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Discussion in 'General' started by still lurking, Oct 30, 2009.

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    Some cool stuff in there. I would however, like to see it without a ridiculously complaint training partner. The majority of the responses from being hit or thrown were almost Oscar-worthy.

    I would imagine from his background that Guro Jun knows his stuff. Unfortunately, in my view, that video did not show him off well due to the overacting on the part of his training partner.

    Keep in mind that all of my opinions are probably worth exactly what you paid for them. LOL
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    All systems and styles do that especially when it's a promo video. Have you ever witnessed a non compliant partner in any of Segals video or Aikido for that matter? even when people do disarms in any FMA system, etc.etc. isn't the partner being disarmed just standing there ,waiting to be disarmed?

    His students became stuntmen who have done Chronicles of Riddick ,etc.etc.
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    Yes I have seen in Aikido, which is why I don't study it. And I agree, FMA styles do that as well but I have never seen people flipping being thrown with one arm like that in FMA before. There is a difference between compliance and over-acting.

    I hope you are not taking this as a criticism of Guro Jun's skill as it is most certainly not intended that way. I have no doubts as to his abilities or what he is teaching whatsoever.
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    It's a promo video why not make it look good?
    Like I said, his students ended up becoming stuntmen which is why they can flip the way they did.
  6. Thanks for posting.

    I enjoyed the bits with the Marines.
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    What one-armed throw are you referring to? If its the part I'm thinking of that is a hip throw similar to what you would see in judo. The arm is just helping.
  8. Jack Latorre

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    Actually, that IS a stuntman...

    Hello All--

    In reply to 'jwinch2', the individual you are referring to is in fact a stuntman and fight choreographer. He's in 'Chronicles of Riddick', '300' and happens to be the primary stuntman in 'Hellboy 2'. So any dramatization is sure to be intentional, as well as tongue in cheek. I believe he's one of the first generation instructors under Guro Jun.


    Jack A. Latorre
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    I am not saying it was not intentional and it may well be tongue in cheek as well. My point is that it does not look as real is it could. To me, there are differences in developing a promotional video for your art and for your school when compared to doing a fight scene for a blockbuster movie. In one, I expect realism, and the other I don't. It was simply an observation. Take it, leave it, do what you want with it.

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