Kamagong Training Equipment For Sale

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  1. Just taken delivery of a few pieces :)


    Apart from the Kerambits as you can see they're "Grade A" Black Kamagong. The kerambits are "Tigre" which is Class B.

    Prices for FMA Forum members are as follows:

    Pair Kerambits = $40
    Pair 27" Pinuti Swords = $80
    29" Sansibar Sword = $50

    All prices include shipping - wherever you are in the world :)
  2. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    They look very nice. My personal preference is to have metal trainers over wooden though.
  3. I hear you Brock. We actually use wood a shade more as it's better for disarms than the metal ones. The wood is usually Tanguile or Sampalok (citrus) as they're more durable than kamagong but kamagong is closer to the weight of the sword I guess.

  4. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    Bro, your craftsmanship is very nice! I wish you luck with these. I will send people your way.
  5. Thanks very much Ron, it's appreciated :)

    I can't take any credit for the craftmanship. The kamagong is done by a master craftsman / FMA Master who will remain nameless for business reasons and the knives above are designed by my GM Yuli Romo and made by his bother, also a master.

    Best of luck with your business too,

  6. Ron Kosakowski

    Ron Kosakowski New Member

    Ok, they are nice though. They are definately done by a good craftsan1 Thank yuo for the good wishes in business and the same to you man!
  7. Kamagong Ginunting

    After the amount of interest in the metal variety I have just got some Kamagong Ginunting in stock to sell. Check them out - prices about the same as the other Kamagong swords I posted earlier. PM for more details.



  8. GuroJeff

    GuroJeff New Member

    I recently bought a pair of the kagong karambit trainers and I'm very pleased with them. The craftsmanship is indeed beautiful. The price was very reasonable especially when you consider shipping was free! It took them a couple of weeks to get here but they were well worth the wait. Highly recommended.

  9. Thanks Guro Jeff. Glad you liked the items :)
  10. LRC

    LRC New Member

    I bougth one of the Kamagong ginuntings a fiew weeks ago, sure is a great trainingsword. Got it together with ao. an aluminium ginunting which is the nicest looking metaltrainer I have ever had my hands on!
    Will for sure get back to Simon for more equipment later.

  11. Wow! To get praise from as far away as Norway makes me very happy indeed :)

    I am very glad you liked the equipment Lars and welcome to FMAtalk as well.

  12. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    I have one of Simon's aluminium Ginunting trainers and it's one of my 2 favorite trainers. (The custom Matulis that Bill Bednarick made for me being the other) I've also gotten some other trainers and sticks that are top notch as well. Simon's fast becoming my main weapon supplier.

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