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    I haven't seen any posts regarding Kalis Ilustrisimo Repeticion Orihinal, our school only uses the original teaching passed down from tatang to grandmaster Tony Diego. Shamim Haque is the director in the UK and Ireland.

    if you live in London, we have classes held on Tuesdays nights from 8 to onwards.

    if anybody would like to know more
    Please get in touch


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  2. arnisador

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    What's been added by the other groups?
  3. Raul

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    Good question arnisador!
  4. sneaky

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    If anyone is looking for the art as taught by Tatang KIRO is the way to go in my opinion, GM Diego is a trully valuable source of Tatangs knowlege and a humble gentleman.

    With respect,


    Floro fighting systems.
  5. Twist

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  6. Black Grass

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    Whats been added to the Ilustrisimo

    Arnisador asked what has been added by the other groups, I think its more appripo to say what is difference between Kalis Ilustrisimo Repeticion Orhinal (GM Tony Deigo), because everyone has added to what Tatang orginally taught. I am speaking about drills and training methods.

    As for added techniques:

    Master Rey Galang - Bakbakan Kali (Ilustrisimo)
    - Sinawali from pampanga
    - Yambao Espada y Daga

    Master Topher Ricketts - Kali Ilustrisimo
    - nothing

    aka Black Grass
    Kali Ilustrisimo
    Bakbakan Kali
  7. Twist

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    If I'm not mistaken, Master Topher was head of Bakbakan Manila (well.. Makati), right? Did he teach a different curriculum from R. Galangs? Or did he teach the same and later chose to "go back to the roots" ? And what about the Sagasa? I thought that was kind of Mang Tophers baby?

    Hope you can clarify that for me as I'm really interested and would love to meet Master Topher some day - and his son !
  8. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

    Mang Topher did build the Sagasa and is also a seasoned practitioner of NGO Chor under the teachings of Alex CO. Mang Diego also had a very strong background in Balintawak as did Maestro Yuli. They all studied under Tatang and learned the system, but it would be a false statement to say that everything they do is pure 100% Tatang. They are all individual great martial artists and had other influences, just as Tatang had other influences other than his immediate system that he learned from his family. Master Yuli conveyed to me that Tangs ways were solid and based on functionality, he told me that Tang had his family system but had also ways from other people he had learned from, people we may not have ever heard of, people who were not teachers persay. Let us be straight up here. Tang was an adventurer, a seaman, he put in a lot of time in a lot of ports and got into a boat load of shite in many of them. If one thinks he didn't have compadres who were bad asses them selves that he may have learned a thing or two from then I would say you don't know much of the world. A true martialist will pick up something valuable from a rock if he can detract the knowledge from it. This will definitely show up in the tool box somewhere.

    I find it refreshing that all the 5 had a different interpretation of Tangs work and built their own ways from said knowledge. This shows true growth and understanding not just mimicry.

    Let's keep this thread peaceful and straight forward...it can definitely turn just by the content and the questions asked. No need for BS gentleman we are all family in Ilustrisimo no matter who the teacher. We do Tatang and our Teachers a disservice if we battle between ourselves. Folks we have a treasure trove of gold at our feet from the remaining pillars of Ilustrisimo and the students of Mang Edgar....let us rejoince in this fact and build brotherhods. Let us work with each other and truly promote the Ilustrismo ways and the ways of our teachers. I for one am willing to work with anyone and encourage all of us to build. We are the future of Tangs work in it's many forms, it is up to us to pass it on and to see that our teachers ways are continued. Salamat

    PG Michael Blackgrave
    BaHad Zu'Bu KA'LI Ilustrisimo
    Western HQ SATX

    PS. Twist, I spoke with Mang Topher only yesterday. I will be heading to San Diego to train with him as well. Master Yuli was adamant about me working with Mang Topher. Also on my next Las Pinas trip I will be putting in time with Mang Diego as well and hopefully Mang Gelang down the road. I would have loved to train with Mang Edgar but I do plan on hooking up with Guru Gould at some point. I find it extremely important to train with all of them...in this way I feel I can truly grasp Ilustrisimo in it's many forms.
  9. Black Grass

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    Master Tups is the head of Bakbakan International and is the chief instructor, however Master Rey has been the spearhead in spreading Bakbakan.

    Master Rey and Master Topher do teach different curriculum. Master Tups method resembles Master Tony's (from what I have seen and heard, I have never trained with Master Tony). Master Rey's method is more broken down and also uses different terminology kinda similar to PG Edgar's Lameco (e.g. pre-defined striking combinations)

    Sagasa is Master Topher's baby, we use the series to develop our Ilustrisimo footwork.

    aka Black Grass
    Kali Ilustrisimo
    Bakbakan Kali
  10. arnisador

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    Yes, I suppose that makes sense! Everyone learns something else that they like. I suppose someone has probably subtracted something the don't like as well! But it sounds as though the major players are largely sticking with the basic philosophy and techniques.
  11. Twist

    Twist Junior Member

    I certainly think/hope that wont happen - I think Tatang did the best possible thing naming his pillars with their own interpretations of his art instead of demanding that they all follow ONE sole heir of his art... that just leads to a lot of trouble.

    I think theres nobody denying that there are differences between those pillars / longtime-students of Tatang - and thats a good thing in my book ;)

    I was fortunate enough to meet some of them.. and hope to meet the others as well ! Its always a pleasure and a "personal enrichment" (? - if that sounds wrong, its because I dont know how to say what I want to say in English) to meet these extraordinary people.

    Damn, dont make me jealous.. I'm working my a** off so I can move to south-east-asia on a longtime-basis ... didnt have much time for anything since I got back from the Philippines.. but if thats the price I've to pay thats fine with me.

    Ps: Thanks for your reply, Black Grass .. all questions answered ;)
  12. Black Grass

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  13. PG Michael B

    PG Michael B Oso Grande

  14. Twist

    Twist Junior Member

    Yes, he is the heir of Tatangs style. But I think in naming the other pillars, knowing they have their own interpretations of the style, it was made possible for them to coexist without too much trouble - even though they teach different from Mang Tony. ;)
  15. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    When I hear the word five pillars, I see it as five different styles/ methods/systems from the five members of a group. But its erroneous to assume that tatang taught only a single group. There were students of tatang not known to this group and vice versa. There were also students who doesn't belong to any group.
  16. eome

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    Well said raul, i agree with. im not much in mentioning the 5 pillars plainly because there are more practitioners on the side who are unsung.others had passed and others are still with us. could be the pillars or no pillars at all,just the same.all had been under the gran maestros wing.
  17. JohnJ

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    Just chiming in because the label "5 pillars" has been discussed so many times on different forums and readers continue to misunderstand it. As it was shared to me, the term surfaced by one of the so-called "5 pillars" as a means to establish a distinction between KI practitioners exclusively and those who chose to promote the art through other means. These so-called "pillars" were also well seasoned martial artists/instrutors in other areas and were responsible for sharing the art on a global scale, so to speak. This is it!

    It has never been said that these so-called "pillars" which btw...includes GM Tony were the extent of Tatang disciples. It is obvious that there are many other loyal and skilled practitioners of KI who were direct disciples such as Romy Macapagal, Pedro Reyes and Robert Morales to name a few as well as a host of 2nd generation players.

    I too have to admit that the reference (5 pillars) has been played out but can understand the non-malice purpose of it.

    In going back to the original thread title, my question goes to Jim of FFS:

    Can you please share your first hand experiences in the Ilustrisimo system as taught by Tatang via Mang Tony (KIRO) vs. say Mang Topher(KI) or Mang Yuli (pre-Bahad)? Just curious as to how your opinion was established.
  18. sneaky

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    Hi John,

    PM inbound.


  19. sneaky

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    Hi John,

    Upon reading your post again it strikes me as rather confrontational.

    Are you suggesting that my opinion is not as valid as anyone else?

    Why havent you asked the original poster of this thread what their experience is based on?

    I have no interest in being drawn into yet another "us Vs them" style discussion, I have studied KI from an instructor who recieved his instructor status from the head of the system, is that good enough for you?

    What is that the reason you chose to single me out to validate my opinion? I dont see where I put anyone down or offended any delicate sensibilities?

    I study for my own advancement not to align myself with anyone, I could care less who is a pillar or not, GM Diego is the head of the system as per Tatangs wishes, do you know better? I havent thrown any mud at any instructor here, I am sure all can teach Tatangs art , all I am saying is GM diego is the chosen hier and a valuable source to all FMA students , I hope that covers everything.


  20. gagimilo

    gagimilo Member

    Hmmm, I must say I did not find John's post as challenging in the sense you were seeing. I would not like to see some unnecessary arguments here, which would only lead us astray from the informative and friendly conversation, like it happened before with the Pekiti section...

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