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  1. R. Mike Snow

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  2. R. Mike Snow

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    Here is the highly detailed comparison photo of a Lugod(top) and Karambit(bottom) that I have benn promising for months.
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    My dear friend Mike Snow. This is from Karl B in Boston. With all respect to you sir, there are Korambit tactics in Dekiti. Its just a matter of translating what we do with other weapons. You are correct that the Korambit is not an illongo weapon, but the lagut (spelling?) is...its the Filipino word for Korambit. I myself have trained with Tuhon Nene with a lagut and for me a most basic principal of Dekiti is that anything can be used as a weapon with our methods. Infinate techniques with infinate possibilities is something Tuhon Nene has said to me many times. I've been working on a set that emphasises Translation of any weapon and I hope someday we can meet so share info. Take care my friend
  4. R. Mike Snow

    R. Mike Snow Chiseled Edge

    Hi Karl,

    Nice to hear from you man.....long time since we have spoken. I too have been told in the past that Lagut was the Filipine/Philippine word for Karambit but GT Nene said that he prefered that I use Lugod. Not sure, but it almost seems like Hiligaynon has more than one sub diatlct or if certain words have just changed over time. Like "Binagon" in Panay, GT spells it as "Binonggong" in Negros and then Binagon became Ginunting.

    You are also correct in stating that the techniques were developed to wield any type of weapon. I have often discussed how in our system that we move around the blade as much as we move the blade its self. It was obvious from the start that the system was developed to swing weapons of extreme weight like an axe. Well, come to find out that axes and hatchets are part of our Sandata and the Binagon is also a wood cutting implement. I was fortunate to obtain an old Binagon from Panay that is capable copping wood equal to an axe. It is over 3/8 of an inch in thickness, just over 26 inches in overall lenght and weighs 3 lbs. 1 oz. I don't know of too many people that could swing a blade of that capacity proficiently without the techniques we use.

    One thing is for sure, after spending a full year of the last three with GT Nene, the more I lean, the more I realize I don't know any thing.
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    I hear ya man, about the more you learn and not knowing anything. When I learned Tuhon Nene's Espadia dagga set in '06, I actually did it wrong for a whole year. When I went back for my instructors course, I realized after a month and a half of doing it every day what I was doing wrong.... I had to forget everything I was practicing for a year and learn to do it right in 2 weeks for my evaluation....but it taught me so much about translation and doing the blade safely. Every weapon translates, but there are some subtle differences. For me, its like a combination of learning how every weapon is different and practicing them differently, and learning a basic safe way to use all weapons withough having to think about it. Tuhon Nene's Espadia Dagga system, if you look closely, can teach you that very well...among other things. Take care my friend

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    What DVDs? I`ve been looking for them.
  7. R. Mike Snow

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    Here is Mitch's email, Mitch has some low budget DVD's to give you some foundation. I cannot speak for Master Jerson's, I have not ever seen them. GT Nene's new DVD series will be out in July 2010.
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    The image linked here seems to be long dead and link broken, does anyone have another image of a Lugod or Lagut? I really have no idea what it looks like.

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