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    Hello, I am one of the newest members here I have traind in Cabales Serrada Escrima for going on 11 years now I have an Advanced Degree, and I am working on my Master's degree with Grand Master Vincent Cabales. Lets get away from the polotics on the fourm I train with Grand Master Vincent Cabales and am irritated with all the politics and have my own opinions but thats my opinion lets get the talkin about the style because regardless if you train with any student from Serrada Escrima you have soemthing to offer. I am working on a long informational paper with Grandmaster Vincent Cabales right nwo which I will post a link when I am done I have wrote it just waiting for him to look it over again.

    Lets have fun and get this section going sharing new information and updates on Serrada.
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    So as I said I will post the article that I have been putting together with Grand Master Vincent Cabales. I have gotten the Final Draft back here is what I have it will make people angry which in not my intention it is just to answer questions.

    Hello Everyone,

    Let me introduce myself I am Charlie and have been training with Grand Master Vincent Cabales for going on 12 years now. I have obtained my Advanced Degree and I am actively working on obtaining my Master’s Degree with Grand Master Vincent Cabales. I have spent a lot of time with Grand Master Cabales and of course have asked him about all of the politics that you all have been hearing about. I am going to post the answers to everything I can think of off the top of my head that he and I have discussed on these topics. I do have his permission from Grand Master Cabales to post this; I am not here to discredit any of the students of Grand Master Angel Cabales and their work. I have also talked to a few of Grand Master Angel Cabales’s Master and Senior students and these accounts.
    Well I guess let’s get started, I will start with the issue of who the academy was actually turned over to. Upon asking Grand Master Vincent Cabales about this the academy was turned over to Grand Master Vincent Cabales in 1990 due to the declining health of Grand Master Angel Cabales this I have asked the same question to Master Stanley Wells who told me this was true. Grand Master Vicnent Cabales was assigned to the Swing Shift during this time and could not make it to class all of the time due to the fact that swing shift runs from 3 – 11 and the class was Mondays and Wednesday 7:00 – 9:30 so Grand Master Angel Cabales asked a some of the other Master Students to assist by running the class in the absence of Grand Master Vincent Cabales. This practice is still used today in the Serrada Class if Grand Master Vincent Cabales is unable to make it one of the senior students is there to run the class in the stead of Grand Master Cabales. During the early years Grand Master Angel Cabales found out that Master Jimmy Tacosa was trying to be the next Grand Master of the Cabales Serrada Escrima class. Grand Master Angel Cabales told him and this conversation was recorded that Grand Master Vincent Cabales his eldest son will take over the school as the next Grand Master.
    This is my two cents on the topic of who is the rightful era anyone can make a school there is no stopping that look out there in every martial art Doce Pares they have multiple schools eveyware in the world, look at Wing Chun there are multiple schools of Wing Chun every ware in the world but they all pay respect to whoever in selected to be in charge of that style. In my opinion if the Grand Master of a style passes away and does not take the time to name someone officially on paperwork then he expects it to got to his eldest son which has been the practice for years and years and years. If there is a legal signed document stating that someone else is supposed to take the school that is something else. Grand Master Vincent Cabales lived with Grand Master Angel Cabales how can you say he did not get the most training I’m sorry he had the home field advantage on getting training I don’t care how many private lessons you did he still lived with him and was around to see and train with every student that Grand Master Angel Cabales trained, Again this is just my Two Cents.
    Moving on in the book which has been published by Mark Wiley there is a statement in there that Grand Master Angel Cabales asked Master Tibon and Perciado to take over the school and they declined. This is false again referring to the audio recording and statements from other students Grand Master Angel Cabales never asked this. Another question that keeps popping up that I have noticed is what about Gelmar Cabales. Well what do you want me to say what last I heard he trains with Master Tibon and people want to know why. This is my two cents what does it matter he is an adult and if you want to know ask him yourself. Go to Master Darren Tibons Class and ask him no one can answer for him he hast to answer for himself.
    Let me put out there for people I have seen a lot of different history’s about our style let me give you the answer from Grand Master Vincent Cabales himself. Grand Master Angel Cabales met and trained with a Eskrima Grand Master named Felicisimo Dizon in the Philippines. Grand Master Dizons style was made up of 52 strikes Grand Master Angel Cabales when organizing his style saw the redundancy in the strikes and broke it down to 12 strikes. While training and travaling with Grand Master Dizon, they would train and “play” with other notable eskrima grand master’s such as Villibrille, Illistrisimo, Jose Mena, and so forth. Grand Master Angel Cabales then moved to the Americas and opined his school to the public in 1966. The style had to be organized in to a way that is can be taught universally to all students. This is now the current rank structure of the Cabales Serrada Escrima method you have your basics which include strikes 1-12 Intermideate witch is sparring, Lock and Block, and the Three Step drill, along with empty hand and Grappling and Knife work. You have Advanced Training, and Master Training. There this is a fast summary of the system.
    The other day I was looking on the internet and noticed a message from Master Davis to Guru Dennis Serveas and in my opinion was a little harsh. First of all I train with Guru Serveas in the letter it basically I don’t remember exactly but along the lines of you don’t have a degree so don’t talk that is false Guru Serveas has and Advanced Degree from Grand Master Vincent Cabales. Second the letter stated something along the lines of why Guru Serveas didn’t show up to a memorial event for Grand Master Angel Cabales? This is not a fair statement to use against someone I didn’t show up people have lives and have stuff to do I was in the US Army and could not get away to come I was stationed in Ft. Bliss Texas that is a ways away. I know Guru Serveas he would have loved to go but was more than likely had other stuff to attend to.
    I know the letter had something to do with people calling them self’s Grand Masters, which I have not read the post from Guru Serveas but from knowing him and have many conversations with him on this topic I will try and clear the air the best I can in a decent civil way. Do I think it is disrespectful to call yourself Grand Master of Cabales Serrada Escrima hell yes I do Grand Master is a tittle for one person there was only one Grand Master of Cabales Serrada Escrima when Grand Master Angel Cabales was alive why is there more than one now. I do not think it is disrespectful to go start a school or do what some of the masters are doing such as Master Tacosa he has created the Tacosa Serrada Escrima style and is the Grand Master of it I think that is good in the name it has nothing to do with Cabales but it still says the style of Serrada Escrima I can respect that. There are some people out there I will not say there name they still have the name of Cabales Serrada Escrima in their name and claim to be a Grand Master to me this is disrespectful to the current Grand Master and to Grand Master Angel Cabales if he were alive would they have done this? I have asked some of the other Master Students from Grand Master Angel Cabales and I will say it flat like this guess who is calling them self a grandmaster and I will say a name of someone calling them self-grand master while still having Cabales Serrada Escrima in their name and this is the reply I get 9 times out of 10 HAH then they laugh. People like Master Tacosa or Guru Castro have changed the name and took the Cabales out of it to me that is respectful because when Grand Master Angel Cabales was alive and as it should be now in my opinion there is only one Grand Master of Cabales Serrada Escrima at a time Grand Master Angel Cabales didn’t throw Grand Master Dizon’s name out there in the name of his style cause Grand Master Dizon is the sole Grand Master of his style. This is what I think Guru Serveas was talking about but then again I don’t know this is at least what I think also. What is it as the saying goes there is only one Sheriff in the County if you go to another county you are not the Sheriff. Same with martial arts in my opinion there is only one Grand Master of Cabales Serrada Escrima no matter where you go just like there is only one Grand Master of Tacosa Serrada Escrima.
    Another statement that I have passed is that Grand Master Vincent Cabales did not support Grand Master Angel Cabales Financially. Unless you are a financial investigator and can give me evidence otherwise ITS NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUISNESS work on the style not on the finances of the Cabales Family. Because when I help my family finically I don’t go around and just say to everyone I helped them out I gave them money I supported. Anything that goes on outside of the Martial Art in the Cabales family has nothing to do with anyone else other than the Cabales Family.
    Another thing this is not rumor or anything the master’s list that has been going around which originated from Mark Willies book is inaccurate first Grand Master Vincent Cabales is the first master’s degree not Master John Cabales Grand Master Vincent Cabales is the eldest son and also I myself has personally seen his degree and on the degree it says number one. Another kind of big thing is Master Stanley Wells was left out? To me this is kind of big later on I ran across a statement this is because he did not finish his master’s degree. I have seen his degree from Grand Master Angel Cabales it is true that if you paid for your Master’s degree Grand Master Angel Cabales would give it to you under the understanding that you had to finish the training in whole. With this being the case and people saying he did not finish the masters training let me ask you this are you 100% sure you finished it I do know of some people not just person but people who have obtained the degree and have not finished all of the curriculum in the masters training.
    I am not going to discredit any of the Masters and students of Grand Master Angel Cabales they have all trained with them and took their own views away from their training. I know there is a lot of politics on who is better who is faster who were his best student and the answer who knows. If you want to find out go fight them all I’m sure they would be happy to accept the challenge. My article is not to say anything about them as individual instructors.
    I have I come past more rumors and mis-information than this yes I have this is just what I could think of. Also I am not trying to talk bad about people individually. There is information out there that I have herd and found to be right I only deal in accurate information that has credible sources and for me to make them credible there hast to be multiple’s if I have stated anything in this large statement that borders an article well to bad this is America. And if you want to prove anything I have said with different sources feel free. I am not hard to track down for the people that I have seen that gets there feelings hurt too fast and want to issue dry challenges online. I train at the Stockton Cabales Serrada Escrima Academy under Grand Master Vincent Cabales my name is Charlie Rutherford my email is jrutherford624@gmail.com you are free to email me at any time with questions or if you want to meet me in person email me and I will let you know the next time I will be at the academy.

    Thank you
    Have Fun
    Remember I don’t care who you train under everyone who trained with Grand Master Angel Cables has training and experience to share with you.
    Charlie Rutherford
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    Still no one posting this thred is lonley lol.
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