Lameco Eskrima in Ft. Worth, Texas (July 2010)

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  1. Guro Dave Gould


    Hi guys,

    For those who were looking for an opportunity to train with me in Lameco Eskrima now is your opportunity for those in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area of Texas.

    I will be there for a one day work shop on Saturday July 17, 2010. I believe the training will be from 10am - 3pm and we will concentrate on Single Knife in the morning and Double knife in the afternoon. For those who have trained with me in the past you know to bring your stamina and endurance as the training is physically demanding. Regardless of whether you are up to it physically or not show up with a good attitude expecting to give what you have in training and you will do well.

    Eye protection is optional other wise come in comfortable clothing and bring two training knives and a live or training folder. Spaces are limited so make your reservations as soon as possible to guarantee your place in training.

    For more information on cost and location please contact:

    Mr. Cory Smith
    Phone: 817-938-8888 (Cell)

    Go well, guys, ciao.

    Guro Dave Gould.

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