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    Okay so I've searched to see if this has been discussed before.

    So how many of you make your own knives?
    What kind of tools do you use? In my younger days I was a machinist. I can think of many ways to create a precision blade. However I want to dumb it down as much as possible. Do it old skool if you will. Tools I think of are grinders, files, saw, drill, stones, and blacksmithing items, anvil, hammers, fire pit, and forging.

    What kind of metal do you work with?

    However with todays modern tool steels do you even need to got through the tempering process? I dont see why it would hurt, but it just seems like it would almost be a waste of time.

    Any input?
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    All you need to make a knife are: Steel, a file and a hacksaw. But of course, grinders, drill press etc are good to have. The easiest way to start it is by 'stock removal'. Where you take a piece of steel, like an old lawnmower blade and begin stripping away metal until it looks like a knife. You don't need an anvil, hammers etc. Just google ' knife stock removal' or something like that. There's lots of good info and tutorials out there
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    Yeah I actually did a lot of research after posting this. has a pretty sweet guide to blade steels on their web page. Then I found all the knowledge I could possible want on youtube.
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    Good job mate, ofc its a pleasure to make your own knife, i only used to do such a work when i was child and did it for fun )) but now i have to search for online pharmacy reviews because i have gotten older and my health is not the same as it used to be. back then it was fun. wish it was that fun nowadays too...
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