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    I am trying to get a definitive description of the Kris and it's application. A friend is about to head over to Malaysia and P.I. and was looking at purchasing a kris to commerate the Baptism of his son in Penang (please no flames re an item identified with the Muslim culture being used to celebrate a Catholic Rite). He has contacted the local Customs Service to see if the kris falls under a prohibited items classification.

    Customs has advised that

    4/ With the exception of any folding pocket knife with a blade less than 10 cm in length, any knife that: -
    (a) Is designed for ease of concealment on the personÍž Or
    (b) has a double edged blade that is designed or suitable for stabbing or throwing (as opposed to cutting) Íž Or
    (c) Is a knife of any of the kinds sometimes known as an urban skinner, terminator, black eagle, black dagger, or throwing knife.

    He is looking for a definitive explanation of the Kris from a reputable source that he can forward on to Customs. Specifically the use of the Kris as a weapon (primarily slashing/cutting or thrusting), and is a sword a knife?
    Wikipedia does have a nice page, but unfortunately Wikipedia may not be acceptable

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Where does one go for this? I'm not sure! A silat expert whose art uses the kris?
  3. Carol

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    A qualified attorney. This is a legal issue an not really a martial arts issue.
  4. Brock

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    I was thinking the same thing Carol!
  5. imas560

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    Have basically sorted out on Let me know if this post needs to be removed

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