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    I make no claims as to the actuality of such events unfolding as I am not a lawyer, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew about this. If you have not joined knife rights and are FMA artists, it may be time for you to consider joining...


  2. arnisador

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    Ouch! This would knock out a great many people's everyday carry!
  3. Worm Dirt

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    The true irony is that any suggested legislation is based off perception and not fact. For those who know first hand or research the issue clearly recognize that ordinary KITCHEN knives form the weapon of choice in a significant (if not most) amount of edged weapon incidents.

    Then again, screwdrivers, hypodermic syringes, and chisels are not uncommon... Often environmentally driven.

    Criminals by nature aren't going to invest in something expensive, like a nice knife, and hardly need the luxury of one handed opening options. They'll already have the blade deployed before making an aggressive act.

    The same uneducated assertions are made regarding gun control. Criminals are what they are. You can take away all the guns and knives in the world and they'll commit heinous acts with whatever the can get a hand on. The only people that will mind the laws are the law abiding anyway.
  4. sjansen

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    Sounds like the everyday carry knives by Ken Onion would be outlawed like what happened in 70's to the balisong. Most of the new knives these days for personal defense would be against the law. It doesn't surprise me as now they are trying to make ammunition unaffordable so that law abiding citizens can no longer practice shooting to defend themselves. I asked my wife several years ago if the gun made a dollar sound every time she shot when she shot out the hydrshocks that were in her clip. Now all rounds would make that sound. Instead of trying to outlaw the guns they're trying to make the ammunition unaffordable for the every day user. They're also trying to regulate the quantity that you can own legally.
  5. Worm Dirt

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    That's an interesting observation. Much like controlling the consumables of any activity winds up being the best way to boost it or cut it off at the knees. I won't drive much if gas is $10 a gallon, that's for sure. Can't afford to, as most people couldn't.

    I've heard and tend to agree with the notion that there are some people running the show or trying to, who realize that jacking up the price of ammo is as good or better than gun control. What good is a pistol or rifle when you can't fire it?

    The worst part though is that more than controlling the operation of the weapon in general, it directly affects proficiency. Not only can they say ok, you can't carry this on you or in your vehicle... but now they are saying you can't be proficient with it. How can you maintain a level of proficiency with a tool when you can't afford to train or practice with it?

    More frightening still is the premise of the thought process behind it all. Ok, let's remove firearms/ammunition and let's stop the production of folding knives and the carry of them. The next logical step is the removal or "ban" of systemized fighting. Martial arts have been banned by other cultures in the past. I don't see that as being "too" far fetched. After all, taking away all the tools of violence will prevent people from "being violent", right?

  6. Doc D

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    Hi ! Not realizing this was already in discussion I posted on the Pekiti Tersia and Misc Knife Arts sections. If you go to The American Knife and Tool Institute , you can find out a lot. They really are worried about this ! US Customs has denied an extension of the comment period so people only have until 21 Jun 09 to voice opposition !!! Atki has some examples of letters and such if you want to send a letter before the 21st. They do NOT accept E Mail.

    With Respect ,
    Doc D
  7. arnisador

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    The switchblade rule is already silly--those are such flimsy blades!
  8. Worm Dirt

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    Yeah no kidding. Not to mention a little bit of familiarity training and a touch of common sense will show that you can deploy a regular lock blade folder faster than a "switch blade" or auto knife.

    Doc D, thanks. I'll give it a look.
  9. PG Michael B

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    This is just another attempt at keeping the man down. They will explain it as if they were explaining the gun laws "We are just trying to keep them out of the hands of bad people". They know as well as anybody it is a dissarmement of the people. The right to keep and bare arms is now a defunct script written on some withered hemp that was smoked a long, long time ago. We are just now starting to see, and the reason we see? There is no more agendas to hide it under. It is now simply HERE!

    Now some call me crazy but this is some MATRIX **** going on. This country and the world for the most part is bombarded with the keeps our mind busy and dulled. We then forget how to question when a red door is suddenly painted black. A Lot of people are starting to unplug, they are seeing truth between the cracks of rose colored glasses. Most would rather stay blind to these realizations, they figure if they go along, they will get along, but what they fail to realize is, that to get along really means your going to be drug along, whether you like it or not.

    And they always fly the bill of rites in everyone's face....****..what rites? What's next? #2 Pencils...I can wreak havoc with a couple of those yellow bitches.

    Peace, Salaam, Shalom

    From somewhere deep within the grey matter of MIke B.
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    Get involved people and write US Customs and your senators/representatives. There are plenty of people who do not even believe that this is a real situation. I am going back and forth with some people on another website currently who cannot make the link, or refuse to. Also, I would suggest joining knife rights or AKTI if you have not already done so...

  11. lhommedieu

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    Would someone give an example of this, please? How would a federal agency determination effect national, state, or local law and judicial rulings? If I am arrested in New Jersey, for example, for carrying a sub-4" folder, then could I be charged and convicted for carrying a "switchblade" in New Jersey even if a "switchblade" in New Jersey is defined differently than in the CBP determination? Or is the issue at this point that the Federal Switchblade Act (and subsequently, state and local laws) could be in danger of being re-written in accordance to the CBP determination?


  12. jwinch2

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    I have requested clarification on this issue as well. See below for the correspondance between myself and the Chair of Knife Rights. I'll be sure to post it if I hear anything else...

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