La coste numbering system

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  1. Pak Sao

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    Hi everyone:

    anyone know where I can get either a book, video, D.V.D on the the La Coste numbering system? I need to show me step by step with illustrations, pictures, so can see step by how it is done instead of video that goes faster than I can see, yeah sure I could do frame by frame, but I think it's easier picture by picture


    Pak sauo

    Any know how to spell "pak sauo"?
  2. arnisador

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    I usually see the Wing Chun move spelled "pak sao" (comapre "chi sao"). I can't help you with the numbering system, though!
  3. medic

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    You could try the dvds by Guro Harley Elmore.
  4. Epa

    Epa Member

    No idea about the videos or books.

    I don't think it matters how you spell pak sao because it's romanized Catonese (?) and doesn't have an exact English spelling. There are different systems that are valid.
  5. wesbennett100

    wesbennett100 New Member

    Maybe this might help? Lacoste Amara

    Inosanto LaCoste Kali Amarra 1. Labtik-Witik
    2. Witik-Labtik
    3. Witik-Labtik-Witik
    4. Labtik-Witik-Labtik
    5. Witik-Labtik-Witik
    6. Labtik-Labtik-Witik
    7. Witik-Witik-Witik
    8. Labtik-Witik-Witik
    9. Kawayan
    10. Alibangbang
    11. Hangin Sa Upat
    12. Entrada Sa Tatlo
    13. Lawin to Abaniko Adlaw
    14. Lawin to Paglipot
    15. Lawin to Flourite
    16. Lawin to Baho-Alto
    17. Lawin to Dagat
    18. Lawin to Double Flourite
  6. Mono

    Mono Member

    Its kind of a tough Question...

    I have learned:

    2 different 12 count Nuberings Systems
    one 17 count Nuberings System
    one 24 count Nuberings System
    one 30 count Numbering System


    one 9 count Largo Nuberings System

    So far in the Inosanto/LaCoste System...

    (not even including the different Cinco Teros Systems/Numbering Methods)

    They all have been taught to me directly by various Instructors who all are certified directly by Guro Dan Inosanto.

    Then there are various different Forms and Variations to the "Amara" etc. etc. - so what exactly are you looking for??

  7. wesbennett100

    wesbennett100 New Member

    Well said... I HAVE seen a simplistic human form count--- a drawing with a certain number of angles and the paths. Which was labeled "Guro Juanito LaCoste Numbering" at one time. (before the "blends"... )
    If you are indeed looking for that, may I recommend an instructor from the Inosanto school, LucayLucay school, or perhaps a few others.
    They MAY, or may not, have it. (and some may have it--or know it--but do not teach it) Most are not in the habit of just giving it out on paper, or posting it online, --- but better teaching it to the student.
    It is not that the numbering systems are "secret" but "guarded" and better learned from an experienced instructor. Some angles/paths/routes do not translate well from weapon to paper.
    I hope the Amarraw helps... and hopefully we have all been of some assistance in the other dept's.
    God bless and good training.
  8. NubreedKaliSilat

    NubreedKaliSilat New Member

    Joaquim Almeria has a basic dvd set of all of the ABC of the Inosanto/Lacoste blend.

    Here is what is on the dvd
    Lacoste Inosanto Blend
    Double stick
    1. Cob Cob 2. Ikis 3. H-L-H 4. Cob Cob-Ikis-H-L-H 5. Redondo heaven 6
    6. Standard 6 7. Earth 6 8. Redondo heaven 6-standard- earth 6
    9. Heaven 6: squatting, kneeling, sitting, lying
    10. Heaven 6; forward footwork
    11. Heaven 6; footwork side stepping
    12. Heaven 6; footwork circling
    13. Sonkette 6
    14. Four count R.-L. sides
    15. San Uriez 16. San Gabriel

    Inosanto 1-25 angles of attack
    Disarms-snakes disarms:counter clockwise counter clockwise

    Basic Lameco single stick drill

    1. 5 count-downward 2. 5 count- upward 3. 5 count-high abaniko 6. 5 counts low abaniko 7. 5 counts- Bulon abaniko 8. 5 counts-earth abaniko
    all done with right and left handed

    Break in & out of Sumbrada drill

    Stick & dagger
    1. 4 count 2. 5 count 3. 6 count 4. 7 count 5. 8 count
    Stick & dagger basic flow: forward & backward
    Kunsi-locking to double thrust stick & dagger
    Kunsi-locking to over head triangle necklock
    Cover hit & disarm #1
    Umbrella stick-stab sanke arm disarm ride to stab
    Disarm w/stick to lock arm to headlock
    Cover hit disarm #2
    Pull punyo strip-cover hit- knife strip to armbar
    Double stick sumbrada flow
    3 count sumbrada
    Sumbrada flow using stick, sword, sword & dagger, knife
    Dos manos
    Empty hand-higot hubud lubud 1 for 1, 2 for 2, 1 for 4, 5 for 5.
    Gunting-horizontal, vertical, outside
    Octopus #1 Octopus #2
    Basic lock flow
    Inosanto empty hand angles of attack 1-30
    Basic disarms flow 1-12 w/techniques follow ups
    Basic knife flow drill cant drill
    knife techniques
    Palasut knife flow-guntings 1-5
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  9. NubreedKaliSilat

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    Inosanto/lacoste numbering system 1-75

    1 Diagonal downward forehand to head
    2 Diagonal downward backhand to head
    3 Horizontal forehand at waist height
    4 Horizontal backhand at waist height
    5 Forehand thrust to body
    6 Backhand thrust to face
    7 Forehand thrust to face
    8 Vertical downward to head
    9 Diagonal downward forehand to knee
    10 Diagonal downward backhand to knee
    11 Diagonal forehand uppercut
    12 Diagonal backhand uppercut
    14 Horizontal backhand at head height
    17 Forehand upward diagonal hook thrust (songkete)
    18 Backhand vertical redondo
    19 Umbrella forehand diagonal Redondo
    20 Backhand upward diagonal hook thrust (songkete)
    23 Abanico to left temple
    24 Abanico to right temple
    25 Two handed overhead strike to head
    26(double handed)Hands on both ends of stick, low upwards thrust on forehand side
    29 Hands on both ends of stick, mid downwards thrust on forehand side
    30 R hand twisting angle 1 labtik
    31 Hands on both ends of stick, low upwards thrust on backhand side
    33 Hands on both ends of stick, mid upwards thrust on backhand side
    34 Hands on both ends of stick, mid downwards thrust on backhand side
    35 R hand twisting angle 2 circle labtik
    38 Vertical downward backhand Redondo
    39 Diagonal downwards backhand labtik
    40 Diagonal downwards forehand witik
    41 Diagonal downwards backhand witik
    42 vertical downward two handed strike
    44) diagonal downward backhand labtik
    47) diagonal upwards forehand labtik
    4[​IMG] diagonal upwards backhand labtik
    49) (middle)diagonal downward forehand labtik
    50) diagonal downward backhand labtik
    51) horizontal forehand labtik
    52) horizontal backhand labtik
    53) diagonal upwards forehand labtik
    56) diagonal downward backhand labtik
    57) horizontal forehand labtik
    5[​IMG] horizontal backhand labtik
    59) diagonal upwards forehand labtik
    60) diagonal upwards backhand labtik
    62) diagonal downward backhand thrust
    64) horizontal backhand thrust
    65) straight thrust
    66) diagonal circle thrust
    6[​IMG](punyo) diagonal downward forehand punyo
    69) diagonal downward backhand punyo
    71) horizontal backhand punyo
    72) backhand upward punyo
    I can't give out the whole thing, because people like to take credit for something they get off the net>>>put it on their site!

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