Kawayan, Sikit, Likay

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    "The student is taught to be elastic in their actions and can use an evading, twisting long style sometimes referred to as ‘bamboo’ or 'Kawayan'. They can use the more forceful ‘breaking’ or ‘sikit’ style where the emphasis is upon the distance of the empty hand to be able to touch the opponent’s shoulder, or they can use the low, tight, bobbing and weaving styled movements sometimes called 'Likay' or 'Lahay'."

    I think I've gotten an answer to this question before but always forget what it's referring to.

    Kawayan - I can imagine this to be the twisting and evading type of flavor like when parrying thrusts.
    Likay - This to be like a 'boxing' type of flavor. Bobbing, weaving, slipping...

    Sikit - What is meant by this? It is always defined as 'breaking' and such and to be the flavor of T Maranga.

    What is meant by 'breaking'? Also, as always mentioned, the emphasis is on 'the left hand being close to the other's shoulder'? Is this just talking about the 'pushing', or something?
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    Sikit is a Cebuano term that means on a very close distance. From trapping or elbow range to a grappling range.

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