Lightning Scientific Arnis - Master Romy Santos youtube video

Discussion in 'Lightning Scientific Arnis' started by Shaun, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Shaun

    Shaun New Member

  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Neat! The salutation is very similar to what we use in Modern Arnis. I notice he strikes the closed (arms crossed) position a lot.
  3. chamber

    chamber New Member


    Thanks for sharing the vid Shaun! Hope to catch you next time you drop by in UP. I wasn't able to drop by a couple of weeks ago...
  4. Shaun

    Shaun New Member

    See you guys next year.Hopefully I will be bringing some guys with me to train.
  5. Shaun

    Shaun New Member

    Hi guys.Please check out two comments put on the you tube website under the Master Romy Santos video.
  6. Supremo

    Supremo New Member

    Yes I read the comment, some people are just too tactless when posting comments on youtube, some do it just for the fun of it. Anyway, those who have trained in LSAI are the only ones who can really judge the system. There is a new comment on my uncles video, worse than the comment posted on Mang Romys.
  7. chamber

    chamber New Member

    These people should have better things to do than putting down, and criticizing other systems. Just plain pathetic and I feel sorry for them, because they find happiness in doing such stupid non-sense.
  8. Supremo

    Supremo New Member

    thats right chamber, i guess there are really rotten apples in everything, be it martial arts or religion. i like making friends from other systems, if you show respect then you also deserve to be given respect. if you don't agree with a certain system, then give a constructive criticism, respect can still be shown even if you disagree with each other.
  9. Ryno

    Ryno New Member

    Guys, just ignore them. That's the trouble with the internet, where anyone can post anything. Might these posters be 40 year olds with 25 year FMA experience? I guess it's possible. But it's much more likely that it's a 13 year old knucklehead who has taken 3 classes.

    If someone has legitimate criticism of what I have been taught, feel free to contact me through, or swing on by 1475 NW 85th Street, Seattle on any Wednesday night. I'll be there, and would be more than happy to demonstrate the combative validity of Lightning.

    If they are just going to act like fools on the internet, these guys aren't worth responding to. At the very least they should give their real names and who they train with, and not hide behind some screen name. If they won't even do that, then I'm not going to take any of their negative comments seriously.

    Ryan (Ryno) Greene
    LESKAS Seattle
  10. Supremo

    Supremo New Member

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom on this Ryan, I agree 100%.

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