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Discussion in 'Kombatan' started by johnzag, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. johnzag

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    Hey Guys just wondering if people know of Kombatan Instructors from some of the more unheralded parts of the world.

    I think that Instructors in the States, Australia and the Philippines are pretty well known Kombatan wise and IPMAF wise but would love to find out about other Instructors practitioners that are out there and may not be well known or high profiled or may only have contact with GM Ernesto sparodically or may have not been to recent editions of IPMAF camps around the world.

    I travel with work a lot especially throughout other south east asian countries and it would be great to know who is out there and who is available to train with within the IPMAF family.

    I think this is something that we have not done well within IPMAF e.g. building up a huge database of all instructors and practitioners. i know an effort is underway to do this so maybe this thread can help in its own way.
  2. KrissOfSweden

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    Johan Skålberg 7th dan
    Claes Johansson 5th dan
    Hans Johansson 4th dan

    some really good and experince swedish kombatan practioners...
  3. Twist

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    (Since I'm not happy with a lot of the "new" Lakans I also wrote how long they've been with GM Erning.)


    GM Wolfgang Schnur, 9th Dan (long long time with GM Erning)

    Master Peter Konschak, 7th Dan (more then 20 years)
    Master Dieter Preuss, 7th Dan (more then 20 years)

    Organisations: "Modern Arnis Mano Mano Organisation Deutschland" and "Arnis de Mano Deutschland" with many Lakans

    Also, a lot of the higher Lakans of the DAV started under GM Ernesto Presas.
  4. arnisador

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    In particular, Dieter Knuttel of the DAV was associated with him for a long time, I believe, and I understand that he blends some aspects of the brothers' arts.
  5. Datu Dieter

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    Hi all,

    He got his 1st Dan when I got my 5th from Ernesto, May 20 1984.

    Thats about right.

    But we were never part of Kombatan.
    When we were with Ernesto, it was only Modern Arnis. Then, beginning of the 90s, we split from Ernesto. At that time he was founding his Mano Mano system. End of the 90s, he had to change the name to Kombatan.

    Yes, but to understand it right, it is not correct, to call it Ernestos Modern Arnis. What he taught at that time was the Modern Arnis of GM Remy Presas , that he taught in the 70s in the Philippines.
    I also trained a lot with GM Rodel Dagooc, who never trained under Ernesto, thus I know.

    So to be more precise, we in the DAV teach the older Modern Arnis aspects of the 70s more to the beginners and the newer Modern Arnis of the 90s more to the advanced student levels.


    Dieter Knüttel
  6. arnisador

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    Ah, thanks for the clarification!
  7. StixMaster

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    Contact SG Alex France he would know the answers. alex.france@kp.org Secretary-General Kombatan
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  9. johnzag

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    Yeah am aware of the listing on the website but it is far from complete.. at the moment besides the philippines there are no listings around asia.. hopefully this thread can actually flesh out some of the other instructors from around the world.

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