KI in the bay area?

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    Yes exactly the same. the last time I saw him teach this material was in Montreal 2-3 years ago.

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    I saw a Rick Tucci video instructional years ago showing Ilustrisimo 12 Angles of Attack which I suppose extracted from Inosanto Blend and was quite different from KI's 12 Basic Angles of Attack. It illustrated lots of leg shots.
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    Interesting. Its possible that Guro Dan was teaching the KI he learned from PG Edgar (Suilte) I just assumed that it was Regino's numbering and drill , because the drill Guro Dan taught didn't look like what we do in KI.

    Come to think of it, I do remember doing a similar single stick drill which my Lameco instructor ( not PG Edgar) said came from Ilustrisimo which was similar to Kuatro Kantos but lacked the foot work.

    I do remember asking Guro Dan at a seminar to clarify if the techniques came from Tatang or Regino, he then proceeded to pull out a diagram/family tree to show his Ilustrisimo training and related styles ( serrada, Villabrille, lameco).

    So the answer is I guess I really don't know!!!

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