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Discussion in 'Dog Brothers Martial Arts' started by Crafty Dog, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Crafty Dog

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    Check out the new picture on our front page at www.dogbrothers.com

    Thanks to Guro Inosanto for providing it!!!
  2. Crafty Dog

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  3. Crafty Dog

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    I've started up in the Submission wrestling class at Rigan Machado's Redondo Beach school on Wednesday nights. Some of the moves are beyond my athleticism, but I'm having a good time when it comes time to roll. Amidst my taps, sometimes it goes my way too-- I've gotten three twisters and two Running Dog footlocks (see Kali Tudo 2 DVD) each of them on a young athletic guy. I confess that this tickles me greatly.
  4. Brian R. VanCise

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    Excellent Mark it is always good to be a student at someone else's school! Keeps you young and motivated! ;)
  5. Crafty Dog

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    I remember a goodly number of years ago when the Inosanto Academy was on Rayford St in Playa del Rey/Manchester that there was some sort of fundraising effort for a charity, $X per round on the heavy bag or something like that. We sat there slack-jawed as we watched Guro Inosanto (then in his mid-60s) go for 45 minutes NON-STOP at a pace that would have put any of us to shame.

    I asked him about it later on and he said to me "As we get older, it is good to take stock of where we are at from time to time."

    I have tried to remember this in my own training. In this case here it is good for me to take stock of where I am at on the mat. With stickfighting I accomplish that sparring with students who are getting ready to fight at a Gathering.
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    Did anyone catch the Nate Diaz fight the other night?
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    My explorations continue. The repertoire of ideas continues to grow. As is my wont, I like naming them. The most recent additions are the "Burger Bolo" and the "Bolo from Hell". I am placing a lot of emphasis on Bolo variations because they seem to diminish the proclivity to try to shoot under quite nicely.
  8. Crafty Dog

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    I love working Kali Tudo!!! I need people to show what it can do in the cage!!!
  9. Crafty Dog

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    I've been on a kick of applying the anti-knife technique "the Dog Catcher" to Kali Tudo. Seems to work really well. Even more encouraging is that I have a couple of guys who are talking about taking Kali Tudo to the change this year. We shall see if it comes to pass, but both of these guys have the potential to represent with this material.

  10. Crafty Dog

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    I've been treating myself to privates starting this past month with pro MMA fighter and BJJ BB Pedro Munhoz, who is giving me a great price because he is intrigued by my Kali Tudo. Today he started using it on me!!! Very annoying :-D Then two of Pedro's UFC buddies came in and he had me lightly flow through some of it with one of them while he laughed (and yes the buddy was cooperating!)
  11. Crafty Dog

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    It is good to be fast, yet we can often see a slower fighter beat a faster fighter.

    How can this be?

    One way is through timing and timing typically is founded upon rhythm.

    Rhythm has always had a key role in DBMA training, witness e.g. our metronome training method. As I continue to develop and teach this material, I am deepening in my appreciation in the role of rhythm.

    Most music, especially caucasian music :) is in 4/4. Waltz's are in 3/4. Polkas, including their offshoot of Mexican Ranchera music is 2/2 (or is it 2/4)-- likewise Merengue from the Dominican Republic. There are boogie woogie pieces in 12/8. Other time signature do exist e.g. the 5/4 of Dave Brubeck's jazz piece "Take Five" or the 7/4 of John McLaughlin's "Follow your heart" or some of the chord breaks in the early Pretenders or the 4 against 3 of some of the John Coltrane Quartet, etc. but these are relatively rare.

    A couple of years ago I dabbled in learning to play the West African drum called the djembe. My teacher had lived and travelled with a band in Guinea for nearly two years and so the beats I learned were from there. One of my favorite beats was called "soon ohn ko" and it was in 6/8; roughly quarter beat, quarter beat, triplet with the triplet and the two quarter beats taking the same amount of time. Of course, it follows that a pair of triplets is also in 6/8.

    What I have come to appreciate is that a lot of Kali is based upon triplets (e.g. the six count known as Heaven Six is but a pair of triplets i.e. it is in 6/8) and most people are limited to 4/4 and that therefore if we figure this out we can be hitting three times to our opponent's two times.

    This is a good thing!

    THIS PRINCIPAL APPLIES TO EMPTY HAND AS WELL. As I spar with our "Kali Tudo" system I notice that it is often the rhythm of the combinations that people find so difficult to deal with.

    I reflect upon this.

    Guro Crafty/Marc

    PS: If I have mistated anything concerning the time signatures, I would appreciate any real musicians here helping me move forward.
  12. Crafty Dog

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    We plan to have some amateur fighters using KT in the cage in the coming months. TAC!
  13. Henrym3483

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  14. Crafty Dog

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    Though Pedro is Brazilian, he speaks Spanish well and it is the language in
    which we communicate, and so he wrote in in Spanish. The translation is by

    Soy luchador profesional de MMA con un record de ocho victorias y
    ninguna perdida. Actualmente entreno como miembro del equipo “Black House” el
    cual cuenta con destacados luchadores como Anderson Silva y Lyoto Machida. Vengo
    entrenando “Kali Tudo” con Marc Denny desde hace algunos meses y puedo ver una
    grande diferencia en mi estrategia de pelea. Puedo ver una gran facilidad para
    atacar mis oponentes en diferentes angulos y distancias. También he aprendido
    otras maneras de golpear a las que no estaba acostumbrado. Me sirven muy bien
    actualmente y las entreno diariamente, cada dia me sirven mejor y espero con
    ganas usar “Kali Tudo” con éxito en mi proxima pelea.



    is my translation:

    "I am a professional MMA fighter with a record of 8-0. Currently I am a member of the Black House team, a team which includes fighters such as Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida. I have been training "Kali Tudo" with Marc Denny for several months now and I can see a great difference in my fight strategy. I am finding a great ease in attacking my opponents in different angles and distances. I have also learned new ways of striking with which I was not familiar. They are working well for me and I train them daily, they help me more every day, and I look forward to using "Kali Tudo" in my next fight."
  15. Crafty Dog

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    When I developed "the Zirconia" (a jab transitioning through on false lead on the outside diamond triangle-- false + diamond = zirconia, my idea of funny) I was applying a footwork that I had used with success in stickfighting with a Lameco combination three. It was not until about 10-12 years later (a year ago from now) that I saw some footage of GM Tatang Ilustrisimo (he being of great influence on my techer Punong Guro Edgar Sulite) sparring on youtube and saw him use this as a special move. I confess to feeling rather clever at having intuited on my own something that this great master of FMA used.

    Anyway, I took the concept (jab with a simultaneous forward diagonal step with the year foot finishing with a cross with the other foot stepping to complete the triangle) and applied it to "Kali Tudo".

    Shogun Rua knocked out Chuck Liddel with the first half of this, though the punch was more of a long hook than a straight punch because Chuck was moving to his right).

    Guard Dog posted a clip not a few months ago of a complete Zirconia being used for a KO in an MMA fight in India.

    Now we see this clip teaching it.

    Am I an egomaniac for calling this a copy of the Zirconia? OTOH, if I don't speak up then , , ,
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  17. Crafty Dog

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    I got invited to watch Lyoto spar at Black House two weeks ago and got to interact with him for about twenty minutes thereafter. I was flattered that he remembered me from some eight years ago when both of us trained at Rico Chiaparelli's RAW Gym. He even remembered to ask for my Akita!

    Pedro tells me he has signed to fight Dan Henderson in February. Go Lyoto!
  18. Crafty Dog

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    Observed another sparring session at Black House on Friday. The Team's level is quite high!
  19. Crafty Dog

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    Those of you who have seen the first "Kali Tudo" DVD may remember that there was some footage of Prince Naseem in it. Though pure boxing, I really like the way he thinks and moves outside the box. His footwork (and head movement) is quite special http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA0jLvUxGjI
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    Day one of my seminar today in Central PA, hosted by Guard Dog, was also a video shoot of new material for Kali Tudo-4.

    The Adventure continues!

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