"Lameco Eskrima; Essential Knife II"

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  1. Guro Dave Gould


    Hi Guys,

    I just wanted everyone to know that the second installment on DVD of Budo International`s "Lameco Eskrima; Essential Knife" series has just been completed and is currently on the market.

    I think that as of now "volume 2" is only available in Europe but as was the case with "volume 1" of this series it will be released to all areas soon. For those interested in ordering their copy here is the link:


    For those in the Americas be sure to ask for the NTSC version as opposed to European PAL.

    As well there should be an indepth article introducing and discussing the material covered in this new DVD in this months issues of Budo International (USA), Cinturon Negro (Spain), Cinurao Negro (Portugal) and Kampfkunst International (Germany).

    Guro Dave Gould.
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I used to be able to find the mag. at our local bookstore but now I can't--did the article appear?
  3. Guro Dave Gould



    Yes, the article has been released in this months Issue of the above listed magazines.

    Guro Dave Gould.
  4. Guro Dave Gould


    Hi guys,

    I hope that all is well and that everyone is keeping challenged by their training.

    I just wanted to update everyone on the new DVD. I just received my initial copy from Spain and I have to say that I think that it turned out awesome and that Budo International did an outstanding job in its production and editing. The finished product is a job done very well done and I feel that it captured the lessons exactly as I had hoped that it would. I really think that everyone will like it.

    As each installment is completed the material and content presented proggressively gets more and more aggressive and effective in an attempt to cover a complete yet comprehensive series concerning knife combatives.

    I think that the material covered, and intensity trained will come across well to audiences as the second installment really gives a great glimpse into how we were trained under the very critical eyes and private tutelage of Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite. Again when we train with intention we will fight with intention when it is required of us.

    The DVD is available now in Europe which can also be ordered in "NTSC" format for us here in the Americas and of course in "PAL" format in Europe. In just a short time it should be directly available to us all here in the states soon.

    If anyone has viewed "Lameco Eskrima; Essential Knife II" I would be very interested in their comments. Go well, ciao.

    Guro Dave Gould.
  5. gagimilo

    gagimilo Member

    Oh maaaaan... as if I didn't have my curiosity already itching ubearably!
    I guess I will have to get that one in order to cure myself...
  6. imas560

    imas560 New Member

    Have waited since first saw post re vol2 for it to become available on the budovideos.com. Decided to take plunge and order from europe, however the dvd is 35 euros and shipping was 60 euros, so backed out of that quite quickly. Any idea when and where the dvd is going to be available from the US?
  7. Guro Dave Gould



    60 euros? ouch!

    Lameco Eskrima; Essential Knife II" is now available to us here in the States. It lists for $39.95 U.S. Dollars plus shipping. Here is the order information:


    It should be alot less expensive for you purchasing in U.S. Dollars more so than in Euros. Enjoy...

    Guro Dave Gould.
  8. imas560

    imas560 New Member

    just ordered 7 items (including vol2), total of US$15 for shipping. Thanks for the link.
  9. imas560

    imas560 New Member

    I ordered the dvd amongst other things, no sign of any of the items, sent 4 chase up emails (1 a week), no reply. Have had to open a case with paypal. Had something similar with the FCS Kali stuff which worked out well in the end. To top it all off had a look at budovideos.com and they now have the second essential knife dvd for the same price as budointernational. Last time I dealt with budovideos the service was great. So am sitting here contemplating just ordering the essential knife II dvd from budovideos and let the budointernational dispute take its course and just get my money back and not bother with attempting to get the other items I ordered (not all of the items are available through budovideos). But on the upside I can still get the essential knife II dvd, just watched the 1st essential knife dvd again last night, great stuff.
  10. gagimilo

    gagimilo Member

    My experience with budovideos was quite good in fact, even though it took 'em a little while to ship the stuff. Still, even when ordering from USA it ends up being less expensive for me than directly from Budo International, even though I live in Europe myself. After all 35 EUR equals $49, so... go figure.
  11. imas560

    imas560 New Member

    Progress-to-date with budointernational.com. No emails or any form of contact from them. Dispute via paypal escalated to a claim so hopefully full refund will be forthcoming and can then use money to order from budovideos.com.
  12. Guro Dave Gould



    Hello there sorry for the delay in responding but I just arrived back from Europe and I have much to catch up on. As well I apologize for the difficulties that you have encountered with Budo International I am sure that it has been frustrating for you but I do understand where you are coming from and what your anguish is.

    When I was in Spain shooting the "Lameco Eskrima; Essential Knife III" I was informed by Alfredo Tucci, the owner and general manager of Budo International, that the reason for the delay was the German translation. I guess that they worked it out as on my return back to California some three weeks later my 10 free copies were waiting for me at the Post office.

    I hope that you are able to secure a copy of the new Lameco Eskrima DVD for yourself soon and when you do please share your thoughts on it with all of us here. Train well, ciao.

    Guro Dave Gould.
  13. gagimilo

    gagimilo Member

    a short review

    So, I got the DVD yesterday, and immediately putit in my DVD player.
    I must say that this is probably the best of few Centurion NEgro titles that I have, in terms of the layout. In generel, I was not such a big fan of thier VHS videos, since those were mostly done "mute" with just music, in order to better sell it throughout Europe. I guess tha tthe DVD technology resolved this with multiple audio streams...
    Anyway, back to the main thing. Guro Goulds presentation in this video was just as expected, i.e. of the very high standard. He is well spoken, elaborate, clear, and his performance lives to his theory. He undoubtedly shows that whatever he says, he is able to back up in action.
    First chapter is the continuation of the footwork topic covered/opened in the previous DVD (which I do not have), and is concise and exact, without too much fuss about it, yet unmistakenly stressing the importance of this segment.
    The second chapter dels with some theory on the attributes needed to use the enganyo successfully in a fight. I found this one especially informative and helpful in better understanding the following material.
    Chapter three deals with the main body of this video, i.e. the use of enganyo. It shows anbd explains the enganyos 1-10 in Lameco eskrima, but also especially nice is that it also presents the method of practising it. I don't know if PG Sulite also had this materail organized in the similar manner, with numbers ascribed to particular enganyo techniques, but it is not of the decisive importance after all. I guess that Guro Dave could enloghten those who are interested in this "historical" information.
    The last chapter deals with countering the enganyo, which is again something that most, if any, other instructors are even mentioning, let alone demostrating and teaching, so maybe this could be even more worth than the main body of the material for some.

    The bottom line, is that if you are truly interested in knife fighting, or particualry in the Lameco method, this video is a must IMHO. Guro Dave makes much better use of his resources here then, for example, Guro Valencia in his TRS videos, although I would recommend those as well. Still, id you had to chose, I'd direct you at Guro Goulds stuff.

    The only thing that I have to do now is go out and spend those measly hundreds and thousand of hour in practice :wink2: Still, it will be more productive now, when I at least know what to strive for.
    Oh, and buy the first part after all, as they did not have it in stock, when I placed the last order...
  14. Guro Dave Gould



    Hello there, I hope that all is well with you. Thanks for the review and I am glad that you received something positive from the DVD.

    When Punong Guro Sulite taught us the "Enganyos" he would just call for them by name in training. He would demand that you attack or counter attack at random as dictated by necessity and say for example: "pasok sa pagkumpas ang baraw" or "mataas sa baba" or which ever "Enganyo" that he wanted you to attempt. Then of course when you had them down he would have you attack at full speed with straight attacks in real time and if you felt the need to utilize one of the "Enganyos" in order to manufacture opportunity then he would perceive, react and deny it with one of the recognized counters and vice-versa.

    So, no the "enganyos" were placed in no specific order by Punong Guro Sulite in the curriculum they were just listed by name and used based solely on necessity. He just taught us the 33 found in the curriculum but I am sure that there were far more as he would often use many that I did not recognize previously when we would spar and he would be pressured to counter or create opportunity quickly.

    Each of the DVD`s will be different in the "Essential Knife" series for Budo International. As I am presenting material that eventually will cover all of the most needed essentials in fighting with the knife. Some of the material may move slower than others but all are meant to enhance and develop some specific function that is absolutely essential in ones overall combative development. I am attempting to convey the ability to the viewer how to fight and allow the "combative situation" to develop and hone your skill as opposed to mastering a series of "dead" drills or stagnant techniques as it were.

    The most important thing that I include in all of my DVD`s is the manner by which the material should be trained and I go out of my way to make the spectator aware of both inherent strengths and weakness` associated with the material being covered.

    For instance the next installment; "Essential Knife III" due out in October 2008 will cover weapon deployment in great detail. For some the material may drag but it is essential that one be able to access ones blade as soon as is possible when necessitated to do so and if one can not do it quickly and place their blade in defence of life and limb ASAP, one may place oneself in great peril of dieing as a direct consequence of that failed action.

    "Essential Knife IV" will be much more exciting where I will reveal "Pangilog Suklian" (preventing disarms) and non-cooperation principles and concepts to the viewer where weapon retention will be addressed and developed in great detail which is a critical skill demanded in actual combat.

    Again I am glad that you enjoyed the latest Lameco Eskrima DVD and as always thank you for all of the kind words, they are always much appreciated.

    Train well, ciao.

    Guro Dave Gould.
  15. gagimilo

    gagimilo Member

    Sir, I was wondering if you could give us just a basic outline of what topics/skills were covered in Part I?
  16. Guro Dave Gould


    In the first installment: "Lameco Eskrima; Essential Knife I" I begin with basic strikes and footwork. Then we move into "Palosutan" a free form drill designed to wean the student off of being told "how", "when" and "what" to react against by allowing him to develop true perception and reaction skills against actual threats made to his person in a constantly changing structure. Which allows the student to react to the unexpected element that only a real situation will bring forth, as opposed to what is "always expected" as found in most static drill form. Combat is dynamic and constantly changes from second to second in rhythm with cause and effect, not precisely predictable as some would have you believe.

    In combat we move and respond out of necessity, never by choice. We move because it is demanded of us as we know that the consequences for failure are very stearn and unforgiving. So in training as in fighting the pace is always fast, aggressive and hard revealing both strengths and weakness in an endless effort to actualize skill as we apply ourselves with positive effect when opportunity is briefly made available to us in combat. All the while being held accountable for any mistakes made in training, for anytime that your training partner perceives opportunity as you attack or counter attack he has the right to counter your actions soley to keep you aware of not only what is revealed to you but what is revealed to him as a direct course of your actions, or failure to act...

    After training various variations of "palosutan" while utilizing numerous pieces of footwork we move on to tapping drills. Learning to pass the knife not just for the sake of passing it but to create time and space enough for you to deploy your own blade if you are so fortunate to carry one. Punong Guro Sulite demanded that we be able to deploy our carry blade quickly, if it takes more than one second to deploy, recover and counter we are too slow and are required to do it a thousand times under the pressure of someone attacking us until we can deploy with precise intent.

    Anyone can deploy their knife from the pocket to the hand with relative ease with no pressure on, but place a pissed off piece of street trash weighing in at 240lbs chasing you down with the intent to lift your head from your shoulders and you may not be so sure handed. It is this situation that we prepare for but often times in training we neglect to develop to that state as we remove the very thing for which we are training for to begin with, that being aggression which is absolutely essential in our proper development and replace it with compromise and complacency, which we will not be found in any street thug with the intent to impose his will on you.

    In the DVD as I feed my student I initially allow him to pass my knife and then based on opportunity I will unexpectedly counter attack with aggression as I impose my will on him and either he deploys his weapon in a timely manner as I continue to press my attack forward or he pays the highest consequences for his failure to act. This is one of the best training methods which I have seen which properly develops ones abilities to deploy based on necessity. And let me say that during this stage of development Punong Guro Sulite was just simply scary and unyielding in his effort to force you to respond with positive effect... Or pay the consequences for that failure.

    After the passing and forced deployment exercises we move on to the realities of disarms and touch on a few options in this regard. Let me state that disarms will work against some people and they will not work against others. We have to be prepared to go up against both types of fighters. If we can disarm than we do so if opportunities are made available to do so, but if we are denied this option than we have to engage the situation with more force and end it with lethal or less than lethal force based on the level of escalation and actual threat faced. in Lameco Eskrima most disarms end with a piece of the limb following the knife to the ground, or if not at least burying your blade into your opponent at the time of disarm for effect or moderate distraction.

    Throughout the DVD I touch on alot of issues which draw attention to the realities faced in combat and if heeded I give advice which will allow you to align your training environment with the actual environment where you would be expected to engage your skills in street one day if found to be so unfortunate. Unfortunate but prepared...

    That pretty much covers the first installment, I hope that this helps you out. Train well, ciao.

    Guro Dave Gould.
  17. gagimilo

    gagimilo Member

    Woho, this was much more detailed than I expected... Clearly, I need to get this one to.
  18. gagimilo

    gagimilo Member

    And so I did...
    Couple of days back I got back from my trip to Spain, and I took the opportunity to drop by a budo store in Barcelona and got the part 1 DVD.

    Let me say, if you are into Lameco knife methods, this one is a must! The quality, quantity and most importantly (in my view) presentation are superb, and I'd say that having this stuff under your belt first will help you immensely in understanding and applying the material from Vol. 2.

    As always, Guro Gould also uses his action-free, i.e. speech time to bring across some valuable points and notifications that will shed the new light on the entire approach to what he is showing there.

    Wehat can I say! I can barely wait for his announced book to come out.
    Speakking of which, could we get some insight into what it is going to cover?

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