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  1. Crafty Dog

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    As some of your know, I have a slightly deranged sense of humor when it comes to naming things. Today we named a particular Dracula combination:

    "Dracula brings a stake, a hammer, and a cross". When you see it, the puns contained therein will become apparent.
  2. Crafty Dog

    Crafty Dog Active Member

    Great times in class yesterday-- a strong group operating at a good level, enabling me to really go into things. We are getting really pumped up for the camp that Kenny Johnson and I will be teaching in early February.

    Yesterday included spending some time solving front leg kicking counters to our portal moves (In DBMA terminology we say "Stepping through a portal to the magical dimension where martial arts and crafts actually work")

    The Adventure continues!
  3. Crafty Dog

    Crafty Dog Active Member

    New Dracula combo: "Dracula prays to the cross".

    I think this one should solve the problem that Brandon Vera's front leg presented to Randy Couture.
  4. Crafty Dog

    Crafty Dog Active Member

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  6. Crafty Dog

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  7. Crafty Dog

    Crafty Dog Active Member

    Good times with Boo Dog this morning. Boo has some really nice things with regard to our Kali Tudo anti-guard that will be appearing in DBMA curriculum. We have The Running Dog Game, and Boo is bringing what we will probably be calling The Dog Leg Game. Very slick and very Kali Tudo (tm) (i.e. consistent with weapon realities and idioms of movement, etc)
  8. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    Cool that is some thing that I think is very important in any grappling system. (ie. addressing the weapon issue) Unfortunately most have left it out. :(
  9. Crafty Dog

    Crafty Dog Active Member

    The Dog Brothers have allowed grappling in our fights since before we were the Dog Brothers (we founded in 1988) so integrating weaponry and grappling has always been part of our experience. It was in the summer of 1990 that I began in BJJ with the Machado Brothers and after 9 lessons had my first fights using BJJ.

    I am a BIG believer in what I call "consistency across categories"-- indeed our Kali Tudo is in great part about using weaponry striking movements empty handed for that very reason i.e. that our unarmed movements and mind are the same as our armed movements and mind.

    Thus we TEST Kali Tudo in the context of the cage, but we evaluate what happens by our own criteria.

    One simple example: the Greco-Roman based MMA clinch game prefers underhooks, whereas we often prefer overhooks.
  10. Crafty Dog

    Crafty Dog Active Member

    Woof All:

    Night Owl just shot an interview with Kenny Johnson this morning for the KT-3 DVD and some footage of the two of us moving together and Pretty Kitty shot a bunch of photos for the box cover.

    The Adventure continues!
    Crafty Dog
  11. Crafty Dog

    Crafty Dog Active Member

    The edit of Kali Tudo 3 is coming along nicely. We will be integrating some footage shot last year in Hawaii with the Hawaiian Clan of the DBs of the Malayu Game.

    As discussed and shown in our "Staff" DVD, "Malayu" means "Malaysian" and is a reference to the Malayu Sibat (Malaysian Staff) structure that I learned in the Philippines from GT Leo Gaje. For us it is the name of the core power strike in this system.

    Friday afternoon is open mat time at Rigan Machado's and is one of my favorite sessions of the week and has become part of my conditioning program. Rolled last night for a solid 75 minutes, including the last 15 minutes doing friendly stand up MMA sparring with a nice purple belt. Integrating the Malayu Game and the Bolo Game was working really nicely. :cool:

    Now a big tough young blue wants to try me next week.

    The Adventure continues!
  12. Crafty Dog

    Crafty Dog Active Member

    Spoke with Night Owl this morning at 05:30, just before he was going to bed [​IMG]

    He tells me Kali Tudo 3 is going to be a razor sharp 105 minutes and that I should have a fine edit by this weekend.
  13. Crafty Dog

    Crafty Dog Active Member

    Class today:
    1) Either I wasn't pronouncing it clearly or the punny name "the Arfful Dodger" was going over most people's heads so I modified the name to "the Arf-Arful Dodger" ("Arf Arf" for short) to make the dogginess of it more apparent
    2) I showed the guys (good to see Jason's infant daughter is now old enough that he can rejoin us) the stickfighting foundation of the Arf Arfful Dodger, then we turned to its "Kali Tudo"(tm) application. Normally the Arf Arf is easiest to apply by the taller man against the shorter, but today we also went into a drift shot of the Malayu portion of it for the shorter man against the taller man.
    3) Also covered were:
    *intro to the Lost Dog Game
    *flying bong sao
    *Zirconia with a Dracula burger
  14. Edgedweapons

    Edgedweapons New Member

    i like this motion. i dont see it often, but it basically turns your jab into a cross and gets a lot more explosion and power behind it too.
  15. Crafty Dog

    Crafty Dog Active Member


    If I understand correctly what you are thinking of, it is something we like a lot too.
  16. Crafty Dog

    Crafty Dog Active Member

    Today's workout was mostly about achieving peak quality of movement. Such workouts for me tend to begin with a vague plan, which gets vaguer as the workout continues :)

    Today what came about was working double ice pick knife and what we call "the four headed snake" of Kali Tudo hands-- which is a hitting structure based upon double ice pick knife. Also I mixed in a bit of South African Piper knife.

    The more time I spend with the Art, the more I become persuaded that weaponry movements ARE applicable to empty hand-- exactly as The Art promises.
  17. punisher73

    punisher73 Member

    I loved the first Kali Tudo set. Can't wait until 3 is released.
  18. Crafty Dog

    Crafty Dog Active Member

    , , , ahem , , , its been out for a few months now :-D see www.dogbrothers.com for the promo clip and the store/catalog to order it :)
  19. punisher73

    punisher73 Member

    Day late and all....

    Looking forward to purchasing with my tax money!
  20. Crafty Dog

    Crafty Dog Active Member

    We are continuing to work on double ice pick knife and Kali Tudo interface. This is very fertile material. There is also interface with the Die Less Often material too, though some of that will be ice pick in one hand and hammer grip in the other.

    There is a drill I have had in my head for a while now and on Monday we had a good group at a good level and so we were able to go deep into developing this drill.

    The Adventure continues!

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