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    Yes you have, however i"ve noticed that your styles and the styles you have practiced with in the past are more modern variations of kali with a lot of major modifications in them such as inosantao kali which gets its empty hands mostly from boxing and silat rather than the fma itself.

    I like your way of thinking and trying to take kali away from the mcdojo life like many karate and taekwondo studios have done.

    But what mostly concerns me is how effective the empty fma hands are and how it is compared to martial arts like silat or muay thai.

    to save time for you to read this comment, I"ve posted a link here to let you know where i'm coming from

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    "inosantao kali which gets its empty hands mostly from boxing and silat rather than the fma itself."

    Though I am a very poor student in these things, I would quibble with your articulation here. FWIW IMHO Guro Inosanto's Lacoste-Inosanto Kali is not mostly boxing and silat, though silat has its influence, it IS Kali as he received it from Manong Lacoste-- which has considerable Italian Espada y Daga in it (Inosanto is an Italian name by the way). With regard to boxing, some serious students of these things believe that there was considerable influence on boxing from FMA going back to the US colonization in the aftermath of the Spanish-American War and the introduction of boxing by the US Army-- which to practice the Filipinos had to drop much of their repertoire but influenced it with the panantukan movement. Some argue that the hook punch itself came from the Army boxing program's interactions with the Filipinos-- the old palms up style of the John L. Sullivan did not survive the knife based movements of the Filipinos. Certainly Filipino boxers such as Pancho Villa, Flash Elorde, Cerefino Garcia and others left their mark in the '20s and '30s.

    The Inosanto concept of the Majapahit Empire (GT Gaje of Pekiti Tirsia deserves credit here too) is worth noting-- the ME being southeast Asia and the notion being the the arts of the various parts of the ME had "common thread" with each other in a way that arts from outside SE Asia did not. Amongst these SE Asian Arts would be Krabi Krabong, Lerd Rit, and related arts-- which are the origin of the combat ring sport of Muay Thai.

    In other words, my assertion is that to the extent that "Kali Tudo" is not FMA, it is Majapahit Empire.

    IMHO the panantukan of Inosanto-Lacoste Kali IS formidable. The reason so few have really grasped this is a blend of the following:

    a) Once people have boxing as their striking foundation, it can be fiendishly challenging to morph into panantukan;
    b) people will do in the adrenal state what they have tested in the adrenal state and most people have not adrenalized their FMA skills with or without weapons;
    c) fighting single stick is not necessarily a sufficient adrenal base for panantukan. IMHO double stick is much, much better-- at least in my experience.
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    I wouldn't hold dan inosantao credible to speak about Filipino history, when hes more american than Filipino. Not to mention that some of the things he says about the history of fma isn't true and in some cases, offensive.
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    Well, some of the things that dan has said of what influence fma isn't all that true. An example is in this video I saw back in youtube of him explaining that mexico has an influence on fma which I call complete bs. Its like me saying that dmog/buno has a major influence on Brazillian ju jitsu.
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    The notion is that Spain's only major port on the west coast of Latin America was Acapulco (and a fine harbor it is!) and that Mexican sailors wound in the the RP? By all means feel free to disagree, but why is this idea "offensive"?
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    Though missing in a number of important variables, here is a basic use of the Dracula being used with some success. Perhaps my years of advocacy are beginning to take root!
    PS: We are having an in depth discussion on the DBMA Association of what he did right and what he could do differently to improve his results to a more definitive win.
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    In DBMA we step through instead of shuffle stepping a lot. I know that some people doubt this because they do not see it much in modern boxing. Perhaps this clip will help them reconsider:

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    Here is a bit more on the historical context:

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    Another excerpt from the KT 4 Vid Lessons:

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    Today I had my first roll in what I am guessing is about five years.

    I had gotten off the mat due to my snapped ligament in my left shoulder and then the osteoarthritis in my right hip and my triple hernia.

    With my hip replacement eleven months in the rear view mirror and my hernia surgery about four to give months behind me yesterday I wandered over to the Blackhouse School on Artesia Blvd in Redondo Beach in search of finding someone to work with me and keep me safe from injury.

    MMA wrestling coach and friend Kenny Johnson (and guest instructor on "Kali Tudo 3") was there and introduced me to pro MMA fighter Drake Bowen.

    Today was my first session-- a wonderful time!

    Drake kept me safe and gave me honest feedback on my Kali Tudo ideas.

    Look out! The old dog has more Adventure in him!
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    The triple hernia caught me by surprise. I was training well coming out of the hip replacement (the doc and physical therapists said I was doing unusually well), and then about five months out one and then two bulges appeared in my inguinal crease.

    At first I thought it was swelling somehow due to the hip replacement but , , , weird , , , I could push the swelling back in (my intestine was starting to bulge through?!). My chiro said I had hernia.

    In this moment I confess to being thoroughly freaked out. My hip doc had told me "You CAN fk this up. Don't fk this up." and I had taken this to heart and trained in a calm, sensible way so the idea that I had gotten so fragile that even that level of training could give me hernias was quite disconcerting. My family doc, who had given me an outstanding recommendation for my hip doc recommended a particular surgeon. I liked her a lot and scheduled surgery as promptly as possible.

    AMAZING technology! Tiny incisions, camera on the end of a cable, little robot arms to put velcro patches over the hernia, with the muscle then becoming one with the velcro patch over time.

    VERY fragile coming out of the surgery (turns out it was a triple hernia!!)

    "Don't pick up anything over ten pounds for the next ten days"

    Well, the cat was twelve pounds so he was out of luck.

    At my two week follow up with the surgeon I told her how depressed I was that even my mellow level of training had led to the hernias.

    "You've had them for years."

    "What?!? How can you tell?"

    "From the extent of the scar tissue. You just had them extend a bit further."

    This lifted quite a load off my mind! Indeed, it explained certain limitations that I had been unable to transcend.

    The surgeon's advice was "Exercise to tolerance." Well said!

    And so I have. With the hip replaced and the hernias repaired I have a sense of two weak links having been solved and am moving in ways that I have not for many years. Very exciting!

    Though the natural atrophy due to the hernia surgery synergized in a bad way with my residual remaining issues from my hip replacement and set me back considerably from where I otherwise would have been by now, I must say the recovery from the hernia has been remarkably smooth and I must say with my hip I am now back to where I was when the hernia manifested.

    I can sit cross legged (many years since that has been the case!) and on the treadmill can walk over four MPH.

    Still not quite ready to resume my sprints though.

    The Adventure continues!
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    IMHO in Life we sometimes are presented with a choice. One of the choices is to say "I'm worth it."

    In my case I would not want to be on a general mat. I want someone of skill and temperament to engage playfully with my explorations and to help me rediscover how to move, engage, and clean up my game-- five years off the mats leaves some rust!

    Drake has nine fights and is a BJJ BB.
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    I see that Pedro Munhoz will be fighting Garbrandt on March 2 UFC 235. I had the pleasure of sharing my Kali Tudo with Pedro for about one year, right before he won the RFA title and got invited to Team Blackhouse, and then got the call to the UFC. He's been doing well!

    BTW, in a moment of shameless marketing, may I mention that with his permission two hours of me training Pedro in "Kali Tudo" (r) is part of the DBMA Association's Vid-Lessons?

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    Held group class today over at the UFC Gym so we could use the mat there so I could prep for my Stick Grappling presentation at Stickmata Feb 22-24.

    Ran into my long time gym buddy Tony, who is Dolph Lungren's stunt double. (Dropping Tony's name in conversation with Dolph when he was there for a photo shoot is what opened the door for me for Dolph to offer to take those pictures of us together) Tony, with a similar sized frame (6'3- 235lb") and build to Dolph, is a seriously deadly guy with kick boxing skills as his foundation. So I ran by him my latest Kali Tudo ideas (Dracula Blitz, and blending it into Time Machine Game. Then we went into some anti-knife variations on the ground.

    Such people are invaluable for feedback!

    The Adventure continues!
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    Woof All:

    Just a quick yip to let everyone know that we are well along in editing "Kali Tudo 4".

    KT-4 is a major effort, with over 5 hours of well shot and edited footage, along with about 25 minutes of casually shot backyard footage.

    KT-4 brings 1-3 together.

    Stay tuned!

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