Kuya Doug Marcaida Double Weapons! The Kali Way, Millersville Maryland

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    We are pleased to be hosting Kuya Doug Marcaida who will be presenting Double Baston and Double Karambit on June 2 Saturday 10:30--5pm. The seminar is part one of a two part seminar which the second part will be held by "Spunk Ichiban" of Warrior Academy in ...July in Virginia Beach in which Kuya Doug will be presenting Dulo Dulo ( palm stick) and Panatukan ( emptyhand ). This two part series the student will experience the transiton from double Baston to dagger to Dulo Dulo to and finally empty- hand fighting the Kali way.

    Kuya Doug Marcaida -Vice present. Program directer, curricullum development, chief instructor for Seige inc. He currently is the glue that binds the Brotherhood of the Blade and is the leading progressive Kali-Filipino Martial Art practicioners and teacher in the United States.

    Dont take our word for it, the actions speak for themselves, what he has done with kali for the civilians, is now translated to Law Enforcment and now Military modern day warriors and for that , we also would like to benefit from his kali program that he is willing to share with us. All you need to do is search kalisong1 on youtube to see the quality of his students and the program that got them there, he will be giving to us. We are indeed excited to be part of the Brotheroood of the Blade.

    please contact Alan Sanidad 443-520-3268 for more infoSee More

    Address: Tryumph Academy of Martial Arts @ the Maryland Sportsplex

    1031 Benfield Blvd
    Millersville Md 20108


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