"KARAMBIT" SEMINAR DALAWA with Kuya Doug Marcaida " The Feral Claw Blade"

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    Karambit " Feral Claw Blade" Seminar Dalawa part II with Kuya Doug Marcaida

    The karambit is a curved blade found in most Indonesia,
    Malaysia and southern Phillippines. This workshop will continue the focus on the attributes
    of this curved blade puncturing, hooking, and lacerating techniques from
    traditional fixed karambits to the modern interpretation of tactical folding
    karambits. Karambit techniques presented will be the "Exclamation POINT!" at the end of what you already know.

    I am pleased and honored to be the host of Kuya Doug's second Karambit Seminar. Being a participant of the first " Feral Claw Blade" seminar via Anthony Pelliccano of Nova Kali, I was not only left with great modern karambit techniques but also a sense of camaraderie with all who attended as well as our new found brothers Tommy Dillalo of V-force and Jon Leabo of Keysi Fighting Methods who hosted the event. Kuya Doug's enthusiasm for the Filipino Martial Arts is contagious! Whatever your style or choice of Filipino Martial Arts come attend and be part of the propagation of Kali.

    You can see what will be taught on youtube under Kalisong1 channel or

    Where: Apolo's Martial Arts
    Location: Gambrills.md
    When: June 26th Sat. and June 27th Sun.
    Time: 10am-3pm

    A free genuine Filipino Karambit trainer will be offered to all participants!
    Those who sign up for two days are invited to a special Kali class Friday
    evening also led by Kuya Doug!
    All who participate will have FUN!!

    ALAN SANIDAD 443-520-3268
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    I think i'm going to have to go to that one for sure. I have some but limited experience with the Karambit. Is that going to be a OK or is this for people who went to the first seminar to build upon? I don't want to be the guy dragging everyone down...

    Also, is there a flyer? I have some friends I would like to give a heads up to...

    Thanks Alan!

  3. JohnJ

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    This event is a must for any martial artist regardless of style! I encouraged many of my peers to attend his first seminar on Long Island. And those who attended was not only impressed with Doug's knowledge and innovative training methods, they left with even a greater understanding of what drives combat functionality...principles. IMO, one trait stands out that sets Doug apart from many of the now commercialized instructors & systems, it is called integrity. And along with his passion for the FMA, he will continue to move forward to the forefront without the need for marketing B.S.

    With a Baltimore event in line, I have already encouraged my students to attend, confident that they will enhance both their mental and physical skillsets.

    Your in the Arts,

    John G. Jacobo
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    Kuya Doug Karambit Seminar - RECOMMENDATION!

    I have had the honor and privilage of training with Kuya Doug at my gym last month during his Karambit seminar. I have trained with several GREAT instructors in FMA and I know talent when I see it.

    You need someone who not only knows how to fight, there are a MILLION people out there who can do that. You need someone who can show you how to with simplicity and effectiveness like Kuya Doug has done.

    He has broken down not only the Karambit to a simplified but devistating craft, but that also goes for his stick and blade work as well.

    You will also leave this seminar with history of the blade as well as a fun filled day.

    I am well know in the MA community and people know I do not put my stamp of approval on many things, but I do with Kuya Doug.

    If you have the opportunity then get to this seminar. I myself am looking forward to his return for fixed blade and stick work.



    Tommy DiLallo
    Master Chief Instructor
    V-Force Scientific Fighting Concepts (XTREME)
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    Hey Tommy! Your stamp of approval is backed by many who have come across Kuya Doug, especially within the brotherhood. The fact he has trained with the best and has put the art through careful analysis through countless hours within the past 20 years gives all the reason to learn from him. He doesn't tell you what to think but how to think as a Kali practitioner. At the end of day, training with Kuya is always a fun, interactive, and a cultural experience!!

    Check this Video out and sample what the seminar will be all about!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPo9wvOXxgc

    Where: Apolo's Martial Arts
    Location: 750 Md route 3 (crain highway) gambrills Md 21054
    When: June 26th Saturday June 27th Sunday

    70 dollars for one day
    130 dollars for two days( sign up for two days and automatically be rsvp for a special instructor kali class Friday Night led by Kuya Doug)
    PLus a free Geniune Filipino Karambit trainer offered to all who join!
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  8. nynja_alan

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    Alright everyone the seminar is creeping up JUne 26th and 27th. REmenber sign up for 2 days ( 130 dollARS), you are automatically invited for our special Kali class Friday night June 25th from 6:30-10pm led by Kuya Doug. He will be covering empty hand techniques based on the angles of the Blade. Take a look at this video and see what the hype is About!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kkymDCo6C4. Please call 443 520 3268.
  9. JohnJ

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    The empty-hand class alone will be an awesome display of the correlation between using an edge weapon and using your hands, arms and elbows AS AN edge weapon. Wish I could join my friend Doug on this one. I know those in attendance will enjoy Doug's personal approach.

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