"Lameco Eskrima; Essential Knife III"

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  1. Guro Dave Gould


    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to update everyone on the next Lameco Eskrima DVD to be released by Budo International. I just returned from Spain a few weeks ago and I have been informed by Alfredo Tucci that the DVD will be ready for release in April 2009 with an article to introduce it in this months issues (March) of Cinturon Negro, Budo International, Kampfkunst International & Cinturao Negro. Below is the advertised introduction:


    “Lameco Eskrima; Essential Knife III”
    “Abre-Sera… The Art of Weapon Deployment”.

    This third installment of the series will concentrate on the all-important skill and proper development of precise weapon deployment in a timely manner when and if a crisis situation is suddenly thrust upon you.
    When you find yourself under attack and suddenly forced to defend against a crisis situation you will not have your knife out at the ready, squared off with your opponent and calmly going through all of your counter options with pristine clarity. You, like everyone else, will have to address this problem under less than ideal circumstances with your knife hanging “dead” in your pocket. Therefore the ability to pull, open and execute with your blade is crucial in that if you can not gain access to your blade when and if you need it, it is of little use to you. Unfortunately this is an area of training in which too many knife fighting enthusiasts blatantly ignore when it comes to the knife. Most people assume that when a possible life-threatening situation befalls them that their knife will automatically transfer from the pocket to the hand as if by magic, which certainly will not be the case without the proper training & development. Your ability to pull, open and execute when the need arises is key and is an art within itself.

    Basically in this DVD we will train and develop the10 most basic openings / starting positions from sak-sak (blade out position) from the pocket to the situation at hand. More importantly we will discuss at great length the best and most realistic ways to train and properly develop this essential skill while placed in harms way. As well we will discuss ways to utilize every aspect of a modern folding knife as a weapon covering “less-than-lethal” to “lethal” measures according to laws of escalation. In addition when placed in less than ideal circumstances and time is of essence we address the ability to create space and distance enough to deploy your blade quickly while under duress and pressure of an aggressive attack.
    When you train as if your life depends on it you will fight as if it does as well…

    Keep your ears to the ground on this one guys, ciao.

    Guro Dave Gould.
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I used to be able to find Budo International on newsstands, but not for some while now! I'll miss the article. :(
  3. gagimilo

    gagimilo Member

    This is probably the most neglected aspect of knife fighting, althout of major significance. In that regard, I'd say that this DVD will be a welcome addition to many people's information base...
  4. imas560

    imas560 New Member

    Any idea when it may be available from budovideos.com?
  5. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Yeah, the few people who talk about just pay it lip service: "Of course you should also think about deployment...but let's get into the cool techniques!"
  6. imas560

    imas560 New Member

    Just ordered my copy from budovideos.com
  7. imas560

    imas560 New Member

    Just arrived today (only 10 days, pretty good) and have noticed it's sold out at budovideos.com already
  8. trident100

    trident100 New Member

    Great video!

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