Knife Arts in about silat?

Discussion in 'Misc. Knife Arts' started by young blade, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Beungood

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    Inthis movie they showed some knives and mentioned a Randal model 1 and also a knife made by someone with the name beginning in the letter K. Anyone know who made this knife and what kind it was?


  2. arnisador

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    Your memory is already better than mine! I'll have to watch Exposure again some time. It looks like it's only available on VHS. Heh, the people who bought the tape also bought knife-fighting books!
  3. Beungood

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    My memories been jogged

    The Knife I was asking about was hand made By Joe Kious, You can see more of his work here I found this by one of your links! Wish I knew exactly what the knife was called.

    What confused me about the knife scenes were they looked good like FMA but the terminology used was Inquartata and pasatta soto which are fencing terms which prompted the original question...

  4. dekiti

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    The movie "Kamagong" stared JC Bonnin and Lito Lapid who was a former senator.
    There was FMA move titled "Mano-mano" which stared Ronnie Ricketts. Fight choregraph by his brother Topher Ricketts.

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