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Discussion in 'Lightning Scientific Arnis' started by Shaun, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Supremo

    Supremo New Member

    LSAI is actually based on espada y daga system, not a largo mano system if Im not mistaken, the seniors can correct me on this one. Mabuhay to everyone!
  2. Supremo

    Supremo New Member

    You cannot also question the motive of Master Jon Escudero, being the secretary general of the LSAI system. He is authorized to speak for the Lema family and the LSAI organization. Im not creating enemies here, but let us put things in its proper place.
  3. Shaun

    Shaun New Member

    Hi Tom,
    I hope you are well.
    I will be returning to Manila this coming January.
    I have given Jon the approximate date(give or take a few days,depending on available flights)
    I will phone the guys up when I land.
    I look forward to seeing you again.
  4. Supremo

    Supremo New Member

    January Visit

    Hello Shaun,

    Jon and I were just watching videos of you with GM Lema and Maestro Elmer this afternoon. Glad to know you'll be visiting soon. Regards to your family Shaun, take care and see you next year.

  5. Shaun

    Shaun New Member

    Really looking forward to getting back home.
    I will probably be bringing one of my students with me,so you Jon,Nates and Bot can rough him up a bit and make him pawis ng pawis.Ha,ha.
    See you soon.
  6. Supremo

    Supremo New Member

    pawis ng pawis

    Haha! Looking forward to it Shaun :)
  7. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Brit with a stick

    I heard your student was going to wear the new Jon escudero wig:sword2: to enhance his training.:)

    I am jealous Bro I cant get back till June Next year, you better have a few San Migs for me or I will be calling on you:biggrinbo

    Speak soon Bro

  8. arnisador

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    I have removed some posts from this thread at the request of certain of our users.

    -FMAT Admin

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