Karaoke Killings in The Philippines Over Frank Sinatra's "My Way".

Discussion in 'General' started by arnisador, Feb 7, 2010.

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    Sinatra Song Often Strikes Deadly Chord

  2. Muad Dib

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    Now THAT is strange!!

    "Mack the Knife" I could see....
  3. arnisador

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    Heh, that's exactly what I expected it to be too!
  4. Darrin Cook

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    My Way

    I've seen the article in several places, and I've heard it talked about in the Philippines.

    The article doesn't mention, though, what I've heard Filipinos say... The song opens with the words "So now, the end is near." Filipinos take that as bad luck and a possible omen of death.

    The song is a favorite of Cebu City mayor Thomas Osmena. Because he's the mayor, and a bully, people are careful not to sing the song when he's there, but to leave it for him.
  5. Carol

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    And now....the end is near *sharpens knife*

    And so I face....the final curtain *grabs heavy stickl*

    My friend, I'll say it clear, I'll state of which I'm certain *raises stick for overhead strike*

    I've lived a life that's full *pantomime pumping bad guy full of lead*

    I've traveled each and every highway *assumes defensive posture*

    And now *loads magazine*

    Much more than this *chambers load*

    I did it.... *aims*


    Yes I'm a sick kid. Just trying to put that music degree to good use :D
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