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Discussion in 'General' started by Ron Kosakowski, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. Worm Dirt

    Worm Dirt New Member

    Mr. Kosakowski,

    I think part of the reason you're being asked a lot of questions is simple: refer back to your website.

    "The name "Kun Tao Dumpag" was given to Ron Kosakowski by Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje Jr. in the Philippines to personalize his own system. Kun Tao, as it is taught at the Practical Self Defense Training Center is definitely a style that has to be seen to be believed."

    That implies PTK to the outsider moreso than a "true" authentic Kuntaw system lineage, not to mention your "own" system. Being your system it will be biased by a number of factors; body type, personality, experience, and walk of life.

    "Kun Tao Dumpag is the ONLY style of Kun Tao in the United States recognized by the Grand Kuntaoist Ali Sharief and the Kuntao council of Grand Masters of the Maranaw and Maguindanao tribes in Mindanao, Philippines."

    This implies to the outsider that everyone else is fake. How do I know if someone is fake? According to your website, I should take your word for it.

    By reading your website, it's geared more towards trying to convince me (the reader) that your material is real and tons of people are teaching something that isn't authentic.

    I have one question, says on your website you taught "special tactics" to US Army Rangers from 1992 - 1995. Out of curiousty as a prior military guy, where was that instruction and what did it entail?

    I don't know you and I'm nobody important, but I'll bet your image, your website, and your sales pitches tend to shy away more legitimate interest than it brings in. After all, there is a video on youtube of you getting KO'ed by Chuck Liddell, unless that's a different Ron Kosakowski. I watched it expecting magic and wound up seeing someone eat the mat.

    I'm not insulting you, I'm just being honest.

    Worm Dirt
  2. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    Ok, well the name is different but the technique is still kuntao technique. The name is new but the technique is old. I just personalized what I learned from my teacher and from some others. I can't see anything wrong with that if it is still Kuntao. Whats inna name?

    As for my fight with Chuck Lidell, yes I did get knocked out. If you notice in the video I was limping after him. I had lost my knee a month and a half badly before the fight basically walking with a cane. Back then I was trying hard to get fights, my knee gave me more and more pain, I went to the doctor, he told me that I should not even be walking let alone fighting. So I stopped training for fighting. However, I got a phone call to fight him. I took the fight anyway figuring I was going to get my knee taken out and replaced with a metal knee. The whole story is here on this thread

    If you remember, back in 1998, polititions were trying to outlaw MMA fighting. That fight took place in Vegas. They got away with it by rules of having slaps in the face only. You noticed only the knock out but did you happen to notice that I got in on him easily with my hands but the ref said if I do that again, I will be disqualified.I cut Chucks eye open with a palm but that was against the rules. Now i was stuck with no tools, i could not really do any hand work (I never practiced slap fighting before) I could not shoot...I am a long time grappler but he backed up and I was to slow due to my condition at the time. Believe me, I do not regret this fight. I at least fought. I did it basically crippled but I went in anyway to get it done before going under the knife. I am a fighter and even at my age now, I still feel the urge. Though MMA is out for me now.

    As for Kuntao that what you were looking for in that fight? Gimme a break! Did you want me to grab his hair and throat, pull me into him and bite pieces of his throat out? To me its a statement just to pick on my Kuntao to make yourself feel better. It doen't work. Do I get any respect for eating, sleeping and drinking not to mention living martial arts?

    By the way, Grand Tuhon leo Gaje did help me with the name because he knows the politics that are going on here in CT in Kuntao after my teacher died. I am thankful for that and many other things he has done for me.

    And yes, I have taught many military and police since the 70's. It is Kuntao that I have taught abriged format of it of course. Sometimes they have me there for a seminar, others have come to me for private lessons and others have joined my school.
  3. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Good for you for trying! I find that impressive enough already.
  4. Worm Dirt

    Worm Dirt New Member

    Like Arnisador said, props for taking a shot at. I'll totally give that much. Excellent initiative but perhaps you should have waited until you were healed up? Who knows. That's your decision. The magic I was looking for was you whooping his @$$. If you're injured, haven't trained for the format of the competition, and want to make a good name for yourself... choose a venue more beneficial to you. In a military thought process context, horrible decision making. You obviously wouldn't have fought if you didn't think you had a chance. In the world of competition fighting, you don't get to be a martyr; you're just a loser. If you were proud of your loss, you'd advertise that too instead of concealing it and making excuses. And why not be? Everybody has a bad day and ANYBODY can be beaten. At least you had the stones to try... but don't make excuses.

    Now as far as making a statement to "pick on" your Kuntao to make myself feel better... no. Everything I have said is fact or how I percieve what you are presenting. I'm a huge fan of PTK and I admire that system in many ways, but PTK is not Kuntao nor is it advertised. It's alread a complete system of itself.

    But again, you're saying now it's your Kuntao. So say just that. This is your interpretation of Kuntao. Then say who you learned from. You'll get more respect that way. To say it's the "only" Kuntao is arrogant and unfair to other practioners.

    The "everyone's out to get me" attitude does not bolster my confidence in you in the least.

    Now, what Ranger unit did you train from 1992 - 1995, where, and what's "special tactics" mean? Or does that just mean you had US Army Rangers attend your seminars?

    I'll go straight to the point with this: "Cool By Association" or CBA. Also known amongst we crawlers of the dirt as "Name Dropping" which is different than an affiliation with someone who is well known. Dropping "trained US Army Rangers" is a big deal in certain circles. If you mention it, then you better be able to vet it.

    Mr. Kosakowski, I don't doubt one single bit you live martial arts. I would encourage you to continue to do so as with everyone else who does so. I would only strive to remind you that there is a huge difference between living as an avid "martial arts" enthusiast... and living as a warrior.

    Worm Dirt
  5. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    Where am I making excuses? I went in to fight with him at 40 years old at the time and basically crippled. Thats not an excuse thats a fact and it did hinder my abilities. I feel like I would have beat him if my body was together.
    And no I could not wait till I healed. I had my knee replaced with a metal knee and I knew that my leg would be cut in half and wanted one more fight. Fighting with a metal knee is not smart to do in MMA because the situation can be worse on one little mistake. I now train MMA fighters. And as far as the Kuntao magic goes...there is a BIG difference between Kuntao fighting and MMA fighting. You will not see Kuntao in the ring or in MMA unless they water it down, or unless there is a fight to the death or maimed in a bad way. My thoughts are you do not understand Kuntao.

    I guess you did not read my web site? All answers are there. Though even that has to be upgraded when I get the time because I have more to add to it.

    By the way, I like PTK obviously also. The style is triangle based and so is my Kuntao. I like the relation between the two.

    I have plenty of confidence. I just don't do the keyboard warrior thing. Sorry, but you would have to see my confidence face to face. [​IMG]

    Actually, i feel like you are busting balls here, I am not name dropping...I have a lot of experiences teaching all over and many diffferent people, but I will answer. A man named Leutenant(sp) William Gambino came to one of my Kuntao workshops and liked my Kuntao. He thought it was one of the most practical hand to hand stuff he has ever seen. He became one of my long distance students for a while. He also started learning other areas I teach. He set up some time for Rangers and Ranger graduates at Norwich University in Vermont. I was given a bunch of tactics to adapt "what we would do in Kuntao if" situations. I problem solved and gave them some good practical ways to survive the situations he gave me. They all loved it. So every year for about 3 years I went there and did the same thing. I still have a couple of the retired Rangers coming to my workshops and occasionally a private lesson or two. One of them is now a NYC cop.

    If you do not know me or anything I have been through in my life, what makes you know what I am? I never heard of you either. But I don't second guess you or anyone until I see what they do, and/or know more about them. Personally, i would never do this to someone on a computer forum. I have more respect than that!

    I went on here just to show my knife throwing skills and had a few pick apart everything I said for some reason or another. I like to throw knives. I have been on this forum getting along well with everyone for quite a few years now. I have always put my FMA videos on here to drum up conversation or whatever. Many have left this forum due to the BS like this going on. No one wants to sit at the computer having to stick up for themselves. People go on a forum to socialize with others who have the same interests. Gettting disrespected is a turn off. Notice how really this forum is dying out. The reason? Look around on MySpace forums and FB forums where they talk about the exact BS I just referred to mentioning this exact forum.
  6. Worm Dirt

    Worm Dirt New Member

    Mr. Kosakowski,

    I tried to be fairly diplomatic, at least I thought I was. I'm going to say I don't understand your flavor of Kuntao, nor your rationale. But whatever. I can't see having any kind of intelligent debate or discussion with you.

    "Fighting with a metal knee is not smart to do in MMA because the situation can be worse on one little mistake."

    Then why get in the ring with an MMA fighter in the first place? Obviously you're well versed in MMA if you're training them, why not bust out the MMA material you're teaching? Not to mention the JKD, BJJ, Kuntao, ETC.

    There is nothing wrong with this forum and it is not dying out. There are a lot of people, just like me, who lurk and read absorbing tons of information and a lot of people who post up really good information.

    What Ranger unit? I keep asking this question with no solid response. Some "Ranger" guy you trained three times over the course of three years is not the same as training "US Army Rangers", which implies DOD sanctioned/contracted training. Which, does happen frequently, but is easily verified.

    Ron, you talk about respect... how about integrity?

    Worm Dirt
  7. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    This thread is now closed.

    -FMAT Admin
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