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  1. Dawn

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    Hi. I was reading this thread from the Lameco forum

    And then I read this post:

    Umm, that gentleman who won the Lema Cup, in all his fights he had his stick in front all the time, and striking from a "mobile 360 degree circle," and with the tip always towards the opponent as described in the Lameco thread (unless I badly misunderstood).

    Is that also a principle of LSA? Striking from a circle I mean. Sorry, it's obvious there's a lot I don't know, so maybe I'm more than a little confused. Please be patient. Thank you.
  2. Banakun

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    Hi Dawn...

    Yes he did. The descriptions I made were generalized descriptions on how certain "systems" are taught and in relation to their orientation...bladed or blunt (at least as I percieve it).

    But you have to put the "PERSON" back into the equation. These system characteristics will always be processed and digested by the practitioner and will come out in "his" own interpretation according to his needs and purposes.

    This is the main reason why I have always maintained that FMA is you can say we are a "stick-based" system but that doesn't mean one cannot use or translate this to "blade" if or when the desire or need to do so arises.

    The descriptions I gave were descriptions of how certain "systems" are taught and what the "institutional" characteristics of certain systems may look like as well as what the implications for these characteristics may be.

    I hope this helps!

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