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Discussion in 'Meet & Greet' started by silat1, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    Well, since I have been asked to join this group by guro buzz smith, I figured I might as well indulge and add my two cents in by introducing myself.

    My name is Bill Anderson and I am a FMA Junkie.
    I started training in the FMA back in the early 70's when I lived in the Pampanga region of central luzon.. I have studied various forms of FMA and Kuntao/Kuntaw over the last 30 or so years.. I have served in the US Military (retired in 92) and went from the military into private security and law enforcement.. I was promoted to instructor level by GM Carlito Lanada and GM Rafael Reston in Baraw Defensa (Comjuka Kenpo) and Maharlika Kuntaw in the mid 70's..

    In the past 30 or so years my focus in teaching the fma has been to the military and the law enforcement/ security personnel a viable way to protect themselves when the fecal matter hits the oscillating mechanism.

    I go to the Philippines at least once every 2 years, sometimes more when time allows for additional training and to help keep the wheels of GM Reston's Baraw defensa organization lubricated.. Master Reston died in august of 06 and from what I am aware of there are only two people in the states that teaches his baraw defensa system.. I was promoted to 5th level instructor in Master Reston's system in 03 after being with him for more than 30 yrs.. In baraw defensa (reston method)all ranks after 5th dan/level are honorary.

    In my Kuntaw/Kuntao training/research, I started Kuntao when I lived in taiwan before moving to the philippines and have trained in both Maharlika Kuntaw (Lanada system) as taught by my direct instructor Conrado Turla (who died in 98), and when we were called Maharlika Kuntaw Kungfu, which at the time had both the chinese and indonesian influences along with the indigenous filipino martial arts. I was promoted to 3rd Level Instructor in Maharlika Kuntaw by Kyud Lito (Carlito Lanada) in 1993. Since that time, I have had the privilege of training in various other FMA martial combatives when I go to the Philippines and hook up with some of the instructors who I was acquainted with during my time there.. I have trained in Kalintaw (galo Lalic), baraw defensa (velasquez Method) which at the time was an affiliate of Master Reston from the 70's, and continued my studies of chinese Kuntao at which I was awarded the rank of 5th level black sash under the hochow system.

    I am a firm believer in using the tools in our respective tool box to give people who need a slight advantage in surviving when the situation dictates..

    My back ground in life is varied, from business consultant (federal and private contracting background for more than 30 yrs) defensive tactics instructor to various personnel and units in the military and private sector. Federal Law enforcement operative and last but least, retired military.

    I hope that this intro isn't taken as a ego driven introduction, I am a firm believer in laying it on the line and being straight forward when necessary.. I find that it is easier to communicate with people on that basis, thereby cutting through the BS and keeping it straight forward.

    My respect to the fma practitioners on this forum


    Bill Anderson
    Defensive Tactics Systems,
    Great Lakes, Il (currently)
    but locating back overseas in 3 weeks and back into law enforcement.
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    What a lot of experience! It's great that you've been able to go to the Philippines so often.

    I don't know what the "hochow system" of kuntao is?
  3. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    what is hochow kuntao

    Hochow kuntao is an art from singapore and malaysia that has direct influences from southern china and I was first was taught it when I lived in taiwan, but followed up with one of my instructors that went to singapore and trained there for years after he was given a letter of introduction from his instructor here in the states. I will give a little more info about hochow kuntao when I have time..
  4. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Great, thanks!
  5. jus_dann

    jus_dann New Member

    hey silat_1 (Mr Bill)

    good to see you here

  6. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    Kamusta Billy...hows that cold ass windy city...LOL...look forward to playing with sharp implements again...real soon....take care and I will ring ya this week...ya old mean ass!
  7. jus_dann

    jus_dann New Member

    i wish i had a chance to play with wildass bill before he leaves...

    DAMAG-INC New Member

    Yo Dann!
    It's about time I see your ass in here!

  9. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    Hey Mike,
    Had a ball at the seminar and hopefully will be able to cross blades again before too much longer.. Talked to John and he stated that he is going to have you up again later on in the year.. Remember the tourney that is scheduled for 16 september 07 here in illinois and see if you can bring a team up.. I am going to see if I can get a team together and bring them back for the tourney, I should have a few more tricks under my belt after my trip to the Philippines in June.. Plus that time is when another PTK guy comes from sicily and will be assigned to guam, so who knows.. Pain is a helluva motivator .. we will be starting to bang sticks again
  10. Datu Tim Hartman

    Datu Tim Hartman FMA Talk Founder Supporting Member

    Welcome aboard!
  11. jus_dann

    jus_dann New Member

    better late than never huh? lol

  12. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    Well Dan,
    That's the way it goes, first your money then your clothes.

    Mr. Hartman,
    I thank you for the welcoming..

  13. jus_dann

    jus_dann New Member

    LOL, you know i still want some of that KunTao
  14. kuntawguro

    kuntawguro -== Banned ==-

    Bill, it's about time you showed up , he he
  15. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><

    Hey Bill!

    Welcome from a Silat player in New England. :) So glad you joined us!

    DAMAG-INC New Member

    Haha I see you Bill!
  17. MartyC

    MartyC New Member

    Long Time No See

    Hey Bill it's MartyC from your Guam days. How's everything going. I see you're going to go back OS...where to?

  18. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    Hey MartyC,
    Are you still the knuckle dragging neandethral you were on guam or do I have you confused with someone else? I was wondering what happened to you when you went to europe. I figured that you had dropped out of the military and became a civilian. Ernest was here in chicago earlier part of January where we went out and tested a few guys here.. he has a job now where he still gets to go to exotic places, meets interesting people and you know the rest. It was the first time that he and I had hooked up since he left in 95.

    I've been in the states since the middle of 2005, but getting ready to head back out to Guam with in the next two weeks as I am going back to work as a cop, too many dang cold winters here for me.. I know remember why I spent 30+ yrs in the south pacific.

    Give me a line at my silat_1@yahoo.com e-mail and we can hook up that way, I might be flying through alaska on the way back, but don't know how much ground time I'll have if any at all.


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