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    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to move this discussion out of the "Lameco Eskrima Instructors" thread as it kind of branched away from the original thread subject matter.

    Corwin asked the question:

    >>> "Thanks much for noting those items. Really interesting to see not just the number of tools, but some attention to different levels of force, and other potential concerns (other tools showing up etc.). Those things all largely mirror what I've gotten.

    Could I pry further and ask how the material was organized? Meaning, did he isolate "kickboxing" tools, time hitting (or sectoring if one prefers), gunting, destructions, locks/traps/throws, tools, ranges, "foul tactics" etc, then integrate? Assuming I missed some things too.

    Hope I'm not leaning on you for too much... thanks again." <<<

    Actually as I said in an earlier post that PG Sulite did not consider Lameco Eskrima as being primarily a weapon based form of fighting or an empty hand form of fighting but rather one system that could translate itself equally effective while utilizing anything that could be placed in the human hand to the point of having nothing and being forced to translate the aspects of the system "buto-buto" (bone to bone).

    So we learned all weapons, weapon combinations and empty hand the same. We start with the delivery system i.e. speed, timing, power, position, perception and reaction, recovery measures, deception, deviation, interrogating centerline, manufacturing opportunity, resolving obstructions, non-telegraphic striking, location / relocation principles, non- cooperation, counter measures and counter to counter measures to mention just a few of the more important components of the delivery system.

    As we develop and maintain the most basic combative foundation we begin to build on that foundation with various techniques, concepts and sound combative principles. All things that we train gets thrown up against reality to see how it fares aginst a non-compliant training partner attacking and countering in real time with the intent to force failure onto all parties involved. What each decides to do with that failure in terms of recovery measures will dictate how one would actually fare for real on the street being forced to defend against the unexpected and unwanted aggression that only the street can bring forth.

    PG Sulite always said that the recovery of a single failed attempt on target in combat was more valuable than 1,000 successful techniques delivered in a non-compliant training environment filled with false confidense and complacency. In combat it is not the first strike that should give you grave concern for your life but rather the second, third, fourth, etc... that will quickly follow the first attempt. It is not what you readily expect in combat which will kill you but rather that which you do not expect.

    So concerning all tools to include empty hand tools in training we are thrown into a non-compliant environment and introduced to unexpected chaos and mayhem from our training partner and what ever technique, concept or principle which best comes forth as the most reasonable solution will be utilized. After all expected and unexpected exchanges of aggression have been made if properly delivered and if necessary recovered what happens in the moment will be the right course of action for that specific confrontation.

    That may be a punch, kick, elbow, knee, heat-butt, break, hair-pull, gouging the eyes, or pulling a knife, picking up a rock, wrapping a broken shard of glass inside your t`shirt as a handle, breaking a beer bottle or picking up a two-by-four, etc... I go into combat looking only to survive and anything accessible to me becomes my instrument of death if necessary and the combative techniques, concepts and principles guide and govern the use of that instrument until completion... Lethal or less-than-lethal as dictated by the situation. Totally decided based on the threat faced and escalation of force necessitated or fealt in the heat of the moment.

    I always tell my students that they can learn Lameco Eskrima regardless of the weapon trained. Some just want to learn the system with knife and I can teach them the complete system with knife. Others only want stick or sword and they are taken through the whole system with just those weapons. Some want everything which is what I recommend because in your time of need you may only have a very minute classification of improvised weapons available to you and if you train with everything than you will be able to fight with anything. No limitations... no false expectations...

    I hope that I have answered your question. Go well, ciao.

    Guro Dave Gould.
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    Tell you the truth sir, I can barely wait your book to come out. I believe that the FMA community has been for a long time in need of am authoritative book on Lameco, and having read pretty much everything you have written, available in public, there is no doubt in my minds that it will be a great one!!!
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    Thanks for taking the time to post your response Guro Dave. There's few people I can think of that are so appreciated not only in terms of their skills, but their personhood, as PG Sulite has been in his wake. As such, being able to get a sense of what and how he taught stuff is really cool. Hope all went well in your travels...

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