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    I am writing this here as a reference for anyone looking for particular information on instructional DVDs or VHS that I own or have owned. The reason for its use would be for someone looking for specifically what is covered while shopping for videos on Lameco Eskrima or just in general. It is not a comprehensive list of videos, though does cover what is likely most of the sources publicly available for practitioners of this great art. Following will be my further probing question(s):

    Edgar Sulite Lameco At the Vortex – Angles of attack, basic footwork, ranges & countering basics, sectoring principles & 7 sectors forehand, disarms for those sectors

    Edgar Sulite Practical Self Defense Vol 1. - Knife basic strikes & grips, improvising weapons vs the knife, techniques for knife defense with the stick, handkerchief & belt use

    Edgar Sulite Practical Self Defense Vol 2. - Basic footwork, knife tapping methods, knife stripping or Lameco disarms

    Edgar Sulite Essential Single Stick Skills Vol 1. - Basic footwork & applications, ranges & positions, striking angles & specifics, footwork drill, Eskrima Drills 1-12 with applications

    Edgar Sulite Essential Single Stick Skills Vol 2. - Basic footwork, basics of solo training, Kali Drills 1-12 with applications

    Edgar Sulite Secrets of Double Stick Fighting Vol 1. - Basic footwork, positions, 7 different sinawali attacks, application of sinawali techniques vs Strike #1

    Edgar Sulite Secrets of Double Stick Fighting Vol 2. - application of sinawali techniques vs Strike #2-#5, Openings, freelance demonstration

    Edgar Sulite Advanced Laban Laro Drills Vol 1. - Blocks, Laban Laro drills 1-9 with variations

    Edgar Sulite Advanced Laban Laro Drills Vol 2. - Laban Laro drills 10-16 with variations

    Edgar Sulite Espada Y Daga – Espada Y Daga Laban Laro Drill 1-11 with combining & freestyle demonstration

    Dave Gould Essential Knife Vol 1. - Angles of attack with knife, expanded footwork, free flow drills, passing drills, disarms with the knife

    Dave Gould Essential Knife Vol 2. - More expanded footwork, Understanding Engayo, Engayo 1-10 with the knife, Defense vs Engayo

    Dave Gould Essential Knife Vol 3. - More expanded footwork, Doblete Abecedario, Weapon Deployment & Counters, Tapi Tapi passing the knife with deployment

    Dave Gould Essential Knife Vol 4. - Hand placement & sectors, empty hand disarms, knife to knife disarms, lock flow drill, non-cooperation

    Dave Gould Kali Eskrima Solo Baston – striking & recovery, stick grip, fighting positions, basic footwork & angles of attack, ranges, training equipment ideas, 7 different single baston techniques vs angles of attack, non-telegraphic striking vs perception & reaction, hand sparring

    Dave Gould Lameco Eskrima Doble Baston - fundamental understanding of training, 10 sinawali techniques, application vs basic strikes, combining different drills, hand sparring

    Dino Flores Lameco Eskrima Backyard SOG – basic angles of attack, expanded footwork, ranges, types of defenses & blocks, passing the force, the flowing drill

    Dino Flores Lameco Long Range Single Sword – about Lameco Eskrima, ranges, basic footwork, assorted Eskrima drills with the flowing drill

    Felix Valencia Lameco Hand to Hand & Stick Fighting – H2H simple techniques, H2H drilling & training, H2H streetfighting, H2H takedowns, stick ranges, stick targets, stick drills & techniques, stick counters & strikes, stick blocking & counters, stick disarms & counters at close range

    Felix Valencia Lameco Knife Fighting – angles of attack, knife basics, knife techniques, crossada, stalemates, knife riding drill, hold ups, takedowns, defense on the ground

    These are all currently available from &

    There are many books that talk about or cover the topic of Lameco Eskrima, most of them are a brief overview. However Masters of the Blade covers a fair amount of instructional knife material including the first 6 knife Labon Laro Drills, and Palosutan Drill progression. Dave Gould's book covers many of the gaps in background and lifelong observed training information gathered. I do not know what is covered in PG Sulite's 3 books since they are out of print, and out of my budget until the are “soon reprinted,” on the Lameco Eskrima website.

    On Youtube I have found what there was available of 4 different seminars Edgar Sulite did and were recorded. There is a lot of good information there and they are definitely worth seeing, for those whom are looking for more information as well.

    I have seen some of the DBMA stuff and it does combine Lameco Eskrima into the training for some of the videos. Ron Balicki's videos does as well, blended with Inosanto/ Lacoste stuff. Felix Valencia has a Knife Fighting series that breaks down into more detail much of what he covers in his Lameco Knife Fighting videos. I have merely omitted those from this list since they are not focused on specifically Lameco Eskrima.

    So my question is for any one in the know and willing to share, is there anywhere that the following pieces are available for the public through media or online or one might feel like sharing:

    The second solo set of baston Laban Laro drills?

    The remaining sinawali techniques (in order)?

    Laban Laro drills for sinawali?
    Remaining Laban Laro drills for Knife?
    Other abecedarios?
    Other not covered footwork?
    Espada Y Daga techniques/drills not in Laban Laro (like Eskrima drills)?
    Knife techniques/drills not in Palosutan( like Eskrima Drills)?
    Engayos for solo baston?
    What is covered in Sulite's books?
    What else you might know that is readily missing?

    Please forgive the HEMA practitioner in me, for this type of pursuit of knowledge. I know that is a lot of information to ask about, I also know there is a lot of information that was taught privately to certain students, not released publicly. Any further information that anyone might be able to share is of course appreciated. If something above needs editing from typo or something I missed, just let me know and I can change it. Any thing you might want to add, just reply and continue this thread that way. My purpose asking for this is for personal use in training and promotion of Lameco Eskrima as one of the greatest combative arts ever created! Thanks FMAtalk citizens!

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