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  1. Kombatan Family Tree – Germany Branch

    In the Summer of 2006, GGM sent me a 4-page printout of the family tree. I will post it here, on our Kombatan Forum, one thread per country. I will post the names alphabetically by last name, not in the original order which had me on top of the USA list. :) There are others more deserving. I will not include the ranks and titles, as they change too much. Those of you who know me, know that I don’t care much for rank and titles… unless it’s mine of course ;-0

    Where the individual is no longer active in GGM’s organization (IPMAF), for whatever reason, I will simply put “(inactive)”. I will also include all individuals I know of who joined after that list was created; plus those who were inadvertently left out of the original list.

    Okay, so here we go with the Germany Branch. Feel free to follow up with comments, corrections (especially with the spelling of names) and additions.

    Claudia (no other name given)

    Gilles, Andres
    Gydiensen, Jorgen

    Hadrich, Johannes

    Karrer, Hans (spelling?)
    Kerrer, Kristina (spelling?)
    Kellerer, Gert (spelling?)
    Knuttel, Dieter (inactive)

    Meilsel, Helmut

    Plath, Alfred
    Pulanco, Carlos

    Rauscher, Hans Dieter
    Reinhardt, Reynold

    Schnur, Diaf
    Schnur, Wolfgang
    Schild, Oatmar (spelling?)

    Weber, Andres

    -o0o- End of List –o0o-
  2. Twist

    Twist Junior Member

    It is not very complete ;) The problem is with the different organisations, as the list is even missing a few masters who were promoted in the Philippines and have been with GM Erning for 20+ years.

    There are currently 3 big organisations in Germany with Blackbelts in Kombatan, certified under GM Erning and a few more individuals without or with small groups.

    1. MAMD, under GM Wolfgang Schnur - http://mamd.de/trainer.htm

    2. AMD, under Masters Dieter Preuss and Peter Konschak.. I can ask them to send you a complete list of the Blackbelts (should be about 25 blackbelts ranging lakan 1 to 7)

    3. DAV, under Dieter Knuettel, which started under GM Erning and later affiliated with GM Remy. I know there were a lot of Blackbelts under GM Erning when they moved to Remy.

    4. Carlos Pulanco and his group, probably a few more Blackbelts there as well

    5. ? Hoehle (spelling?)
  3. Kombatan Family Tree – Germany as of August 14, 2008

    Twist – Thank you for your feedback. I’m re-structuring the Tree as follows:

    MAMD - Wolfgang Schnur
    Boos, Lothar
    Herlt, Roland
    Horstmeyer, Carsten
    Hotz, Hartmut
    Kaufmann, Ralf
    Kölblin, Uwe
    Schillinger, Marcus
    Schnur, Diaf
    Schwaner, Thomas

    AMD – Dieter Preuss & Peter Konschak (active?)

    DAV – Dieter Knuettel (inactive)

    Bagong Katipunan, Kombatan Division – Carlos Pulanco

    Affiliation Still to be Determined:
    Claudia (no other name given)
    Gilles, Andres
    Gydiensen, Jorgen
    Hadrich, Johannes
    Karrer, Hans (spelling?)
    Kerrer, Kristina (spelling?)
    Kellerer, Gert (spelling?)
    Meilsel, Helmut
    Plath, Alfred
    Rauscher, Hans Dieter
    Reinhardt, Reynold
    Schild, Oatmar (spelling?)
    Weber, Andres

    -o0o- End of List –o0o-

    All – This is a work in progress. List is not complete and may contain inaccuracies.
    Please feel free to PM me through this forum or contact me directly. Thank you.

    Cell: (925) 864-7477
  4. Datu Dieter

    Datu Dieter Junior Member

    I will correct the names and give the status below.

    DAV – Dieter Knuettel (inactive) active in the DAV, 8th Dan

    We have more than 150 black belts from 1st to 6th Dan plus me, 8th Dan in the DAV. We in the DAV are NOT affiliated with Ernesto Presas.

    Affiliation Still to be Determined:
    Au, Claudia (no other name given) inactive
    Gilles, Andres, inactive
    Gydesen, Jorgen, inactive, active in the DAV, 6th Dan
    Hädrich, Johannes, inactive
    Karrer, Hans, inactive, active in the DAV, 6th Dan
    Karrer, Christine, inactive
    Kellerer, Gert, inactive
    Meisel, Helmut, inactive, active in the DAV, 3rd Dan
    Plath, Alfred, inactive, active in the DAV,4th Dan
    Rauscher, Hans Dieter, inactive, self given 9th Dan in his organization DAKO
    Saldow, Reinold, inactive
    Schild, Ottmar, inactive
    Weber, Andres ?


    GM Dieter Knüttel
    Datu of Modenr Arnis
  5. Mr. Lee

    Mr. Lee New Member

    Both of them are still very active.

    Andreas is also a member of the AMD (and active as well).
  6. GM Juerg Ziegler

    GM Juerg Ziegler New Member

    Kombatan Family Tree Ireland

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  7. GM Juerg Ziegler

    GM Juerg Ziegler New Member

    Kombatan Family Tree - Germany - GM Wolfgang Schnur

    According to my telephone conversation with GM Wolfgang Schnur - and his email confirmation from today - these are the current active Lakan's in his group in Germany:

    Lothar Boos, Lakan Isa
    Peter Brackmann, Lakan Isa
    Jens Drechsler, Lakan Isa
    Wolfram Gröger, Lakan Isa
    Michael Heuer, , Lakan Isa
    Carsten Horstmeyer, Lakan Isa
    Hartmut Hotz, Lakan Isa
    Daniel Pomplun, Lakan Isa
    Thomas Schwaner, Lakan Isa

    Thomas Ludwig, Lakan Dalawa

    Ralf Kaufmann, Lakan Tatlo
    Uwe Kölblin, Lakan Tatlo
    Marcus Schillinger, Lakan Tatlo

    Dr. Johannes Hädrich, Lakan Apat
    Roland Herlt, Lakan Apat

    GM Wolfgang Schnur, Lakan Siyam

    Best regards

    GM Juerg Ziegler
    Lakan Siyam Kombatan
    IPMAF Chapter Switzerland

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