Keysi Fighting Method- Urban Weapons Seminar

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    Hi, Wes

    Met my gaan dit baie goed, dankie. Hoopelik ook met jou! Oh yes, I'm sure there are practitioners of 52 that are open and not stuck in this "us vs. them" mentality, unfortunately the ones we have come across, at a "senior level", were like that.
    Kaya, in contrast, was a wonderful, warm individual who it was a pleasure to meet.
    Glad you liked the review. As far as I'm concerned, we are all in this (the study of the arts and self defence) together and no-one ever knows everything.
    If I am ever in New York, I will definitely look him up. I had a look at his website and it shows the quality and care he obviously puts into his craft and teaching. Laat dit goed gaan
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    Dit gaan goed met my baie dankie. Dankie vir jou antwoord en ek instem. Sorg en goeie opleiding aan jou.

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    Man, I really should check this "seminar" page more often.....Sounds very interesting. Sorry I missed it. A thank you to Steve for posting a write-up of his experience. I'd really like to look into the system at an intensive level.

    As an aside, Elements of the Piper system intrigue me as well, but I'm just starting to look into what I can find on it.

    Best regards,

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