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    Hey guys,

    I have a question for all the forum members who are more experienced than myself with swords of the Philippines. I am thinking about buying this kampilan from a shop in Australia, as I like the price and the look of the thing. But does it appear to be traditionally made, like the shape of the blade, and the hilt design etc? The length of the blade is about 21.25 inches, not including the handle. Is this length considered traditional?


    Kind regards,

    Jeremy Hagop
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  3. Nice site. Thanks for sharing.

    The size of that blade does look really small to me (by some 6 - 12"). The Kampilan looks good though.

    There's some really knowledgable people on this forum so hopefully they'll help you out.
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    Ron Kosakowski is very knowledgeable about Filipino bladed weapons... Maybe he could help, if he still posts here... I do see him on MySpace though...
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    Hi guys,

    I have considered Ron's weaponry but I have read negative issues on this forum concerning his kampilans handle being incorrect, not to mention other negative issues concerning the information he has provided on his website regarding the naming of blades etc.. Besides, the kampilan I found from this Australian vendor is cheaper also, costing me about $200AUD. And I also dont have to worry about customs issues, all I really wanted to know is if there is anything wrong with the kampilan on the website I have provided?

    Kind regards,

    Jeremy Hagop
  7. IMO it's too short.

    I am not an expert but believe the Kampilan to be a two-hand weapon. The book "Moro Swords" says they are typically "35" to 40" long - but that book has also been called into question!

    I enjoy using my aluminum training Kampilan to develop the body suppliness and torque required to use such a long weapon.

    If the Kampilan was 30" total length I wouldn't be able to use it this way and there are many other one-handed swordsto use instead.

    You are right about the customs. In the 40+ Countries that I have sent to (Greece being the worst!) Australia ranks among the strictest - even for blunt steel weapons. So IMO buying a "live" sword inside the country makes sense.
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    It is used with 1 and 2 hands....When I trained Kampilan with Yuli Romo he taught the methodology with 1 and 2 hands..2 predominantly but the 1 hand usage was there especially in transition movements.
  9. Thanks Mike.

    I was thinking more of the downward and upward cleaving motions to take advantage of the Kampilan's edge and "Crocodile" blade.

    There is a video of GM Yuli on youtube doing some things one handed away from transition with it but this requires shoulder, spine and hip co-ordination IMO.

    All of these things (the nice 2-handed cleaving strikes, having to really work the body with the sword) you are not going to be able work with a 30" weapon. And anyway, wouldn't the 45 degree angle be all wrong if it's that length?

    Just a thought. Looks nice though and looks like a live one I saw recently.

    ooohhh the typhoon has just hit Metro Manila. Better go and hope the 'leccy holds out...:(

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