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Discussion in 'Kali Ilustrisimo' started by leedad, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. sneaky

    sneaky New Member

    Hi gagi,

    I am not looking for any argument, I just made a comment I thought was pretty innoccous paying respect to the head of the system this forum is dedicated too and dont see why I was singled out?

    I sent Mr Jacobo a PM outlining my experiences in KI in a friendly way,but IMHO his post directed towards me seems to put in doubt what I posted in my original comment, I would really prefer to avoid an argument but he called me out as it were, my PM answers his question and in the interest of promoting KI as a whole and not factionalising those who practise it in its varied forms I will keep what I sent him between us.

    GM Tony is the head of the system fullstop, have I done something wrong saying that?


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  2. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    Easy fellas...it's just discussion. Let us keep it civil. Yes Mang Tony is the heir to Tatangs work, and heck yes he is a valuable treasure for ALL of fma..as are all the 5. Let just be glad we have their knowledge to build on, to grow with and to revere. After all it is the fuel that fires our passion and devotion for KA'LI Ilustrisimo.

    "let us walk higher than expected with a gate of eloquence" ~MOI

    PG Michael B
    Bahad ZuBu KA'LI Ilustrisimo
    Western HQ

    Simplicity with intent
  3. JohnJ

    JohnJ Senior Member


    I was sending you a reply to your PM but upon stumbling on these posts, I decided to address them first.

    Confrontational??? I asked a simple question and highlighted it because your comment was one of the only posts that remained on the topic of KIRO. Your comment on KIRO "as the way to go for original Tatangs teachings" brought out my question. It is that simple...how was your opinion based? Were you fortunate to experience the teaching methods via Tatangs other disciples that helped you establish a comparison and come to the conlusion of "original". I think it is an honest and fair question.

    Not at all. Read above.

    Simple. The original poster did not post anything that would warrant a question. He simply started a thread on why KIRO was not discussed. I left it for those who had that experience.

    Neither do I so why have you taken my question to heart? It was a valid question. When someone suggests somthing, a normal response is "why"?
    For some readers/viewers personal experiences are helpul.

    No offense taken. Read my f/u post above.

    Wonderful! Re: "pillars", this is exactly why I posted. The topic of "pillars" was drawn out again and before readers new to the thread were mislead, I offered the simple explanation. It seems too many people overlook the fact that GM Tony WAS among the "pillars" because he was the heir so as you can see, his position was never in question...not before and not now. Bare in mind, other students who were founders or affiliated with Bakbakan were first to defend/support GM Tony, when some individuals wanted to claim or question it.

    You may want to reflect on your tone as it is your posts that seem to surface in a fashion that is confronting.

    You seem very defensive...no one including myself insinuated anything about your post. Additionally, no one ever questioned GM Tony's position. You are the only one that feels the need to defend for no obvious reason.
    Hope this clarifies!

  4. JohnJ

    JohnJ Senior Member

    Jim, whether you or anyone else...I would have questioned the post in the same UNconfrontational manner.

    You could have easily posted your PM response. If anything, it would have prevented your rather defensive posts and now my replies. You state your interest lies in promoting KI as a whole and NOT factionalizing BUT your suggestion as "KIRO being the way to go" contradicts this statement. To promote an art as a whole is to encourage ANY means of training with ANYONE qualified to teach the art in its entirety, as a sub-system or through personal development.

    There is no doubt that KI has evolved into personal interpretations and more. And it is through evolution that the old ways are improved on. Bare in mind, I am merely speaking of training methodologies. The manner in which progression is easier to measure and principles are relayed. This allows the student/practitioners to experience the combat functions as it applies to modern times.

    Hope this further clarifies!

  5. sneaky

    sneaky New Member

    Hi John,

    If I jumped the gun as it were I appologise.

    I took the highlighted text as yelling as it was in bold type, my mistake the written word is easy to take out of context without body language to read or tone to clarify.

    I am here to learn more about KI and made what I thought was a harmless post showing respect, I am happy to move on and upwards from here.

    Thanks and all the best,

  6. jus_dann

    jus_dann New Member

    ........and I`m just happy to have had learned any KI at all.

    it has firmed my foundation in FMA (or MA in general);truely changed my veiws and thoughts as a whole
  7. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    There is also a KIRO group in Canada directed by Josh Woods and Kevin Haaland.
  8. Makata

    Makata New Member

    +1, 1000%. Personally, I give love , honor and respect to all practicioners of Tatang's Art, from all the branches and Pillars, no matter who they train under...unless I myself am openly disrespected by that person (for what reason, I haven't a clue! It's happened before--and it baffles and saddens me) . As far as I am concerned: Mabuhay ang KI! Mabuhay ang Mandirigma! And let all the warrior flowers from Tatang's soil blossom, spread, and grow! :)

    Lester Salvador, Bakbakan International/Ilustrisimo USA
  9. Black Grass

    Black Grass Junior Member

    Josh told me that Tommy Dy has moved to Vancouver. Vince aka Black Grass
  10. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    Good news to the Canadian FMAers.
  11. Twist

    Twist Junior Member

    Afaik Tom is back in Manila atm.

    RETIRADA New Member

    Tom Dy Tang

    An opportunity to learn from him should not be missed.
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  13. Djay

    Djay Guest

    I have had the chance to train with both Josh and Kevin. They are both very welcoming and generous in sharing their knowledge of KI. They are both great resources as both spent good time training with Mang Tony and the rest of the Binondo group. More recently, Russell (another student of Mang Tony's) has moved to Canada. BC is a hotbed for KI activity!

    RETIRADA New Member

    I agree, the Vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada is fast becoming the hotbed of KI in this province due the presence of Kevin, Josh and Russell.

    When Tom Dy Tang visited in 2008, he conducted classes in Vancouver for both the KIOR group and the Ikatan Kali (Ilustrisimo) club.

    Manong Norman Suanico has also conducted 3 KI seminars here for the Ikatan club.

    The late Edgar Sulite has also conducted a seminar here.

    Miguel Zubiri has also presented the art here in the mid-1990's.


  15. eome

    eome Junior Member

    There are more gentlemen to share their wisdom regarding KI in BC right now. Good news.

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