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    Posted at Guro Dennys request

    Dog Brothers Kali Tudo T: The Running Dog Game---
    Kali Silat vs. The Guard
    By Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny

    In 1998 there was a big internet brouhaha about "Where's the trapping?" I
    always felt the question a fair one. As I wrote at the time:

    "Lets us begin by avoiding overstating things. We need to remember that in
    the current environment that a lot of this stuff continues to work. When I
    was in Brazil in June 1992 I showed Renzo Gracie the video from Paul Vunak:
    "Headbutt, Elbow, Knees". I have the ringside video of Renzo's next vale
    tudo fight in which he drills some guy he gets in the corner with this
    precisely this structure.

    "It is also important to remember that MANY situations that one might be in
    are quite different from the cage. How many people would want to have to
    close on concrete against a guy with good fast savate feet in cowboy boots?
    Yeah, it can be done, but some of you are going to get seriously zipped in
    the bladder. A straight blast might get you through a barroom ruckus to the
    door better than a single leg takedown/side control/arm bar. Many bouncers
    and others with lots of experience swear by trapping. So in my opinion we
    should not get carried away with the "Where-is-the-trapping?" stuff.

    "Still, there is a legitimate question in all this. Little of what we see
    today is the way it is taught in many Jun Fan/Wing Chun or Kali/FMA classes
    and , , , it is important to honestly raise this question."

    I also felt that the question had an answer-that the material was valid.

    Allow me to begin my answer with an analogy: In engineering, different types
    of strength are distinguished: compressive, tensile, shear, fatigue, etc.
    (I hope that any engineering people amongst our readers will be kind with
    any technical corrections of what follows.) My understanding is that
    compressive strength is the ability to bear weight. For example, you can put
    a lot of weight on concrete and it won't crumble. Tensile strength is the
    ability to withstand a pull. Think of the metal cables of a suspension
    bridge. Why aren't they made of concrete? The answer is that concrete has
    lousy tensile strength and easily snaps when tested in this way.

    Against the fighting structures used in the 60s and early 70s JF/WC trapping
    structures worked. As Muay Thai came in this was less so. And as BJJ came in
    it seemed even less so. It is as if the BJJ question tested the tensile
    strength of concrete. Concrete is strong, but not in that way. The
    challenge, as I see it, is the equivalent of learning to put "rebar" (those
    metal rods that are laid out and tied together in a gridlike pattern) in
    concrete; something is need to provide tensile strength.

    Before continuing, I'd like to clarify the terminology a bit. To my present
    way of thinking, "trapping" is simply a subset of Kali Silat striking and so
    for me the deeper question is where is the Kali Silat striking? We have
    heard the assertion of Kali and the other FMA that the motions of the empty
    hand are like the motions of the weapons-and again the infuriating question
    comes, "OK then, why is it not seen in the Cage?"

    In my humble opinion, the answer is this. Although there are many people
    skilled in the drills and skills of the FMA (which are sometimes mocked as
    "tippy tap martial arts and crafts") the key point is that most of them have
    never used these skills in the adrenal state. The only skills most people
    have used in the adrenal state are based upon boxing and Americanized Muay
    Thai tested in increasingly vigorous sparring that eventually becomes combat
    sport. Thus, it simply is no surprise that when they find themselves in a
    fight they use these skills and do not turn to their Kali Silat skill sets!
    In short, what we do, what we experience in the adrenal state is the deepest
    learning of all and as such it has a very strong tendency to supersede
    skills trained without adrenaline.

    This also answers the question why I at fifty six years of age and counting
    I dare to seek to be someone who leads the way in establishing the validity
    of the Kali Silat idiom of fighting in the Cage. Of course the obvious
    logic is to leave it to some young lion to prove the theory with his deeds
    as Royce Gracie shocked the larger martial arts world with the advent of the
    UFC-I know that! The reason that in my humble opinion I remain relevant is
    that I HAVE hit people with sticks and these movements to me represent
    success in the adrenal state and I rely upon them in my own sparring.
    Combined with my many years of training under Guro Dan Inosanto (including
    as a private student) and other of the finest FMA, BJJ, and MMA teachers in
    the world, I believe this enables me to convey the necessary understandings
    to those who will actually step into the Cage.

    Naturally the question arises whether any of our Kali Tudo T is relevant to
    those without extensive FMA type weaponry training and the answer is yes,
    but I must be candid. The mission statement of Dog Brothers Martial Arts is
    "To Walk as a Warrior for all your days"-and this means a lifelong path for
    the dangers of the real world, not just those of young male ritual
    hierarchical combat. This means we seek a system that uses the same
    underlying idioms of movement, regardless whether there are weapons and
    regardless of the numbers involved. This is precisely the point why Dog
    Brothers Martial Arts develops the subsystem of Kali Tudo T so we can use
    the same idiom of movement both with weapons AND empty hand AND to test our
    way of fighting empty hand in the adrenal state without concerns or
    pretensions that what we do is "too deadly for the cage". In short, the
    highest levels of Kali Tudo are achieved by including weaponry training.
    There is no avoiding building the foundation. Those of you who put up the
    walls before thinking about putting in the wiring, when the sun of youth
    goes down you may find yourself in the dark. Conversely, those of you who
    put in the wiring without building sturdy walls and a watertight roof will
    may find yourself wet from a rain of blows , , ,

    So how did "the Running Dog Game", which is the subject of Kali Tudo T 2
    come about and why is it the subject of the second DVD on this subsystem of

    In the aftermath of the aforementioned internet brouhaha of 1998, I began
    searching for my answers to the question presented. About two years later I
    had my first answer in something I called "The Running Dog Game".

    The RDG had its genesis in an unusual guard pass I learned from Renato
    Magno, BB in Machado BJJ, Pan Am BB Champion, and much more. In essence,
    it involves passing the guard, and perhaps snatching a foot lock, while
    running over the guard players head. Given my penchant for odd humor, I
    nicknamed the technique "the Running Dog" which in leftist-Marxist lexicon
    was a perceived calumny heaped upon the less powerful who benefited by
    aligning themselves with the capitalist class. It seemed humorous to me to
    embrace the insult of both my right wing "free minds and free markets"
    perspective and my doggy nature.

    As I explored in the horizontal world of the ground how to best set up the
    Running Dog, I began to recognize reference points originally installed in
    my previously vertical Kali Silat (and Jun Fan Gung Fu) training. Very
    interesting! There were lots of successes, but also lots of getting
    arm-barred and lots of getting backswept. With further exploration, I
    developed "the Running Dog Posture" and developed a special exercise (which
    is shown in the DVD) to develop the physicality to maximize its

    So, in summary, what is the Running Dog Game? It is:

    a) a way of standing up inside the Guard so as to establish the RD Posture

    b) with the RD Posture established, the following options exist:

    1) the signature move of the RD Game matrix: The RD pass over the
    head, either taking a foot or hip lock, or simply
    standing up first and punting his head or taking controls from
    north-south. Typically the RD is facilitated by Kali Silat striking.

    2) Kali Silat striking to knock out/TKO;

    3) Kali Silat striking to "the Rico Kickover Heel Hook";

    4) Kali Silat striking to shucking the legs over to standard MMA type
    side control/knee on belly positions;

    5) Kali Silat striking to shucking the legs over to Silat type leg

    One of the key insights that opened my understanding was that a goodly part
    of the challenge of applying Kali Silat striking was facilitated by the fact
    that the because the Guard player had the ground behind him he found it much
    more difficult to move away from the traps, destructions, double timing and
    triplet timing strikes of Kali Silat. That is why this material is ideal
    for the second DVD covering our Kali Tudo subsystem-it is shockingly easy to
    apply against many people. Of course, nothing works against every one!
    Once this understanding is in place, the next step will be to apply it
    standing-- both in open range and clinch.

    In 2000 I showed the RD Game to my backyard group (with drive by guest
    appearance by Top Dog) and filmed it as a "Vid-lesson" for instructors and
    private students of the DBMA Association. Some of this footage now appears
    in "KT2: The RD Game". It was precisely because of the efficacy of the
    material that I held it back as a bit of a "secret weapon". My reasons for
    changing my thinking in regard to secrecy are for a separate conversation on
    some other day. For the moment it suffices that in some regards my thinking
    has changed and that in September of 2008 I visited my good friend and hero
    Dogzilla and the Hawaii Clan of the Dog Brothers where we shot the current
    incarnation of the RD Game , , , as well as some other things that will
    appear in KT 3 and KT 4 ;-)

    So there it is: DBMA Kali Tudo (tm): The Running Dog Game.

    The Adventure continues!
    Guro Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny
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    Allow me to expand the idea of this thread to the one I am trying to answer with our "Kali Tudo (tm)" series:

    "Is Kali Silat relevant to the Cage?"

    If the answer is "yes", then why haven't we seen it?
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    Well, we HAVE seen some of it, even if scattered. From the top of my head, there is the fight between Josh Burkman and Melvin Guillard in TUF, 2nd season, where you can see a perfect example of effective elbow destruction in actuality.
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    I can't believe I am the only one in the Hawai'i Clan that missed the oppurtunity to train with Crafty when he came here a few months ago to shoot a DVD I think...

    I hate my job... :mad:
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    I know how you feel.. I am farther west and if I were any more west, I would be classified as being on the eastern seaboard of europe.. I would also like to have the chance to train with the dog brothers if it ever happened
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    There is no doubt that trapping works. I and others have used it in real life. However, I think you are correct that in many ways it does not match well against Muay Thai, boxing or BJJ except if you think of passing as a trapping type of maneuver or in general any ground manipulation as an attempt to trap and lock. [​IMG] Nice post!
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    Promo clip

    Woof All:

    The promo clip for Running Dog Game should be up in a few days on our website. Until then it can be seen at


    password: dbmaa

    Hope you like it!

    The Adventure continues,
    Guro Crafty
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    I see Kawika(Kahuna Dog)!!! Don't mess with him, he's like a human war machine...
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    Indeed on Kawika!

    Promo clip is finally up on our main page at www.dogbrothers.com

    My wife (she is in charge of reality, I am in charge of everything else) promises me she will get the final link of the chain, the box cover, finished this week.
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    We should be shipping by the end of the week.
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    In the UFC this past Saturday did I see Josh Neer doing figure 8 strikes against guard as shown in "The Running Dog Game"? My Sat TV recording of the fight deleted after 2 days, so I can't double check.

    Also, I am told that there was a Running Dog guard pass two episodes ago in TUF. Can anyone confirm or deny?
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    A facebook post:

    A FB post:

    "I've been trying the 'Running Dog' in bjj. Both the step over heel hook and the walk-over single leg crab worked against white belts quite easily. Moving up the food chain, I tried on a purple belt. I did catch the walk-over single leg crab, but it took some scrabling to finalize it. Finally, I tried it against one of our brown belts. He beat the walk-over pretty handily, but it set me up for the step over heel hook, which I submitted him with... And all this without the striking set-ups. Good stuff, Guro! Keep it coming! Woof!!!!"

    From the DBMA Assn:
    "Had a great success with the the running dog this past Monday. We have a BJJ brown belt who spars with us on Mondays who has a very strong guard game. When we hit the ground from the clinch the material just clicked finally. As soon as I got into the RD squat and started trapping with the strikes he didn't know what to do. He tapped out because he couldn't stop the strikes or get to a better position without getting hit. In round two I was able to do it again and get the run over.
    Thank you Guro Crafty."

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