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Discussion in 'Kombatan' started by Lam Ang, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. Lam Ang

    Lam Ang New Member

    Kombatan Discipline is gaining popularity worldwide, I am just concerned of the fact that there so many styles/colors/patches incorporated on every Kombatan practitioner's uniform. We need to keep it simple and easy to
    order, buy it whether On-Line purchase or made to order. Kombatan Martial Artists should have a separate identity of their own by starting on having
    a simple, presentable uniform not looking like a decorated Seasonal tree.
  2. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    This is a problem throughout all martial arts it would seem.
  3. Lam Ang

    Lam Ang New Member

    ...in my honest opinion, KOMBATAN should be separated from the similar and almost look alike uniforms of other Filipino Martial Art Styles. To begin by having just 1 KOMBATAN LOGO Patch on the left chest. No need for a patch which country are you from, just a written name of the country below the patch would be enough. If I look at the banner design on the FMATalk, you can see different attires of practitioners that simply depicts some kind of a rogue or daring portrayal of the art itself. It is a dangerous and effective Martial Art, no need to define it through rugged and mercenaric
  4. animal_stylez

    animal_stylez New Member

    So what is your suggestion? What would seperate yet unit the art?
  5. Lam Ang

    Lam Ang New Member

    .........to offer an honest suggestion to a non-willing practitioner will only be a waste of time, suggestion will come if someone agree to the thought FIRST.
  6. johnzag

    johnzag Junior Member

    I think that GGM already has a uniform.. and that it is fine. Looks at the pictures above there are only 3 basic badges on the uniform IPMAF logo, Filipino flag on the front and the large IPMAF logo on the back. AT the last 3 International Camps in the Philippines essentially the same basic uniform has been distributed. Some people choose to add further logo's but this is not IPMAF standard but their own personal choice.
    At the end of the day in the Philippines people rarely train in a uniform but rather in their singlets and shorts.. So the uniform is a Japanese/Chinese formalization in the MArtial Arts.
  7. timagua

    timagua New Member

    a personal choice

    One reason why some (not all) followers of Kombatan might wear many patches may have to do with their number of years in the art: as patches change and new ones introduced, students and instructors simply add them to their uniforms.

    Jose G. Paman, one of GGM Ernesto Presas’ earliest students and the author of the best-selling Arnis Self-Defense (Random House), has stated that at the original Arjuken gym at Quiapo in Manila, they wore maybe one or two patches when they wore full uniform. This was generally for public demonstrations as it is generally too hot and humid, as johnzag mentions, to be in full uniform for regular training.

    The fact that Kombatan practitioners are able to wear their uniforms as they wish is indicative of GGM Ernesto’s general approach to teaching and leading his system: he does not act like a dictator who rules every aspect of his followers’ behavior. He is more concerned, I believe, with developing strong, dedicated and morally upright practitioners.

    And, really, if someone does not want to wear patches he deems excessive, that is his personal choice. Others are obviously free to do as they choose.
  8. animal_stylez

    animal_stylez New Member

  9. eskrimador

    eskrimador New Member

    I think decision about the uniform, should be decided by head teachers of Kombatan and the final approval will be from GGM Ernie.

    I remember before, during 70's, we were wearing only red kundiman pants, and white tee shirt with belt. They because we were also practicing karate and jujitsu in Arjuken, we used jap type kimono wearing the red pants.Comes, the 80's, the red upper garment was introduced with two patches. The Ipfmaf badge on the right chest and the Philippine flag on the left chest.

    For me better to be simple but presentable. Not like a clown.
  10. Lam Ang

    Lam Ang New Member

    That was the point I was trying to drive out. Thanks to Eskrimador's superb input on the thought of having a standard yet simple KOMBATAN Uniform. I honestly believed that a certain discipline accompanying the study of the art itself will always earn wide acceptance from people who wish to learn the Martial Art in the proper way. It is not a "prize fighting sport" where short pants are only required.
  11. animal_stylez

    animal_stylez New Member

    Personally, I think something as simple as a uniform shows organization as a whole. When someone walks into a school, and perspective students see everyone's wearing the same thing, it shows that there's order and direction. Otherwise, how do they know who the teacher is? The oldest person in the room doesn't necessarily mean that. It looks like just a bunch of people swinging sticks practicing. People in the states look to martial arts for discipline and direction, a uniform is the first visual representation of that.

    With the internet being a big resource for information, and you look at different Kombatan schools (as an example), the uniforms differ slightly. But on the same token, some Aikido schools don't allow anyone but Black Belts or instructors to wear Hakima's, some let everyone wear them.
  12. johnzag

    johnzag Junior Member

    still don't really see the argument.. IPMAF has a uniform and besides some people dressing it up with a few extra badges everyone pretty much is identical.. they even break down ranks with different colours on the uniform..
  13. Lam Ang

    Lam Ang New Member

    ...........ONE STYLE OF UNIFORM, ONE KOMBATAN PATCH with name of country embroidered below it. Why concentrate with the colours for each rank. So if you have 10 students with different ranks, can you imagine how your dojo looks like? A "blooming christmas tree" Please take no offense.

    Thank you.
  14. johnzag

    johnzag Junior Member

    Lam Ang none taken.. what I am saying is that the uniform is pretty standard with a few minor differences dependent on rank.
    The uniforms only change e.g. colour when you become a lakan or master.. so for your club to look like a Christmas tree you would have to have a lot of high ranking students.
    I think that in Australia we have probably implemented what you are suggesting as I think that we are pretty orthodox and standard and hence why I don't see much of an issue. Must not be the case in other regions.

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