Kempo Karate "Escrima Sticks" Technique.

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    I'm a big fan of the "NES Ninja Gaiden" knife attack. Or, the In Living Color skit with Jim Carey as an internal organ-shifting karate instructor. I've even been known to stick my limbs into lawn mowers from time to time.

    :kaioken: HOLY CRAP! I never knew I could go kaioken with a smiley face... I wonder, can I also go Super Saiyan 4???!!! I was looking for the one with the guy rolling around laughing... this one's cooler though.


    (2 episodes later)

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    He is hardcore, as are a chunk of the students in his line and Prof. Cerio's line. Trouble is, once growth really started exploding there were folks that went off on their own and crowned themselves "10ths" after a decade or so of training. Other folks have been criticized of diluting their standards for belt advancement, and so on, and so forth.

    Can't really slam the line as a whole though. There are a lot of fine folks in New England with a Shaolin Kempo background that I'd train with in a heartbeat if I had the way of doing so. One even opened his school to me and gave me my first official lesson in the Professor's Modern Arnis. ;)

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