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Discussion in 'Kombatan' started by GM Juerg Ziegler, Oct 16, 2008.

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    Lim Beng Kit (Lakan Dalawa)

    Best regards

    GM Juerg Ziegler
    Lakan Siyam
    IPMAF Chapter Switzerland
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    All just an update on Singapore;

    I believe Guro Lim is now a Lakan Tatlo and Chief Instructor of Kombatan Singapore.

    I am also taking classes for Guro Lim now that I have moved back to Singapore every Tuesday night from 7:30 - 9:00pm and every alternative Sunday from 11:00am - 1:00pm.

    So the Family tree for Kombatan in Singapore is currently;

    Lakan Lima - Master Giovanni Zagari (via Kombatan Australia and Grandmaster Andy Elliott)
    Lakan Tatlo - Guro Lim Beng Kit

    For anyone who may be travelling through Singapore please drop me a note at giovannizagari@gmail.com if you would like to catch up or do some training at Guro Lim's new school.

    I will be in Singapore for the next year.
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    IPMAF Students & Instructors in Singapore:

    Master Giovanni Zagari - Lakan Lima 5th Degree
    Guro Lim Beng Kit - Lakan Tatlo 3rd Degree
    Patrick Paulo - Level 2
    Mark Chua - Level 2
    Adeline Ng - Level 2
    Peggy Tan - Level 2
    Sidney Tai - Level 2
    Lawrence Png - Level 1
    Yuan Fei - Level 1
    Rachel Paulo - Level 1
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    2011 Singapore September Gradings

    Congratulations to all who graded today here in Singapore the following ranks have been awarded in Kombatan Arnis;

    Mark Chua - Level 3
    Patrick Paulo - Level 3
    Jonathan Pillai - Level 2
    Rachel Paulo - Level 2
    Choo Shern - Level 1

    Well done everyone!

    Looking forward to GM Enersto Presas Jnr visiting Singapore in a couple of weeks time.
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  6. johnzag

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    Promoted to Level 5 by GM Ernesto Presas Jnr and Guro Jeffrey Cajigas - Mark Chua.

    Well done Mark who is now officially the highest ranked student in Singapore.
  7. johnzag

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    Current update on Singapore Kombatan Family Tree;

    1. Master Giovanni Zagari (Lakan Lima)
    2. Mark Chua (Level 6)
    3. Patrick Paulo (Level 5)
    4. Choo Shern (Level 3)
    5. Rachel Paulo (Level 3)
    6. Jonathan Pillai (Level 2)
    7. Praj M (Level 2)
    8. Andrew Walker (Level 1)
    9. Boon Jui Lim (Level 1)
    10. Netty Aprilla
    11. Andrew Shepherd

    Just a note SEAKA is the only accredited IPMAF school currently in Singapore and all registered instructors are listed on www.ipmaf.net no other instructor or school is authorised to provide certificates on behalf of IPMAF and KOMBATAN/MODERN MANO MANO.

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