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  1. phfman

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    Does anyone know where I can still buy traditional Kali vests? I & I Sports no longer sells them, Superior Martial Arts supplies have to be custom made and there was one other site that carried the same ones as I & I so they can't get them. I see a lot of FMA's wearing them. Where are you getting them?
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  2. I might be able to help you - please check your PM ;)

    We are going to be making our own vests in-house from the start of the new year.

    Best wishes,

  3. Phil Mar Nadela

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    John Sir,

    I just odered vests from Kuya simon a week ago for myself and 2 other students (one for a 8 year old!).

    I will try to post pics when i recieve them. And maybe make a review.[​IMG]

  4. yomitche

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    I'm interested in a Kali vest also! I would like to get ordering info too!
  5. Ron Kosakowski

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    Simon...when you have these ready, send me the link so i can see what you have. I may be interested in it to get students prepared for fighting with out it. You got my curiosity here.
  6. Will do. We are also looking at changing the design slightly to make it a bit less bulky.

    All the best,


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