Kun Tao Dumpag

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  1. kuntaokali

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    If anyone is interested, This is a short preview of Kuntao Dumpag,
    a quick note: This used to be known as Rossi Kuntao, until all the politics forced Ron to change the name. Enjoy!!

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  2. dnmfranco

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    Ron Kosakowski

    After reading all the threads concerning Rossi Kuntao, I was really surprised of no mention of Ron. I was there when Ron first made Rossi Kuntao a seperate class as well as seperated from from his other curriculum. Mr. Joe Rossi use to come then around 1996-1997 and he always gave Ron credit far as being his top student (remember exact stories Mr. Rossi would tell re: Ron) and one who truely knew the art. Funny during this time I never heard Mr. Rossi mention Eric's name once - did see Drew down there once. Ron deserves the credit for heir and the continue growth of the art via his travel to the native land of course Leo Gaje. Ron is Ct.'s most knowledgeable Filipino martial artist - everyone serious about Filipino arts knows this.
  3. kuntawguro

    kuntawguro -== Banned ==-

    I was wondering when someone would step up with that information. I was not impressed by the "soke" title of a Filipino artist such as Eric
  4. dnmfranco

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    Re. Ron

    Thanks Guro Smith Ron is the real deal, I know he would appreciatte this - Dean
  5. Ron Kosakowski

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    Thanks Dean, Drank and Bu. It was good to see that Soke Dai in FMA's brought out his own truths. The whole story is here on my forum http://forum.psdtc.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2582 for those interested. I hate to see such a practical martial art my teacher Joe Rossi taught me be prostituted after his death. J. Rossi went through a lot to learn his Kun Tao/Kuntao so I feel it is up to me to make sure the style and my teacher legacy lives on for generations to come. But it has to be the real truth not some made up story to make a buck or to gain fame.
  6. kuntawguro

    kuntawguro -== Banned ==-

    I have seen Ron in action and I also have seen Eric in action. There is no comparision. This soke guy is full of himself.
    just my 2 centavos
  7. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    Yes, there should be some people out there who can't sleep at night due to dishonesty. But, thats how polititions get ahead! ;)
  8. Beungood

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    Soke's the tip off

    When I hear Soke title used thats usually the tip-off for me. While in HApkido we had several people that we always felt were charlatans and not just by the words but by the way they did their business on the mat and all of them were connected to some Ske dokey council and gave each other pats on the back about how tough they were and later started thier own "Hapkido Styles". Thier tapes were always good for a laugh or two.. and they were usually the ones who were absent from the Mat but were always first in line for the buffet and getting a seat with the Master and always managed to get in thier photo ops..

    I figured something was up when I did a search and compared Ron to those other two guys. They looked stiff and like they were improvising and Ron moved with flow..

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