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    With Kali Tudo-4 coming out in a few weeks, I’ve run the rough edit by several DBMA instructors for feedback. Naturally the conversation on the DBMA Association’s forum has focused on Kali Tudo. In that the content of the upcoming KT-4 has been available within the Assn for a while now (“Hey! Wait a minute! You’re saying if I want to get KT-4 I won’t have to buy the download if I am a member of the Ass’n?” Why yes I am , , ,) the conversation there has been rather well informed.

    One of the things that came up is that Kali Tudo’s combinations are done with a distinctive, driving intent with additional angles and rhythms and this means that even a seasoned pad/mitt holder founded in boxing and/or Muay Thai with have to learn ways of feeding that are unfamiliar to him.

    So my backyard class today focused exactly on that, with particular emphasis on the structure we call “the Dracula Blitz”.

    The Adventure continues!
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    Today's class began with integrating an idea from a 15th century Italian empty hand expression of espada y daga to which I was exposed during sidebar interaction with Marco _______ at the recent Stickmata Immersion hosted by Mahipal Lunia in the Bay Area.

    We then identified the basic responses to a TMG Trigg 101 blitz and the particular responses for each one, and showed where the interesting Italian idea fit in.

    Final section of the class was on focus mitt work for Kali Tudo. Recent discussion on the DBMA Ass'n made it clear to me that there was hunger for this.

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