Knife attack: fantasy versus reality

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    Its a bit funny and simplistic with the cartoon/video game characters, but the video actually makes some good points. As I am sure pretty much everyone here knows, a knife attack on "the street" is likely not going to be a duel like this:

    However, I still think there is good information which can be taken away from understanding the dueling mentality. Though not in cases of a determined attack, there might be times when you do see things coming ahead of time or when the bad guy is not making a committed attack. For example, you are walking along with your wife/kids and a guy tries to intimidate you with a knife in the effort of taking your wallet, your wife's purse, etc. If I know that I need to buy time for my wife to run away, a duelers mentality may (in some cases) be appropriate for the situation.

    Obviously, if the situation is different (e.g. your wife is not capable of running away; there is more than one bad guy; you have reason to believe that he/they is going to try to kill you or other innocents no matter what, etc.), then of course things would change from a standpoint of strategy and the dueling mentality would no longer be appropriate.

    Anyway, I saw the two vids on another forum, and thought that members here might find them edifying.


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