Knife Attacks in the News.

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    These are stories on knife attacks, but are not necessarily related to the FMA.


    A man wounds 8 people with a hunting knife in a hate crime in Russia, before being wrestled to the ground.

    Wife cleared in slay after butt insult

    A domestic violence incident that ended in a man's death. "Prosecutors argued the blade wound was no accident because it penetrated 6 inches deep in a downward motion."

    Man charged with officer's murder

    British police officer killed by a knife. See this thread on MartialTalk for more details.
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    Butterfly Knives.

    The Albuquerque Journal reports the Sunday arrest of a man at the U. of N.M. Hospital after he chased another man with what is described as a "pocket knife" and, later, as a "butterfly knife" and finally as a "folding knife". I assume this is a balisong, but I don't know--is there another type of folding pocket knife known as a Butterfly knife?

    An older story (registration required) from 19 April 2005 always speaks of a butterfly knife being used, this time in a drug-related non-fatal stabbing.
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    Knives and Cars.

    Several recent stories in Albuquerque about knives being used in carjackings, e.g. this story (reg. reqd.) from this month. One case involved a good Samaritan who stopped to help someone, only to be robbed and carjacked at knifepoint. He lost $1000 in golf clubs as part of it.

    Another story (from Dec. 2004) involving a knife and a car is here (reg. reqd.):

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    Accicental Sword Death.

    Fla. Teen Dies After Sword Falls on Him

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    Knife Injuries.

    Spring Breaker Stabbed 7 Times At Club

    Attempted carjacking thwarted as victims fight back

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    Here is one that happened in my town last month:

    Student in critical condition after stabbing

    By Krystle Kopacz
    Collegian Staff Writer
    A Penn State student is in critical condition after he was stabbed in the heart early Friday morning at Club Love, 129 1/2 S. Pugh St.

    Doctors at Mount Nittany Medical Center performed open-heart massage on Michael Donahue, 22, of Drums, Pa., for more than an hour early Friday morning. According to court documents, a doctor who performed emergency surgery on Donahue told the State College Police Department “he didn’t know why Donahue was still alive.”

    State College Police Sgt. Mark Argiro said he believes doctors are afraid to move Donahue to a special care facility because of his condition.

    Police said Josephy Ventura, 27, of East Prospect Avenue, allegedly stabbed Donahue with a 7-inch, wood-handle kitchen knife with a 3-inch blade inside Club Love. Ventura was restrained by bar staff until taken into police custody, according to court documents. He was charged and committed to Centre County Prison in lieu of $3 million bail.

    Police said there is no evidence to suspect that Ventura and Donahue knew each other prior to the stabbing.

    State College Police Sgt. John Gardner said police are still unsure of the events that led up to the 1:30 a.m. stabbing. Donahue’s roommate, Brandon Lawson, told police he saw Donahue attempt to break up a fight when he was stabbed.

    According to court documents, Ventura was upset about an incident in which his girlfriend, a Penn State student, was allegedly assaulted earlier in the night. Police did not indicate that Donahue was linked to the incident.

    According to court documents, State College Police Det. Bill Wagner reviewed the surveillance tape from inside the bar and observed Ventura “making a thrusting motion with his hand” toward Donahue’s chest.

    When interviewed at about 3:30 a.m. Friday, Ventura told police he didn’t stab anyone. Police searched Ventura’s jacket and found the knife with blood on it, which Ventura told police was his own, according to court documents.

    Ventura is charged with criminal attempt – a third degree murder charge – aggravated assault, simple assault, possessing instruments of crime and recklessly endangering another person. His preliminary hearing is slated for Wednesday at the Centre County Courthouse.

    Police ask that anyone who may have witnessed the incident or has related information to contact the State College Police Department at 814-234-7150 or Det. Ralph Ralston at 814-278-4742.


    The victim of a State College stabbing died Sunday evening, two days after he was knifed in the chest.
    Michael F. Donahue, a 22-year-old Penn State student from Luzerne County, was stabbed in the heart early Friday at Club Love, 129 1/2 S. Pugh St. He had since been undergoing treatment in Mount Nittany Medical Center's intensive-care unit.
    His condition never stabilized.
    Donahue's death raises the possibility of more serious charges against the alleged assailant, Josephy A. Ventura.
    Centre County District Attornney Michael Madeira said Sunday that homicide charges of some form will likely be filed.
    Ventura, 27, of State College, is already facing charges of attempted murder, assault and lesser crimes in connection with the incident. If this becomes a homicide case, it would be the second in the Centre Region since 2002.
    Authorities are holding Ventura at the Centre County Correctional Facility in lieu of $3 million bail.
    Donahue, who was from Drums in northeastern Pennsylvania, was a junior studying crime, law and justice, according to his personal Web site. On it, he wrote that he wanted to become "some type of law enforcement agent."
    Officers handling the case could not be reached for comment Sunday night.
    Last week, police said that Donahue and Ventura appeared to have been involved in an altercation with at least one other man. A police investigation is continuing.
    They're asking anyone who witnessed the altercation to call them at 234-7150 or 278-4742.
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    NYC Deaths.

    In this article (probably a free preview only by now), the NY Times analyzes New York City homicides for the year 2005. A few interesting facts and quotes:

    - The assailant had a criminal record more than 90% of the time; the victim, more than 50% of the time.
    - "If the average New Yorker is concerned about being murdered in a random crime the odds of that happening are really remote" a deputy police commissioner said.
    - Homicides wherein the victim did not know the attacker beforehand are more frequent at nearly 25%, despite the fact that murders in NYC are down overall. A sociologist said: "It's still characteristically an acquaintance event. But the stranger homicides are now nontrivial."
    - Assailants ranged in age from 9 to 88; victims, from infancy to 91.
    - The "deadliest hour" was from 1AM to 2AM, and most events took place outdoors.
    - Most assailants were men (93%); Caucasians and Asians were disproportionately represented among the victims (much fewer than would be expected if victims were selected at random).
    - One 2005 death counted in the statistics was the result of a 1975 shooting.
    - Shooting was the most common method (roughly two-thirds).
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    Former Marine fights off five robbers using knife.

    Former Marine fights off five robbers, killing one

    This is a great self-defense story, but a sad story about America today. One of the attackers whom he was able to use his weapon against was a pregnant teenage girl. She is the one who did not survive.
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    Power Saw Attack.

    Slashed at a subway station

    You never know what you're going to face out there.
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    Knife Course Followed by Knife Use.

    In the Wall Street Journal article I discussed here, there is a story of Nicholas Nobella, 25, who took a four-hour tactical folder course at a Calif. knife shop. Then, several months later, "a melee...broke out" at a bachelorette party that had been joined by the bachelor party, and he used his tactical knife against Edward Pedrosa, a male stripper, killing the man. Mr. Nobella's lawyer has stated that he acted in self-defense.

    The Thomas Autry case from Atlanta, mentioned earlier in this thread, is also discussed in the story, where it is noted that he used a 2 inch blade.
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    Reports: Son kills Malay princess

    We often think of a screwdriver as being primarily a stabbing weapon, but in this case the surviving victim was treated for slash, not stab, wounds. Of course, the woman who stabbed suffered a fatal injury.
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    Ouch, a cleaver....

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    There is the Pilipino balisong but there is also a "parachute" knife used by paratroopers. The handles arc to open and close the knife; I think Smith and Wesson manufacture one.
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    Hmm, I don't think I know that one. Was this a WWII paratrooper thing, or more recent?
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    On the Dangers of Carrying a Knife...

    Achieving Success After Struggling With Life’s Pitfalls

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    Concealed Shank.

    Naked man arrested with concealed weapon

    Well, I guess you never know where a weapon will be concealed.
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    Stabbed at Work.

    Man Accused of Stabbing in PB&J Prank

    I have to wonder if it's also an example of a case where if the person hadn't been carrying a knife, no one would have been seriously injured. However, it does say the person stabbed may be charged with starting the fight, so perhaps we'll eventually learn that it was legitimate self-defense.

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