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Discussion in 'General' started by Ron Kosakowski, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. themorningstar

    themorningstar New Member

    i would like to know these elders if you could be so kind.
    there are many of us who practice and teach kuntao and silat from the philippines.
    so many of us are connected in one way or another, either through kinship or friendship- so perhaps either myself or some others might be familiar with the "elders" that accepted you and would like to inquire as to why our elders do not know about you.
    so dont worry about my simple opinions- they should mean nothing to you.
    if you are legitimate then you have nothing to fret or get upset about-i would just be inquiring about someone who shares a common art with me, my family, my "brothers" and "cousins".

    in regards to your last statement that kuntao is hard to find- you make it seem like it is so hard that it can only be found in connecticut.
    your last statement shows the ignorance that only 5 days guarded by soldiers in mindanao will give you. go there without the guns, go there with the "council of elders", go there with an appreciation for the native and local people and then you'll know what im talking about
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    We need more of them to start productive, positive threads about that art.
  3. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

  4. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    Ok, Kampilan was fixed. You still diggging for insults?

    It seems you do NOT know much about Mindanao by what you say here. Yes, you can go to a few areas of Mindanao and there are some tourist areas there as well. Like Davoa (if I got the spelling correct before you jump down my throat again) for example is the biggest one there if I am not mistaken. But going more south, there are Abu Sayaf all over the place now a days. I was told by the elders NOT to go there due to Abu Sayaf. Many of them left the area themselves due to Abu Sayaf. Many are not even in Mindanao anymore.

    I do not care what you think of my Kuntao or my background. You are nothing more than someone with nothing to do but go on forums and play keyboard irritant. You jealous of my accomplishments or something? I have nothing to prove to you. Many know of what I do all over the world and know how I got there. You picking out a mistake in spelling or whatever here and there does not disprove any of that.[​IMG]
  5. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    I say that because the youth today do not want to put in the time it takes to be a real martial artist. Look how many instructorships are given away. Look what fighters look like today...look how many "grand masters" are out there today. Elders of ALL styles see this.

    And yes, it can be found in CTat the Practical Self Defense Training Center in Waterbury. [​IMG]
  6. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    I certainly tried. If I had a spell checker here there would be far less to attack me with. [​IMG]
  7. themorningstar

    themorningstar New Member

  8. themorningstar

    themorningstar New Member

    i didnt have to be a kampilan expert to know the hilt on your kampilan was backwards.
    im just surprised that the tribe you emplyed who have been making blades for hundreds of years could get something so rudimentary and essential to the kampilan-backwards.
    then i was further surprised that the council of grand kuntaoists did not care to mention or correct you in regards to the kampilan as well.
    if they were maranao-then surely they would have been upset that you put the hilt on their traditional sword-backwards.
    i am glad however that you did get around to fixing it-would you be willing to offer exchanges to those that did buy the kampilan with the backwards hilt? i only ask in the interest of good business and the reputation of the council of grand kuntaoists.

    oh i assure you, i happen to know a little bit about mindanao and sulu
    i lived in mindanao and sulu for many years-you went there for how many days?
    there are members on this very forum who are sons of mindanao and sulu and i can assure that they love where they are from, still live there happily and are proud of it as i am.
    PLEASE stop making our homes sound like their are terrorist infested everywhere and dissuading people from visiting there and enjoying what our lands have to offer.

    why keep bringing up ASG? does that really have a bearing on what my questions were towards you?
    please clarify for me- many of the council of grand kuntaosits have left mindanao due to ASG?
    if i am reading that correctly, then i am saddened by that news however glad that they are safe.
    were none of them offered assistance by local MILF or MNLF or other organizations?

    sir, once again you seek to attack me with name calling and other verbal insults out of frustration or anger.
    i have refrained from doing so in search of answers to questions
    i wish you would conduct yourself a little better as potential customers may be reading this as well.

    p.s. i only bring up the spelling issue as that is an important aspect to the culture. i was hoping you could respect that, since you yourself are proud of who you are and your homeland of birth.
  9. themorningstar

    themorningstar New Member

    what you say may be true in many regards and respects.
    however what bearing does that have to the topic of your kuntao and the comments you have made in regards to it?
    i am merely inquiring about someone who may share the same art as myself, my family, my "brothers, sisters and cousins".
    look at it as if you found someone with the last name of kosakowski and inquired if you were related somehow.
    does that necessitate your insults and bad mouthing towards me?

    sir- you just keep making it seem as if the ONLY place in the world to the learn the philippine art of kuntao is in connecticut-not even the philippines.
  10. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

  11. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    Maybe you should try reading my posts before you write about what I am saying and what I am not saying. I said, WTF is your problem with me and I did not say that Kuntao CANNOT be found in the Philippines...I said that it is hard to find. Like I said, try reading my posts and not throwing in words I did not say. Kali, Arnis and Eskrima for that matter is not easy to find there unless you know someone.

    And as for bad mouthing Mindanao, I never did that either. And there is Abu Sayaf there in Mindanao and it is a problem. Alquieda is a problem all over the world...face it. Other than that, I found many people to be friendly and the land to be beautiful. The culture to be very interesting.
  12. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Perhaps it would be best to return to the topic of the thread.

    -FMAT Admin
  13. mabagani

    mabagani Pendato

    The original topic included whether or not to have a kuntao section.
    I agree with morningstar's comments...and the negative stereotype that its dangerous to go to the south does not help. Local friends steer you from harm as with any place in the Philippines, you usually know ahead of time which areas to stay out of. When I travelled in Mindanao it was without fear and danger, I toured historical sites, mosques, markets, schools etc... I still have friends and family who live there.
    Comments were made about being an "elder" and consulting with elders, yet from what I've observed the TWF company didn't know the hilt on the replica it manufactured of one of the oldest native swords was backwards and it still uses the mistake with the backwards kampilan handle in its company logo and tshirts, whenever I see it or hear about "elders" I wonder who is trying to pull whose leg. Its a pain in the behind to police mistakes written about our history and culture on forums and websites, having to see more fantasy swords being made that exploit our heritage and now read more erroneous history.
    I also agree with labantayo about the essence in kuntao and silat as it relates to forms in the southern Philippines, each region has ethnic cultural movements that can indentify its origin and without them techniques can seem like plain or similar fighting moves, or modern innovations and interpretations.
    I've trained and done my share of research with the Tausug, Maranao, Magui, etc. and have an open invitation to travel among friends without fear and danger. I do ongoing cultural and historical projects with several groups and I can verify information or misinformation. Some of my research can be found at Mindanao State University, Capitol University, University of the Philippines and Philippine National Museum, also universities and institutions in the US.
    Anyone writing about history and culture should do the research first...there are scholars who will call mistakes and it will save the embarrassment plastered all over the internet to do thorough work beforehand especially in public forums and websites. Like any other system, school or group etc. people will ask about teachers and instructors, so if one were elusive, unclear, faulty etc about information why wouldn't it draw more questions in a new or old forum section?
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  14. themorningstar

    themorningstar New Member

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  15. themorningstar

    themorningstar New Member

    first you write that you don't care who i am or what i have to say- but then you go right back and loudly state-WTF is your problem with me?
    there's no need for adrenalin or chest thumping.
    im not jealous of you or anything like that- im still puzzled why you make comments like that when i'm not promoting anything, selling anything, or making competitive videos against you.
    i'm a nobody as you so put it- so there's no need to try and get loud, insult and disrespect me or try and scare me in your attempt to not answer any questions posted and presented to you in a civil manner.

    you keep saying the art of kuntao is hard to find in the philippines-yet you have never and do not currently reside there, have only been there so many times, and went to mindanao for maybe a handful of days?
    how can you make such a statement?
    and then you state that you found the people friendly, land beautiful and culture interesting, in your most recent post but just a few posts back you state how you were scared for your life and were warned to not go there or go back there(even with GT Gaje by your side and military escorts)????

    sir, please go back and reread my posts, my posts you quoted, the posts you posted and the many questions you have yet to answer.
    just please try not to insult me or degrade me in exchange for an answer to my questions.
  16. themorningstar

    themorningstar New Member

    I did not know where to put this clip. We need a Kuntao section in here. Its the only traditional FMA missing from this forum. Due to the fact Kuntao, Kun Tao, Kuntaw or Kuntau (however you want to spell it) is the oldest Filipino martial art which influenced all the other styles in the Philippines, there should be a place for it here. I guess I got two topics going at once in this section.

    Anyway, check out the knife throwing methods of Kuntao Dumpag.
    This is an area of self defense we worked on for footwork and power in striking believe it or not. Check this out and let me know your thoughts on it.

    we can certainly return to both topics of the thread.
    now in regards to the knife throwing of "KUNTAO DUMPAG", was this traditionally trained with traditional kuntao knives of the philippines or contemporary knives from recent era?
    if kuntao is such an old and complete art that predates many others-then why has "dumpag" which is a combination of the visayan arts of "dumog" and pangamut"(and a part of the PTK system) been added to it?
    to clarify-PTK is a COMPLETE SYSTEM and TECHNOLOGY
    why learn PTK and the other plethora of arts you have studied if you have one of the oldest and most complete arts(kuntao) at your disposal?
  17. themorningstar

    themorningstar New Member

    please sir, conversate with me about kuntao so that i may find an answer or 2 to the millions of questions i may have.
    just try to keep the degradation and insults to a minimum please?
  18. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

    I was wondering on this as well. Was this practice traditionaly taught with the Gunong (not really a throwing knife IMHO)? Was throwing taught as a traditional subcomponent of the Maranao arts you learned or was it a modern addition to Kuntao Dumpag?
  19. Labantayo

    Labantayo Junior Member

    "And there is Abu Sayaf there in Mindanao and it is a problem. "

    Why are you making money off of the groups who you warn everyone about?

    You sell a fantasy recreation of the swords, that the peoples of the south, who designed them originally, to fight invaders to their lands.

    But yet you talk about how dangerous it is and that we need a ton of bodyguards to go there.

    If the Moros are so bad, why are you making money off of their culture?

    I know not ALL Moros are associated with "rebel" groups, but don't use them for your propaganda.
  20. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    Well, its been a while since I have been here...I have been crazy busy with every thing.

    I read the posts and really did not want to be here and answer all these questions originally. The reason being is my answers are torn apart and redirected by a select few for some reason or another. If I leave a small detail out, my answers get redirected like I am being disrespectful to what I like most in my life. Its rediculous actually.

    Anyway, there are some parts of Mindanao that are dangerous to go to right now. No, it is not all the people. And yes, there are tourist areas. Like I said, I found everyone i met to be friendly. I did not meet any rebels, though, I did have an experience where I was woken up at 2 in the morning by the SAF and told to pack and go due to some problems I would have had.

    I say its not easy to find Silat or Kuntao there because its not. For me who does not live there and knows all the various tribes, its not easy. I had a month (that particular year) stay to do this. I found Ali Sharief and the Kuntao counsel. If you live there, of course it will be easier to have connections to find these people. I would have liked to get to know people that lived in the area to be introduced to these Kuntaoists actually. For me, its a matter of time and money...I am sure that goes for most all foriegners.

    As for the reason I call it Kuntao "Dumpag." I call it that for my own reasons. Its a name recommended to me to seperate myself from many of the others in the Rossi crowd due to the fact that there are claims to be the inheritors and many are now calling themselves Grand went crazy, blending what they know with other stuff calling it Kuntao, breaking boards and blocks. To me, thats not what I was taught as Kuntao so I wanted to be seperate. I am the only one to learn the system from my teacher. As for learning from Ali and a few others, I am still furthering my education when I can get there every year.

    I have never disrespected anyone for doing their style, why do I get disrespected for loving Philippine martial arts and wanting to continue my education? I simply want to know more while I am young enough to learn it and perform it. Why do i have to be put down for having videos on youtube? Believe me, I am not the only one who complains about this forum being like this. Personally, I have stayed out of the political crap always here and where ever else. As for the videos...yes, I do like to drum up business. If I owned a gift shop, I would be advertising it also where ever i could so people know I exist. No one would say a thing about it if it were a gift shop, but for some reason I get torn into because I am showing mine and my students on film?

    Oh, and someone here said that I said you were a nobody. Where did I say that? It is NOT even in my personality to say that. The only thing I said is "WTF is the problem you have with me?" I said that because a couple of ya's have been on me about my swords and my martial arts for some reason or another. I never claimed to be a Grand Master. Though, I am a long time teacher. My first real style was Kuntao. And yes, i have mastered the techniques of my Kuntao to the point it is automatic reflex. But I have always put myself as a student also. Because I like to learn...the subject of martial arts, especially Kuntao arouses my curiosity. Anything wrong with that?

    As for the knife throwing and the teacher showed it to me. It is an option, not a main focus. Like I said before, I happened to focus on it. Why? Because I like it and I find it reasonably relaxing to throw knives accurately due to the focus it takes to get everything perfect. I was taught that it is another training method for body positioning coordinated with hand striking. It enhances that area. Knives are not the only projectile used. Anything can be thrown to attack or get to another weapon. Notice my positioning is different than target knife throwers? Why the "LAMAO" or whatever the initials are for laughter were put here, I don't understand. Since when is knife throwing or projectiles in general a modern additive?

    Anyway, I have less interest in this forum because of this. I don't mind explaining myself and what I know of my martial arts on a friendly basis with no sarcasm.

    My guess is this will be looked at between the lines torn apart. Oh well![​IMG]
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