kalista....is it really from the FMA???

Discussion in 'Misc. Knife Arts' started by Waltyr, May 29, 2006.

  1. Waltyr

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    I was looking through a law enforcement supply catalog (www.blackhawk.com) and they had several knives for sale and one of them was titled the 'Kalista'. Within the description it stated that it was "...inspired by the traditional FMA of kali..." etc.
    Now, to me the blade looks nothing like any of the FMA blades that I've encountered, though I have to say that I haven't seen ALL of the FMA blades from all regions and styles. Can anyone tell me whether or not it looks like any FMA blade that they are aware of, or is this company just marketing it as such to increase sales?? Below is the site if you wish to take a look:

  2. arnisador

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    I don't know! The "inspired by" makes me suspect it's a new design and an old marketing ploy, though. I don't recognize the design.
  3. Tarot

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    If you look at these knives, I think it could be an example of where the influence came from. Specifically the Jungle knife (which is my knife! :) ). This is just a guess on my part though!
  4. Brian R. VanCise

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    Hey Walter,

    I think it was probably designed off of Tarot's jungle knife. They look a little alike in some ways. I thought that the momemnt I saw your link. Looks like someone is just using a marketing ploy to sell their product. (However, there may be a hint of truth) :)

    Brian R. VanCise
  5. monkey

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    When I was with my teachers in Modern arnis.
    We had the following blades & one of my teachers was pictured with the
    full set. I use the ** to seperate each blade!

    Blades are
    gunong **kalis** barong **kompilan** gayang** janap

    banjal **pinsaivali **susawat** laring** punal** kriss

    pira** utak** panabas** bangkon** binakoko

    lahot** kangbantuli **& the balisong which veried in size from 1"

    to aprox 3' blade thats fully functional.This can be seen on one of my
    teachers videos the balisong.He wrote many books & 1 of which shows him & his dad & him & the full set of wepons. http://www.cfwenterprises.com/article.asp?s=cfw&content_id=3229
  6. arnisador

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    I can see the resemblance...but, it's not so distinctive a model that I mightn't say that about other blades, from other cultures. It would be interesting to hear from the designer.

    Probably a good way to look at it!

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