Kempo Karate "Escrima Sticks" Technique.

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    Well, that's not how I was taught to use the "escrima sticks"...
  2. Lovely.

    Bring it on, please :)
  3. blindside

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    More importantly, I was taught footwork called "get the **** off the line of attack you moron!!!" Something that this particular brand of kempo doesn't really seem to emphasize.
  4. In their defense it is hard to deduce motion from a still picture. It is possible to see some things though and these I will comment on. Please feel free to shoot me down in flames as I know many of you are more skilled than I and might understand the moves better.

    Picture 1.

    Attacker - option 1

    Throws right front kick. Waits for defender to react with the strike. Changes kick to roundhouse to the head.

    Attacker: Option 2:

    Feints front kick. Moves left leg forward and actually moves the hand he has chambered at his side (LOL!) to the weapon hand. Disarms weapon by most comfortable method.


    Option 1:

    Attacker goes to kick. Smash them in the head with stick + footwork to avoid initial strike.

    Option 2:

    See it a bit late. Step back and destroy the leg.

    Picture 2:

    Actually, the same as above. Get your alive hand working. An attack comes in that high. Check with the other hand whilst the weapon strikes the wide open body andcontinues on it's merry way.

    Same for the "attacker" if the defender is programed to do that. Feint high. Wait for the stick to go up and change it to a lower strike.

    There is no use of live hand or no footwork behind the strike so I would feel safe doing all of the above. To me it just looks like <add any martial art here> + a stick.

    If you are kind to your opponent you are cruel to yourself...

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  5. Excellent point made already which I missed about off-lining. Because humans are actually made 2/3 of stone as opposed to water...:mouth_wat
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    Yeah, that's more like what I was taught! :D

    Even before that or the footwork or the live hand, my first thought was "that X-block will collapse under a kick that is trying to get through, and you've positioned your crotch right where the kick will land" (and that's bad). If nothing else, off-line and redirect that kick! But your Option 2 is what I'd likely do there as I'm on the slow side and so the "see it late" options tend to be where I live.
  7. Brock

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    I think we missed something else pretty fundamental in the first "defense". If I've got 2 sticks why the fudge is that dude still trying to kick me!?! How inept do I have to look with those sticks for someone to think, "Yeah, he's got two impact weapons with more reach than my leg, but I think I can kick him in the crotch before he breaks me." That's like (as one of my students would say) "How 'bout I just stick my leg in this lawnmower and see what happens."
  8. You know Brock, I actually went to the website to see what was up and only noticed that the guy was actually holding a stick there! Are the pictures actually part of a set of techniques? I'm left scracthing my head by it all.

    It reminds me that I would like to start a thread about kicking so I'll do that now..
  9. chubbybutdangerous

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    :rofl:You are obviously missing the fact that he must practice iron crotch and/or has an innate ability like the comic book superhero the Vision to change his density at will, which would obviously render the attack useless.
  10. blindside

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  11. tellner

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    If I ever get in a fight with a guy who has two sticks, please Lord, let it be that guy.
  12. um...what's a "Half-moon forward"?

    Trying to avoid a joke here about side-windows and freeways ....

    Thanks for the sharing the entertaining multi-attacker spread.

    Following tellner's lead:

    If I get attacked by more than 1 person I want the 2nd person to wait about 6 feet behind me until after I've dispatched the 1st guy :)
  13. silat1

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    I wish this guy would try and do this technique against some of the arnisadors or kenpo stylists that I have trained with over the years.. Chances are that he would be a lollipop after he had that x block with the sticks shoved up his six oclock and be made a lollipop.
  14. Carol

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    Ahhh yes, Christopher Geary.

    He's the a 10th Degree Grandmaster ya know. He says he's the youngest ever to earn that rank.
  15. Just had a quick look on youtube and couldn't find anything.

    Did find:

    chris geary video gay pride SAMPA2006 ...

  16. silat1

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    I read his bio and he has several well known kenpo and kajukenbo names in it, but, where does he get the shaolin kempo from.. None of the Kenpo instructors I know use japanese terms for their rank.. I might be missing something here unless kenpo has changed it's direction after I left teaching it and my associates in Chicago know, we still used the Chinese names for rank, especially in Kajukenbo..

    Wondering minds would like to know
  17. Carol

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    The Shaolin Kempo is from Fred Villari's United Studios of Self Defense, where he began his study. Story goes that when it came time to test for his shodan, he didn't succeed but was awarded a provisional black based on character. He never earned the shodan but instead jumped to someone that awarded him a nidan after a period of study...and so on...
  18. arnisador

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    Ah, I didn't know he had a "history"! I came across it looking for info. on an unrelated martial art. It was a dead end, but I stumbled on that sequence anyway.
  19. silat1

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    I saw on his bio that he had Nick Cerio listed as one of his instructors along with Sonny Gascon.. I also know that Fred Villari was the Mad Mel of the Mcdojos of the 80s New England.. I ran across one of his schools when I lived in Portsmouth when I was looking for a place to work out.. I went into the school and had a conversation with the instructor while he had a purple belt teach the class... I left real quick after seeing that he sat in his office all the time.. A couple of years later, I saw the same instructor who opened up a Villari school in one of the burbs of Chicago while I was home on leave.. Needless to say, I didn't even go inside the school.. One of my students moved out from San Diego and was still paying for the contract they had to sign for the Villari school they got roped into going to because that was all they could find at the time..

    Glad that I took my gut instinct and left when I did..

  20. punisher73

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    "Half-mooning" as it is called in Shaolin Kempo is what okinawan karate styles would call the "crescent step" or the "C-Step" in American Kenpo styles.

    What's interesting about Villari that I can gather, is that when he first started he was VERY hardcore and so were his schools. He went into the business mode and proliferated the east coast with his schools and the quality of the system (as it was taught) rapidly went downhill. I think there are still some schools out there that are good, but ALOT of them are McDojos.

    I always see SO MANY misinterpretations of what the "X-block" is supposed to be that it does make it worthless as most use it.

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