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    GM Alex France and GM Jose G. Paman recently represented our art in separate venues celebrating Filipino American History Month in California.

    GM France presented a resounding demonstration at the 12th Filipinas Awards Night held in South San Francisco. The appreciative crowd was treated to a display of Kombatan’s varied arsenal of weapons and techniques. The fast-moving show featured stick, bladed and bare-handed fighting representative of GGM Ernesto Presas’ unique combat method.

    GM Paman, in turn, was invited as the opening speaker at the First Filipino Martial Arts Demonstration held in South Sacramento. He spoke of the beginnings and development of our native arts, and of the distinct role that GGM Ernesto Presas played in bringing the arts to worldwide prominence. A demonstration followed, featuring Filipino martial arts as well as tai chi, wing chun kung-fu, and kenpo.

    GMs France and Paman were featured via interviews in the FMA Digest IPMAF/Kombatan Special Edition. Check it out here:


    GM Paman recently secured an Author Page on Amazon. The Author Page has a lot of information on his books, including Comprehensive Self-Defense which he published in 1993, that has a solid five-star review rating and sells for as high as $230.54!

    Aspiring authors would also be interested to read GM Paman’s blog that describes his own journey toward becoming a major author in the arts. He remains the first Filipino martial arts author to have a book distributed by prestigious Random House from New York.

    Here is the link to the Author Page:


    Thank you and congratulations to GM France and GM Paman. You represent Kombatan and the IPMAF very well!!!

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