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    I apologize before hand but after using the search function I just didn't get the results I was looking for, so mods if this is junking up the forum I apologize.

    I live in nashville but have no access to a PTK instructor here but i'm surrounded by PTK instructors but they are all 4 hours away ( knoxville, memphis and atlanta.) In those choices I have access to PTK international and Tim Waid instructors. So my questions are

    1) I know they are different organizations but within their respective organizations is the instruction the same from teacher to teacher.

    2) I know every teacher/school is different but what are the requirements to get a training group started? How many months/years of training til that is a possibility.

    3) To the guys who have traveled a long distance 2+ hours to train, did you use dvds to supplement your training? If so did you find them helpful or did they harm your practice by getting you to far ahead?

    4) I see alot of people learning through seminars,but i assumed they were more geared towards people who are already training in PTK. Can a complete FMA novice start there?

    Thank you for any help and I apologize if this post breaks any rules.
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