Kamagong Walking Sticks

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  1. Terry Kennedy

    Terry Kennedy New Member

    Any news on the next batch yet? regards Terry.
  2. Scheduled for delivery on Thursday.

    I didn't post up as this is the Philippines and anything can and will happen in the mean time!

  3. Globetrotter

    Globetrotter New Member

    I would be interested in a kamakong walking stick, doesnt need to be carved on the top.
    Just straight and long maybe 60", can be very simple.

    Thanks Tony
  4. We won't be able to supply Kamagong walking sticks until around October and given our new location (Taiwan) we will not be able to meet ad-hoc orders. Did you mean 60" there btw? That is a long piece of Kamagong.....
  5. Globetrotter

    Globetrotter New Member

    Yes still looking for walking stick 60 " long. Do you think it's possible now?
  6. Hi Globetrotter,

    This would be extremely difficult if we were currently residing in the Philippines as you're talking about a 5ft piece of Kamagong which is rare. However, now we are returning to pick up stock every few months I'm afraid we can only sell standard sizes.

    All the best,

  7. Globetrotter

    Globetrotter New Member

    Hi Simon
    So the longest standard size is 37"? I would be interested.

    Thanks Tony

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