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    Will the vol. 4 be covering another specific "area" of sorts, or maybe offer updates on all of the other aspects, as previously covered in volumes 1-3?
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    Yes. LOL.

    As required when introducing a new concept, the foundations have been laid in KT 1-3 and now it is time to bring together the pieces into a higher and more functionalized understanding of the KT standing striking game. KT-4 will be building upon the previous material and adding some new material.
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    "I am a professional MMA fighter with a record of 8-0. Currently I am a member of the Black House team, a team which includes fighters such as Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida. I have been training "Kali Tudo" with Marc Denny for several months now and I can see a great difference in my fight strategy. I am finding a great ease in attacking my opponents in different angles and distances. I have also learned new ways of striking with which I was not familiar. They are working well for me and I train them daily, they help me more every day, and I look forward to using "Kali Tudo" in my next fight."

    Pedro Munhoz

    Also, see the fotos in post #16 at

    To give you an idea of his level, here is one of Pedro's fights before he began training with me:


    Here he is training with Lyoto Machida

    Here he speaks about Kali Tudo:

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    Pedro went to 9-0 last night. All I know at the moment is that he won with a guillotine.
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    Excerpted from a recent discussion on the DBMA Association forum http://dogbrothersgear.com/Memberships/DBMAA-1-Year-Membership.html

    Woof All:

    , , ,

    Recently I have developed a matrix for clinch that I rather like , , , a lot [​IMG].

    Some foundational concepts:

    a) It is easier to fight people from the side or, better yet, from behind than from in front;
    b) Achieving back is especially important in the DLO (Die Less Often) context and there is a distinct game for clinch when on someone's back;
    c) Given the nature of our skill set (e.g. our use of "the Dodger" with triangular footwork), we achieve back more than in most other methodologies;
    d) "the fight will be what the fight will be" so do not avoid learning frontal clinch as well;
    e) The criteria in frontal clinch for DLO are not identical to those of EH. For example, as I understand things (and this is not a strong area for me) Greco-Roman doctrine prefers underhooks to overhooks. For DLO things are not so simple e.g. if the adversary has a knife , , ,

    There is now a DBMA Back Clinch Game. It has eight basic positions (four left and four right). They are:

    , , ,

    Remember-- these are to be understood in the context of DLO criteria and need to be seen as a matrix. We need to be able to flow from one to the other as well as into DLO oriented continuations and resolutions.

    Guro Crafty
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    Pedro is fighting here in LA for the RFA title one week from today. I was over at Black House watching him spar today (very light, lots of protective gear) and he was looking very sharp. He had on some nice elbow pads and was really working his elbow game. Go Pedro!

    A bit of a fanboy moment for me when Lyoto came over to give me a fist bump between rounds :)
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    Woof All:

    One of the things I like best about teaching is when people come to me for private training. It is out of such training that much growth can occur for me as well.

    Recently I have developed a really nice progression that goes something like this:

    a) the seven basic strikes off of the roof block;
    b) a variation of Loop #1 from our DVD "The Bolo Game"
    c) that same loop done EH on focus mitts
    d) that same loop done KT

    This progression seems to work really well in developing genuine physical understanding of the bolo punch.

    With this, Dracula Fang, and the EH of the Kalimba Game in place we are ready for the high level KT version of the "Time Machine". With TM, we have not only a really crafty attacking game, we also have a really interesting game for countering the opponent who wants to shoot.

    The Adventure continues!
    Guro Crafty
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    Also note that what Fullmer does is a diminished version of the Filipino fighter Pancho Villa (same name as the Mexican revolutionary) used. PV's picture is on the wall of the Inosanto Academy.
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    The info to watch Pedro Munhoz fight for the RFA title this Friday is up at www.dogbrothers.com
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    1) Pedro won his RFA title fight! Congrats to the new Champ! Rumors of heading to the UFC are in the wind , , ,

    2) Pete "C-Smiling Dog" Juska fights MMA in 4 hours from now at http://www.supremepromotionschicago.com/watch-fight-live/ We are hoping to see some Kali Tudo out of him!
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    [h=5]I just spoke with Pete C-smiling Dog who successfully used his Kali Tudo tonight. We should have the whole fight in a few days. Pete's comment was that in the first round he was using some Dodger to Cross out of the Dracula Fang but the guy was getting some duck unders and that the latter half of the first round was tough for him. The footage you see here https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10201088038140897&set=vb.1166915475&type=2&theater is from the second round. Look closely and you will see that the guy is looking to drop under the Dracula Fang and eats a knee/shin to the face. Apparently he was dropped so hard that a stretcher was brought in and he was still on queer street thirty minutes later.[/h]
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    Some Kali Tudo at 00:55 to 01:10 as well as the KO in round two.

    I'd rather have seen a sprawl instead of pull to guard after the Dodger-Cross-Kick combo in round one but very nice to see him bringing the KT game to bear. He took a cut to the left eyelid later in the round, probably after he took that shot to the groin.

    Pete tells me his sense of things was that in Round Two the guy was weirded out by the Dracula Fang structure and sought to by pass it with a tackle-- with the results you see here.
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    [h=5]Went over to Blackhouse this morning and watched Lyoto (down to 185 for his fight with Mark Hunt and looking VERY sharp) and Glover T. spar for several rounds. What a treat! Chatted with Lyoto for a while after, then went off to my own workout.[/h]
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    I continue to work on Kali Tudo. Of late the focus has been on the bolo punch integration with the structures/games we call Dracula's Fang, Time Machine, and Prison Sewing Machine. Not only is the bolo punch really useful in attacking from these structures, in addition to conventional MMA anti-takedown tactics and techniques, the bolo has a lot of merit as well.

    I've developed a nice little block of material based upon taking "Bolo Loop #2", a stick combination I showed in "The Bolo Game" DVD into empty hand. Intriguing insights have revealed themselves , , , The Adventure continues!
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    I hear Pedro Munhoz defended his bantamweight RFA title with a guillotine in about 40 seconds. Go Pedro!
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    Pedro pops his UFC cherry tonight on the undercard! Go Pedro! Good hunting!
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    thats probably because mma has more effective empty hands

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