Arnis' started by Waltyr, Feb 4, 2006.

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    Does anyone on the board practice or have any knowledge in regards to the Lightning Scientific Arnis(L.S.A.) system? Is there any material out there (book, video, other media) that specifically focus on L.S.A.?
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    check out the bakbakan website, maestro galang made a book about the different systems in FMA. i think its warrior arts of the philippines. GM benjamin luna lema, founder of LAS is in that book. along with GM tatang ilustrisimo, GM bacon, punong guro sulite and GM remy presas.
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    Excellent system!

    Great site for info on Leskas, small clips of GM Lema, and Maestro Ybanez

    site of Maestro Elmer Ybanez(RIP), brief clips of Maestro Ybanez

    Lekas students at UP(University of the Philippines) doing the Bigay Tama drill,

    The old Lionheart footage of Maestro Ybanez at the FMAforum,

    Random Leskas video

    There was a book once apon atime, I think I actually have it somewhere.
    And Mandirigma productions, the same company that once did Kali Ilustrisimo Voll.1-3, and Vee Kuntaw Arnis, also did a Lightning Scientific tape. You probably wouldn't be able to find the book(out of print). The video you might be able to find in Squadron shop in the Philippines.
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    Maraming Salamat to Robbie Trinidad/MatawGuro for making the Lionheart footage available!
  5. Brian R. VanCise

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    Hey Walter,

    When you do make it up here next, I can let you borrow some of my
    video footage on Lightning Scientific Arnis. Take care.

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    Hey Brian,

    Thanks man, hopefully I'll be able to make it up for the 25th.

    To the forum: I just went to one of the websites that Buwaya posted (which by the way was very informative!) and notice that Maestro Ybanez had passed away in 2004!! What happened there?? I have some old lionheart video footage with him in it and he didn't seem that old?? Is this the same guy, or am I totaly confused here???

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    Its the same person unfortunately.
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    Lightning Scientific Arnis-Grandmaster Ben L.Lema

    Hi Folks.I had the honor and privilege of studying with Grandmaster Ben L.Lema for several years in Manila.These were some of my happiest times-travelling around Manila in a jeepney,Manila traffic and all.
    The Lightning Scientific Arnis organization is now run by Grand Master Lema's daughter Patty Cabaloro.Ate Patty lives in Manila.
    Please let me know if you need any more information concerning Lightning or mang Ben.
    Shaun Porter
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    What exactly is the Lighting Scientific Arnis? How does it work?
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    Lightning Scientific Arnis

    Lightning Scientific Arnis is the Filipino Stick,Dagger and empty hand martial arts system founded by Grandmaster Ben L.Lema in 1937.
    Lightning Scientific Arnis is known for it's powerful and extremely fast use of the stick.It originated in Capiz,Mambusao in the Visayan Islands of the Philippines.
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    LSAI is a system based on 4 primary "styles" notably Serrada (closing-off), tercia (close-range), cadenilya (chained strikes & defenses), espada y daga (sword & dagger). It favors techniques which lead you to the blind side of your opponent (always), and which provides for cover/checking in between strikes. It's distinctive characteristic (apart from these 4 styles) is the generation of power and the manner in which strikes are delivered... generally very powerful and reliant on the use of the body in generating impact power. At face value, it may look almost just like any other FMA system but for those who can see minute differences, one can see the preferences for the use of Serrada as a predominant strategy (in the same way Praksyon gives Kali Ilustrisimo its trademark) and the way strikes are delivered. It is very aggressive and relies more on giving "quality" strikes rather than just going for quantity. You seldom see flicking abanico or witik-like movements among LSAI exponents. The footwork is likewise distinctive in that it does not favor "replacement stepping" (moving the front leg first in shifting from one side to the other) but rather steps with the rear leg first (similar to the chinga of Capoeira). This is understandable since it favors medium-to-close range play wherein the "body" needs to move or be displaced at the first count of the step (rear leg moves first) rather than the body displacement which happens only at the second count in a replacement stepping maneuver (front leg moves first) which by the way seems more applicable to largo play or stikes aimed at the lower extremities.

    Many people have remarked that if FMA was compared to Karate, LSAI would be like the Kyukunshin Karate Style - very hard.

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